Night Two. The Horsey Bay

Friday, June 18, 2010
It's not easy listening to Nicky scream for 40 minutes. We did Ok last night. After 20 minutes he started to calm down, but then Nicky asked for his "horsey" bay, because the dalmatian, puppy, dinosaur, lamb, froggie, blue hippo, tiger, and giraffe bay where not good enough. So I went up there to give it to him, and we started all over again. It went somehting like this:

"Mommy lay down!"  
More Screaming
"Lay DOWN Mommy, Right There" {points to floor, as if I didn't know}
Me, very calmly: "No Nicky Good Night. Its Bed Time."
{Hiccups} "NO Mommy, No, lay down!  
More High Pitch Screams

I shut the door and went down stairs

Then, Dan started screaming at me : "Why would you go up there?!? #4@%!! He was almost alseep, you have NO PLAN, what, what, WHAT are you doing!!??"
 {haha, Kendal that was for you!}

Now, Nicky was still screaming., the dogs jumping up and down. So I started screaming. Just to join in. 
Scream Fest.
Anyways, he finally fell asleep at 8:12 and slept all night. Semi-Success?


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