5 months and growing!

Saturday, October 22, 2011
On October 18th, my baby turned 5 months - 1 month away from his half year birthday. 
I am so happy to be done, but part of me wishes he would stay little forever.
Luke has 2 teeth, almost 20 lbs, sitting up, sleeping in a crib now (and sleep training)
He can hold things to his mouth and has been eating solids 
{bananas, apples, mangos, and rice cereal since 4 months old}
He loves food. 
He is dragging himself across the floor so we bought a playpen to keep him in.
He will be crawling before Thanksgiving I think. 
The boys just adore him and I often catch Brandon laying next to him and kissing him on the head. 
Nicky loves to hold him and if he is crying., Nicky says "MOM., go feed Luke already." 
Ha, Nicky makes me smile all the time. 
Luke is still nursing and I am lucky I can work from home and feed him during the day when I am at home. Overall, he is so happy, so good, so awesome. 
We feel so blessed and so lucky.

Here are the boys all at 5 months
and here is a old post when Brandon was 5 months and Nicky 19 months


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