Saturday, September 15, 2012
Custard is not a Sicilian dessert, but it's been a family treat as long as I remember. My Grandma Ellie made it for me growing up and I loved the creamy yumminess. I think we assumed it would be passed down even though I never ever bake.

Well yesterday, Grandma Booba made it for the boys and Nicky took a bite. He said,

"...actually Booba, I really hate it."

Annnnddddd no more custard at our house. The end.

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First Time Mom

Friday, September 14, 2012
My Sister, a first time mommy! Already a great auntie and now an amazing and wonderful mommy. I'm so proud of Auntie Valerie. She is simply glowing with love and pride. baby Finley is so LUCKY!

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Mini Val in P I N K

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Baby Finely looks so much like Valerie
a little mini-me
and I'm loving all the P I N K 
Princess Finely is sporting.
{7 weeks old}

Old College Try

14 months and giving it the old college try!
this is about all Luke will do
but hes interested
and he will run to the bathroom if we ask him to go potty
let's see how far we get before 2!

Roxy & Tink

5 years ago, I met my neighbor when I saw her Boston running around in her backyard while I stood on my back porch. They just moved in. I picked up Roxy and she held up Tink and we smiled at each other. We became instant friends. Today both dogs are gone; sadly Tink left us today, Roxy is missing; and my heart is heavy and sad. I hope Roxy and Tink are together, friends forever. {very sappy today..}


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