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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Today I submitted Brandon for the 2011 Doc Band Calendar contest. 
I think he will win.
Good Luck Brandon!

Why can't you be like Kathleen?

When I was little my mom taught me manners, how to set a table, say Thank You and Please. She taught me to be nice to people. To call my grandparents, and kiss your parents good night. To call if you are late, to look both ways. Not to say Fart. And she also taught me to write Thank You notes.

But I have an embarrassing confession.
Something I am not proud about.
Something that I keep telling myself to change.

After every Holiday or Birthday, my mom sat us down as we wrote out our thank you cards. I hated to do it. Not because I was ungrateful, but because I hate my handwriting. It's s l o p p y and l a z y, and my hand get cramps. Not one word on my thank you looks the same. I can't write in a straight line. My hand takes a life of its own and goes faster and faster until my writing is ineligible. I start sweating and breathing f a s t.

When I left for college, I felt free. I still wrote my notes, but they started getting later and later. I procrastinated. I met one of my best friends. She was perfect until....I started to hear my mom say:

"Why can't you be more like Kathleen?"

Kathleen sends her Thank You's before you give her something, she's that good. She's my hero. She's my inspiration. I love her and so does my mom. I know a lot of "Katheens", so here is to you girls.

Tonight, and before it gets any later, I will make a promise to send them out this weekend. Before my next child's birthday.
Until then...

You're Moving Up, Brandon: Young Toddlers!

Look what I got this morning! 
Next week Brandon will join his friends Maddie, Devan, and Emery in his new Young Toddler's Class. 
We are so proud of him, but we will miss Ms Belkis and Ms Krystal.

Congratulations B A N J O!
Thank you for the $15 a month tuition cut too! 
Between you and your brother moving up, Mommy can buy new shoes.

Really Exciting Package Arrived today.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Really Dan? 

Missing: Horsey Bay

We're Back!!

Did you MISS us??
{posts coming soon...}

Brandon's Birthday Celebration...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Designing the party from my inspiration...

{final night} Night Five and tonight's regression

Monday, June 21, 2010
Last night as I wrote about Night 4, I had just put Nicholas down for Night Five of my "Committed to DOING something about NICKY'S Sleep" and he was currently clocking in at 4 minutes of off and on screaming. Before I finished writing my blog he was fast asleep (I checked) with in 8 minutes.

Tonight is a different story. He climbed in his crib easily enough, laid down, grabbed the tags of his bay blanket, put them to his ears and closed his eyes. And when I kissed him good night, he shot straight up and started screaming.

It's now 3 5 minutes later....
H E A R for yourselves...
So H A R D not to run upstairs and hold him
Could my H E AR T break any more...

Notice its all D A D D Y by the way?

I feel heartless for recording this and if you don't have kids...W E L C O M E

Daily Cuteness: Nicholas the Rockstar!

Little Drummer Boy
N I C K Y bangs the the drums
at the Children's Museum in Austin
my Future Rock Star, my Future Retirement.

Daily Cuteness: Brandon gives Kisses

B r a n d o n' s
favorite thing to do
kisses, wet and slobbery
all the babies in the nursery get one from B

{not the best picture I know, but had to share!}

Night Four. Sicky

Sunday, June 20, 2010
Last night we returned from taking pictures around 9 pm. Nicky complained of a "hurt tummy". We kept him up watching TV for a bit until he felt better. He fell fast asleep when we finally put him to bed. I still think that counts...even if we kinda cheated.

{I'm writing this as we begin Night 5. He has been crying for 4 minutes... I'll update tomorrow. Good Night!}

Morning Conversations {it's a long one!}

Happy Father's Day!!

The Boys made a plaque
with their hands
and feet
to celebrate their
D A D D Y!

and then we made footprints
and colored them
to put "things" in
by the side of your bed
like his wedding r i n g
for Dad.
cause we love you
who doesn't like to put their feet and hands
in ooey gooey cold clay!
Happy Father's Day!
We Love you Dan

familyscape {via Pinkletoes}

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Sneak peak from tonight's sessions. 
We're hot, wet, and exhausted, but as you can see SO worth it. Can't wait to see the rest of them.
THANK YOU, Michele!!

Planning Brandon's Birthday Party...

Friday, June 18, 2010
...and found this for inspiration. I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Night Three. Bedtime.

We'll see how he does through the night.
Until tomorrow!
Good night to all.

The Yearly Family Pictures

I'll admit it feels like all we do lately is take pictures. In the last three months, we've (me and the boys) had 5 "photo shoots" here, here, here, here, and here

Every year (since last year) we do a family picture and capture the boys on their "birthdays" to replace the portraits we have in our entry way. I've mentioned before how much it stressed me out to find the perfect, not too coordinating, almost mis-matched outfits to wear for pictures. Trying so hard to look like you're not trying causes trmendous amounts of stress for me but I enjoy it. I must thrive on it. I drive my husband bananas. The kids could care less. But to me it matters.

On Saturday evening, we are headed to Lake Pflugerville to take pictures. Here are some outfits I pulled together! We'll see how they come together tomorrow evening.

Night Two. The Horsey Bay

It's not easy listening to Nicky scream for 40 minutes. We did Ok last night. After 20 minutes he started to calm down, but then Nicky asked for his "horsey" bay, because the dalmatian, puppy, dinosaur, lamb, froggie, blue hippo, tiger, and giraffe bay where not good enough. So I went up there to give it to him, and we started all over again. It went somehting like this:

"Mommy lay down!"  
More Screaming
"Lay DOWN Mommy, Right There" {points to floor, as if I didn't know}
Me, very calmly: "No Nicky Good Night. Its Bed Time."
{Hiccups} "NO Mommy, No, lay down!  
More High Pitch Screams

I shut the door and went down stairs

Then, Dan started screaming at me : "Why would you go up there?!? #4@%!! He was almost alseep, you have NO PLAN, what, what, WHAT are you doing!!??"
 {haha, Kendal that was for you!}

Now, Nicky was still screaming., the dogs jumping up and down. So I started screaming. Just to join in. 
Scream Fest.
Anyways, he finally fell asleep at 8:12 and slept all night. Semi-Success?

Brandon's First Happy Gram!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Committed. Night One

After accepting my reality yesterday, I decided to do something. 
It's obviously out of hand (see below for yesterday's morning picture) 
I am committed to getting Nicholas to sleep in his OWN bed
for him, for us, for our sanity.
I'm putting it out there to have accountability for my decisions and actions
I asked Dan for 5 nights. 
5 nights to put him to bed in his crib at 7:30 ( and not on a mattress on the floor)
say "byebyeseeyoumorningseeyoulatergoodnightiloveyou"
and close the door. And not open it until 7 am the next morning.

Last night was Night One
Down at 7:45ish and cried for *only* 20 minutes
not a PEEP all night. I even went up at 3 am to check on him!
(note: this is highly unusual. Was my son body snatched?) 
AND then. I had to WAKE HIM UP at 7:30 am this morning for school...
Can it really be this easy? Not a unicorn in sight!
Fingers crossed for Night Two.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I've accepted it. As much as I tried to deny much as I pretend its not the case. As hard as I fight it, I have failed. My Nicky does not sleep.
He manipulates, cries, screams, taunts, and WINs. We lose.
Every night we lay in Nicky's room until he falls asleep. Usually he catches us trying to sneak out. When we are SURE he is asleep, he pops up and asks to go to the potty. And then we start all over again. Our 7:30 'free time" has slowly crept past 9 pm.
To get Nicky to stop screaming the other night, I slept on the floor with him next to his crib. When I woke up and his foot was in my face. Sleep is fleeting and elusive. Like a Unicorn. I took a picture to remember.

Anniversary Weekend

Monday, June 14, 2010
Dan and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary with an Austin staycation.We had reservations at the Four Seasons and enjoyed playing tourists in our own home town. We slept in (past 7 am!) for the first time in YEARS, and READ A BOOK by the pool, laying in the sun.  Friday night we attended the ROT rally, the largest Motorcycle gathering in Texas (so ME, right??!) and had dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant, La Traviata on Congress. Saturday we shopped (I'm now fully outfitted for the wedding in 2 weeks, thanks baby-doll!!) and enjoyed a "slow-paced" dinner at WINK. We tried to catch a glimpse of the Austin Bats, the largest urban bat colony in North America. Unfortunately, we didn't see any bats, apparently they were making babies. Thank you to Grandma Larissa and Auntie Alex for babysitting our little monkeys!! We missed them, but loved our time to ourselves. Until Next Year!
I took this picture while we were crossing the street!

A Mother's Necklace

Sunday, June 13, 2010
I'm picky about what I wear around my neck. 
I wear these diamond initials 
I think I would like this A LOT. 
I probably NEED it too.
Hint Hint


It's not fair

Walk Hard

Thursday, June 10, 2010
We're getting there.

Happy 11 Months Banjo and 25 Months Nicky!

11 months
25 Months

Making Father's Day Presents

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
3 years ago, I was sitting at Glamour Nails in Steiner Ranch listening to two ladies talk about something that scared me more than sharks and the ocean: SCRAPBOOKING. (hear me out, Jessica J. ;)) Not only did they blah blah blah about cute paper and stickers, one of them went to their car and pulled out a DIY cork board, matted with fabric and ribbons and glitter - just to hold pictures!

I finally made it home and told Dan about my nightmare experience.

See, I told myself I WOULD NEVER EVER do anything like that. I would be a COOL MOM. No silliness for me. Any baby we had would become part of OUR life, and we wouldn't let it dictate the rules, set the stage, or make us like THEM.

{Little did we know...}

Fast forward three years later,  two incredibly special baby boys, a blog, 18,000 pictures, and more videos than possible, I embraced motherhood like I never thought possible. MY BOYS are my life. My Facebook page says it all. "I was Corporate, now I am Mommy."

{I still work full time and love working for VMware, but priorities have changed and shifted and my work/life balance is fulfilling}

Anyways, a couple weeks ago, in preparation for Father's Day, I hosted (on behalf of my friend Tara and Sonshine prints By Amy), a "plaque making" party at my house. Now this isn't exactly scrapbooking, but it is a DIY project...and guess what??!!


Will I scrapbook anytime soon? Probably not... but that's only because there are wayyyyy too many digital "scapbooks" out there now and who has the time?? But I will admit, since being a MOM, I've found my inner Holly Homemaker and a crafty side I didn't know I had; and there is joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment out of doing something yourself. {90 minute shirt here I come!}

And - Ok, I know I didn't actually roll out the clay, bake it, apply any paint, decorate it, or do any heavy lifting at all. But it's hard work to get a foot print!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010
It's truly official this time. Not like last time.
(go to Adventures in Abelingland to see video below)

So there.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Last weekend, we headed up the I-35, with some friends, Matt and Summer Thomas with their 2 kids Campbell (3 months) and Finn (22 months),  to see Sesame Street Live. This is the first time we attempted to take our boys to see a live show and were pleasantly surprised to see how much they BOTH enjoyed it.
Success!! I think we can try movies next!
{Next up, The Wiggles Circus in August and Yo Gabba Gabba! in December!}
{p.s. how THRILLED does Brandon look??}


Monday, June 7, 2010
A traditional 5th Anniversary gift is wood. 
I went a little nontraditional.
Call me crazy. 
Call Boudoir the new 5.

{the rest are for Dan's eyes only...}
{for your next anniversary go .emme. boudoir}

For Eternity

Friday, June 4, 2010
Dear Nicky and Brandon,
5 years ago I married your Daddy, the man I love
5 years later, nothing has changed
I still love, adore, and cherish him
Like I have said before....

{Our Vows} 
I love and support you
In being all that you are and all that you will become
With this ring I choose you to be my wife
I love you, adore you, and cherish you
This ring is the symbol of my unconditional love for you
Let it always be to us, our symbol of our love.

I love and support you
In being all that you are, and all that you will become
With this ring I chose you to be my husband
I love you, adore you, and cherish you
This ring is the symbol of my unconditional love for you
Let it always be to us, our symbol of our love
::For Eternity::
::Happy 5 Year Anniversary!::

Monkey See Monkey Do

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Nicky: Kylee Jo, how much pool water can you drink?
Kylee Jo: Probably a lot
Nicky: Me too.
Kylee Jo: Thank God you have your Popper (aka lawnmower) with you!
Nicky: I know! btw, you're visor looks great backwards!

Food Hazards

Typical meal time for Brandon

I kinda love this picture

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I just do.

Hot Austin Summers

Last year, we had a record year in Austin, over 70 100+ degree days, the hottest summer in Austin's history - shattering the previous record. (A typical year has 12 triple-digit days, mind you) Pregnant and Fat, this was my SECOND summer in Austin with a newborn. Miserable and locked inside, we weren't able to do much. And when I did get out, it wasn't so cool to be in a bikini with that baby belly. We still made it out to the fountains at the Galleria.

This year, we have yet to hit high 90's, although that could change this weekend. We've already welcomed summer by spending time with our friends at the pool, water parks, and sprinkler parks!The boys love the water and we're taking advantage of every chance we get to put on our suits and hit the pool!
Brandon is already a daredevil - charges the water with no hesitation.
Haylee is no exception, boy does she love to jump and get wet!

Tom with his beer, keeping a watchful eye on Kylee Joe
Swimming is tiring for a baby!
The Molers join us for a Sunday morning swim
{Tyson and Anna Caroline}
Davis waters the pool
Nicky is learning to FLOAT! He's really Floating!
{he is obsessed now. no baby pool for him! I think we screwed ourselves}
AT Uche's Birthday
Robin Bledsoe Sprinkler Park
{Happy 2nd Birthday Big Girl!}
Brandon finds some fountains HIS size
Nicky, Ella, and Ms Belkis play in the sprinklers
AT The Galleria Park!
Lexie Bronson shows off her pink bikini and cool shades!!
Baby Zachary is not so sure about all of this
Nicky and Lexie brave the cool water
Brandon gets in on the action!

Summer is here, and this is pretty typical weekends for us. We're either at the pool, at a water park, or getting wet in the front yard. Or at the pool again.


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