Scary Skeletons!

Monday, October 31, 2011
My boys dressed as the Cobra Kai from Karate Kid!
{thanks Melissa}
I think my boys are much cuter!

Wellness Challenge

So I signed up for the VMware Wellness Challenge today
"Maintain, Don't Gain"
An 8 week challenge. 
I want to lose 12 pounds
with vigorous exercise and eating healthy
{removing white breads and sugars}
In order to register I filled out the wellness assessment
I was being truthful when filling out my weight (144!) 
and how many drinks I have a week (1-8)
I also checked YES for "drug use"
However, it didnt clarify recreational or prescription
PRESCRIPTION people, calm down.
Apparently more than 5 drinks a week and "any type of drug use" is considered a HIGH RISK. 
Great. Who sees this?
I appreciate the "Take Action Now" and Resources under
Problems with Drug and Alcohol 


Saturday, October 29, 2011
I've mentioned that my boys have super hemoglobin. This year they dressed the part - S U P E R H E R O S - at our Lakewood Hills block party. Spiderman, Batman, and the Incredible Hulk. I love my super super super awesome boys.

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It's Official.

I cant deny my future place as a soccer mom in suburbia.

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Inside the Head of Master Nicholas

Friday, October 28, 2011
Scene: Daddy and Nicky in bed.
Daddy: Nicky it's quiet time
{10 minutes later}
Nicky: Excuse me Daddy. Excuse me, but can you touch an octopus?
Daddy: Yeah
Nicky: Ok,  just not a jelly fish.

Scene: Sunday afternoon. Dan has to do expense reports
Daddy: I have to work
Nicky: Why
Daddy: Because my boss told me I had to
Nicky: No one tells daddy what to do
Mommy: Well, Mommy does
Nicky: No
Mommy: Yes
Nicky: No mommy
Mommy: Yes
Nicky: NO Mommy., no one tells Daddy what to do. Never

Scene: In the car, Nicky talking about monster trucks, Brandon pointing out Big Trucks.
Nicky: "...and then Monster trucks, blah blah monster trucks..."
Brandon: Ohh big truck!
Nicky: Stop saying Big trucks Brandon. Monster trucks, blah blah blah.
{Then Dan gets pulled over}
Daddy: Crap, I just got pulled over
Nicky: Daddy why where you driving so fast? Did you get a ticket? Do you have to go to time out? Are you going to go slow? And then go fast? Look daddy, those cars are going really fast. Those are bad cars. Are you going fast? The Police man is going to catch them. {Sneezes} Bless me. Can I see the ticket. Are you going a little fast next time? Here you go mommy. {Hands me ticket}. Thank you.

Scene: Mommy and Nicky at Target.
Mommy: Nicky can I have a sip
Nicky: You should have got your own

Scene: Nicky on the potty:
Nicky: This is a really hard one, but it's coming out fast. I can hear it. It's coming. Its sounds like this. {Makes a face and grunts.} Sometimes it's big. {Roxy walks in} Hi Roxy. She's a good girl. {Brandon walks in} Hi Brandon. Do you have to go? Ok, Mommy all done. {hops off pot and looks inside} Oh wow look mom, it's a dinosaur bone one!

3 B O Y S

The VAN may be here tomorrow
I may need to bling out my license plate...
{not my real plate}


Look at the email I jsut got back from my mother. I am so ashamed. really.  #ifailed #thankyoucards

Secrets of Abelingland - Motherhood

While I am on the subject of surviving, I found this quote on Pinterest and wanted to share this advice when I need it the most. All too often I find myself wondering how to manage the daily chaos and keep my head up when its the same thing over and over. I just want to remind myself often to live in the moment, cherish the little minions while I have them, and like it says, breathe. 

Because after all, I would not change my life for anything in the world.
I love you, boys

{Insta.gram} Cuteness - Wonder Woman

Yes, I will be Wonder Woman this year
It seemed fitting for 2011
Notice I am not Super Woman
That would mean that I am super 
that I bake yummy meals
that the toys are always picked up
that I make the boys bed 
that Thank You cards go out on time {if at all}
That I have a clean house
that my kids don't eat gum for breakfast
So this year I am Wonder Woman
because I constantly wonder how I have survived this long 
And Cheers to our 1st Super Hero Halloween
I can't wait for a group picture

OTBTN - Night 3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Crying to me is like
"if a tree falls in the forrest and no one hears it, did it really make a sound?"
It just took three nights for ME to tune any crying out
and to sleep like the dead again
So really  - as far as I am concerend it was a great night!
{I think Brandon got up 1 time}


 Everytime the boys see an airplane they wave and say
Hi Auntie Val
Hi Auntie Shauna
It's just cute
I love them.

OTBTN - Night 2

Monday, October 24, 2011
OTBTN = Operation Take Back the Night
Night 2. Success.
Nick slept all night – up at 7am
Brandon Kept saying over and over to himself "mommy coming, daddy too, Nicky too. Mommy coming, daddy too, Nicky too." He finally put himself to sleep. He woke up 2 more times and both times we stayed downstairs despite the urgent pleas of “coming for me” – up at 7am
Luke went right to bed. Woke up 2 times, Got up to feed at 7 am.

Now we just need Luke and Brandon to stay asleep.

Pumpkin Patch

Grandma Booba and Papa Bob took the boys to the Pumpkin Patch for a pumpkin. 
They came back with 20 of them
Now we have our own pumpkin patch

So Nicky

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Operation Take Back The Night

Operation Take Back the Night

Date: Saturday Oct 22nd
Time to execute: 6.45 pm
New Variations: NO TV after 5pm. Brandon goes back into his room. Back into a crib. Luke sleeps in his pac in play temporarily in the guest room. Nicky in his room. Once upstairs for bath, no going downstairs. No more milk for Brandon in the middle of the night. Never take them out of their "sleep environment". No more going upstairs when they cry. For any of them.

Phase 1: Luke  - 6.00 solids, 6.30 Bath, 6.45 milk, 7.00 down. Alseep by 7.05
Phase 2. Brandon - 6.00 dinner, 6.45 bath, brush teeth, peepee, milk. 7.00 books, 7.30 in bed
Phase 3: Nicky - 6.00 dinner, 6.45 bath, brush teeth, peepee, milk. 7.00 books, 7.30 Brandon in bed, then go to Nicky's room. Talk to Nicky for 10 minutes and then leave.

1.       Luke woke up 2 times, cried himself back to sleep within 20 minutes on average.  I got up with him at 5 to nurse (I needed to  - I AM not used to going all night yet, haha) Then he went back to sleep till 8. 
2.       Brandon woke up at 11 pm, we let him cry for about 15 minutes. He finally laid down softly said “mommy come here” and laid down. I cried. Haha. Then he woke up about 1 and he was having a terrible fit. After 20 minutes again, he threw his blanket out of the crib and finally laid down. We made a mistake and went in there to cover him with his blanket and he woke up, so Dan had to tell him to go back to bed, and he screamed again for another 10 minutes. Woke up at 7 am

3.       Nicky slept all night. Heard Daddy with Brandon at 7 and got up with them at 7.

We learned a couple things

1.       We can do it!
2.       Dan and I had 3 hours to hang out  together after bedtime :)
3.       Don’t go up at all  - dress them warmer, footed PJs, sleep sack if we think they could be cold

{Insta.gram} Cuteness - Halloween Feet

Halloween season started on the right FOOT this year
Just saying that makes me a dork
But I had to
As you can see the boys made scary ghosts with their feet 
Happy Halloween!

One more Thing!

Saturday, October 22, 2011
Thank you to all of you for the support over the last week, month, years with our lack of sleep and the boys insomnia issues. We appreciate it all!

Love, Vicci and Dan.

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The Beginning of the End

I'll share our sleep plan from the sleep consultant tomorrow and give an update how the night goes for all three. Big changed for everyone. But it has to be done.

Three different baby monitors in three rooms is funny.

Wish us luck. We are taking back our night. Boys please don't hate us for what we have to do. We are teaching you how to cope too. Be strong. All of us. Xoxox

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While I was looking for a 5 months picture of Nicky I found this one - it was {is} a favorite of mine. We look so happy and I can still remember him that way.I think I will have to see if I still have those clothes and try to do that with Luke. Maybe he kinda looks like Luke here? I can't tell. Who knows.

5 months and growing!

On October 18th, my baby turned 5 months - 1 month away from his half year birthday. 
I am so happy to be done, but part of me wishes he would stay little forever.
Luke has 2 teeth, almost 20 lbs, sitting up, sleeping in a crib now (and sleep training)
He can hold things to his mouth and has been eating solids 
{bananas, apples, mangos, and rice cereal since 4 months old}
He loves food. 
He is dragging himself across the floor so we bought a playpen to keep him in.
He will be crawling before Thanksgiving I think. 
The boys just adore him and I often catch Brandon laying next to him and kissing him on the head. 
Nicky loves to hold him and if he is crying., Nicky says "MOM., go feed Luke already." 
Ha, Nicky makes me smile all the time. 
Luke is still nursing and I am lucky I can work from home and feed him during the day when I am at home. Overall, he is so happy, so good, so awesome. 
We feel so blessed and so lucky.

Here are the boys all at 5 months
and here is a old post when Brandon was 5 months and Nicky 19 months

The Great Debate

A while back Dan said "Let's get a Minivan"
I laughed in his face
Does he KNOW who he is married to?
I am not a mini van. 
I am a Lexus
{and then a Mercedes when the boys grow up}
But that's years from now
Today the big "debate" is whether or not we go to the "dark side"
Stubbornly making it work
Slowly Dan has been teasing me with pictures and videos 
of split screen DVD palyers
automatic door opening like magic
sliding seats that lay back for long road trips
and the reverse back up cam
He is so mean to tease me with a reverse back up cam
And after a debacle with the last rental
I relented
and once I did, it felt awesome
I told the world!
And it stirred up some controversy
43 comments to be exact
 more than me posting about Occupy Wall Street
and not surprisingly the debate about a minivan is 50/50
well we are on the 50% that says YES
today went to LOOK
and wow wee this is exciting!
Take a look
the dashboard and navigation

and the back-up cam
  and the split drop down DVD player
and the side view

we bring her home in a couple weeks!

Another, Another Sleep Update

Friday, October 21, 2011
Sleep well tonight my babies
Tomorrow, your daddy and I will turn your world upside down
You have no idea what's coming
Pray for us.

Another Sleep Update

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So nothing really new...
Last night I was up at 12, 1, 3, and then everyone was up at the butt crack of dawn, 4:50 am.
I am tired of complaining about sleep
and about how tired I am
for not sleeping through the night in three YEARS
If  I hear "I don't know how you do it" one more time, I will jump off a cliff
because even if you don't. I still might.
and I NEED to sleep
So I caved out of desperation and to save my sanity
I hired a Sleep Consultant
But before we even got started, this is what I got back from her after filling out the questionnaire.

" To be completely honest I am not sure I can really help as much as I first suspected. Number one I don't think they have any real sleep issue in terms of serious night terrors or disorder or anything if that makes sense... believe this is much more a discipline and habit issue than a sleep issue... I just don't want to charge you for something that really comes down to personal discipline and enforcement."

I still need help
So back to the drawing board


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