Why can't you be like Kathleen?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
When I was little my mom taught me manners, how to set a table, say Thank You and Please. She taught me to be nice to people. To call my grandparents, and kiss your parents good night. To call if you are late, to look both ways. Not to say Fart. And she also taught me to write Thank You notes.

But I have an embarrassing confession.
Something I am not proud about.
Something that I keep telling myself to change.

After every Holiday or Birthday, my mom sat us down as we wrote out our thank you cards. I hated to do it. Not because I was ungrateful, but because I hate my handwriting. It's s l o p p y and l a z y, and my hand get cramps. Not one word on my thank you looks the same. I can't write in a straight line. My hand takes a life of its own and goes faster and faster until my writing is ineligible. I start sweating and breathing f a s t.

When I left for college, I felt free. I still wrote my notes, but they started getting later and later. I procrastinated. I met one of my best friends. She was perfect until....I started to hear my mom say:

"Why can't you be more like Kathleen?"

Kathleen sends her Thank You's before you give her something, she's that good. She's my hero. She's my inspiration. I love her and so does my mom. I know a lot of "Katheens", so here is to you girls.

Tonight, and before it gets any later, I will make a promise to send them out this weekend. Before my next child's birthday.
Until then...


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