3 years ago!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
3 years ago I sat down to write a little blog called Adventures in Abelingland.
and what an Adventure it has been.
I didn't think I could do it. 
You see...
I'm notoriously fickle.
I cant make a decision for the life of me.
I cant commit.
I already quit Insanity after 3 weeks .
I like to flip flop.
I like to wear flip flops.
But I stuck with it and here I am three years later!
Normally I debut a new blog look and feel but I didnt do Family pictures this summer as usual.
{I'll be doing them in the fall for Christmas cards}
Regardless - Happy 3rd Birthday Blog!! 
Here is to 18 more years.

Arm Candy

Nicky has new Arm Candy 
A super sexy blue cast for another 3 weeks.
He can't contain his excitement.

Do your kids eat?

Do your kids eat?
Because mine don't
Well I take that back - Luke is a bottomless pit.
But for the life of me, I can't get Nick and B to eat.
Well I take that back  -they never turn down S N A C K S
and it's official they inherited my sweet tooth.
And so much for a sensible dinner
Sensible + Dinner + Toddler = impossible I suppose.
they have given up on  fruit, grilled cheese, pasta, corn dogs...
But I feel like we should have *SOME*  success after all these years and consistency
It's a daily battle to get them to eat breakfast & dinner.
We've bribed, we've forced, we've taken away.
We have no clue what they like to eat - it changes constantly.

Today it is....SPINACH. yes. They think they are Popeye, the sailor man.
They will also eat capers, pickles, dried cherries, almonds, walnuts, pistachios.

Oh and salami. Like Mommy and Auntie Alex

Do your kids eat? what do you feed them?
Do you waste as mush money every night cooking dinner that we do?
are your doggies fat because they end up eating all the scraps?
Help me and fill me in!


In 1976 I was born bald...and even after 2 years I had just enough hair that my mom had to dress me in pink so no one would think I was a boy. 
Well my hair finally grew and I never had short hair again. 
I had some shorter styles, but always long enough to toss over my shoulder and put up on a pony.

After 35 years and many "almosts" I finally chopped 7 inches off. 
All Gone!

It's time to get Political...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
It's time to get Political....but not really. I just need to get some things off my chest. I rarely use this as a forum for politics - this blog of mine is a personal outlet to REMEMBER {and obsess}about my kids - the little details and the memories that go by in a flash and are easily forgotten.

To me, just as important as a first tooth or first day of school, is how they become men. And WHO they become. As a mommy, its my job to teach them about love and acceptance, how to lead a good life, have manners, be respectable and always be gentlemen.

After reading a poignant and powerful story,  The Help, I was touched by some of the comments. Ive mentioned this before, but I make sure to say three little things to my kids everyday:

You is Kind
You is Smart
You is Important

I believe those words. I want my three little boys to never doubt themselves - to know they are perfect in every way.  They will be loved and important and cherished and know they can do and BE anything they want. No matter what.

This isn't the first time, or the last, that controversial topics make news, cause fire storms, political debates, and divide the country on wrong and right, red and blue - its a list longer than I can compose.

But recently, a lot of news worthy topics have come to light: Boy Scouts, Chick-fil -A and now an amazing man who actually created a definition for "legitimate rape". Because there is a difference, right? And that comment from Todd Akin, made me angry.  It made me sad too. And a little pissed off.  It also got me thinking - about myself, faith, politics, and how to navigate all of this with my kids. Maybe not immediately - but one day.

 Its 2012 and we have Politicians, a majority of whom are men (without a vagina), making health care decisions on my behalf. I am pro-choice, but I honestly don't care what you chose to do, nor is it what I would personally do. Its not my business - or YOUR business for that matter. And I also don't want some douche canoe making that decision either.

We have organized clubs expelling children and banning parents from the Boy Scouts because of their sexual orientation. This is so appalling to me - why are we taking steps backward? I've made a personal decision that my boys will not participate or support the Boy Scouts until they change their rules. I do not want to be apart of a system founded on bigotry that supports harassment and seclusion.

We have private companies donating millions to organizations that actively promote and support denying HUMAN rights to people (looking at your Chicky). It makes me sick to even walk into the restaurant.
And I chose not too. Recently I read a blog from Conor Gaughan - and he described it the best that I heard on the subject...

"... teenagers who grow up gay are four times more likely to take their own lives. That stat has nothing to do with our sexuality on its own -- suicide rates are lower where gay kids are accepted. It's because our institutions, and all too often the adults in our lives, tell us we're not as good as our straight peers. In 29 states, it is legal for an employer to fire me for who I am. In 31 states, leaders and voters have told me that I am not worthy of the fundamental human right to marry. You want to marry because you love your Mr. Right; I have no rights to do the same. And, the consequences of this inequality are terrifying and real. For example, I can be denied access to my loved one on his deathbed. There are over 1,100 other rights that I am denied."

This is not the first time there have been dummies in office, or personal beliefs and choices been used against us, and there will continue to be people in the future that will try to create new definitions for the absurd. I'm not trying to make a statement and cause a ruckus - I'll leave it to the brilliant people in office. I'm not looking to start a fight or offend anyone reading this. I'm just doing my best to raise my kids in a world that doesn't always make sense.

I know that I will guide my boys down a fulfilling and important path - one that I am still personally trying to navigate and prepare for.  A path that might seem hypocritical at times, but I am working  it out. But if its the last thing I do, my boys will be smarter than Todd Akin, more accepting than the Boy Scouts, and less judgmental than Chick-fil-a

{Hello Monday} August 20, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
Happy Monday and welcome back to Hello Monday
Hello Fancy Smiles
I love when she smiles
 I can see her TEEF!
 Hello Angel
A super sweet, precious, incredible angel that I want to smuggle home

Hello Baby Brandon!
I tried out the good ole' Beco carrier
Brandon went for a little ride and he fits!
Hello Constant Companion 
Fancy sits on my lap like this when I work from home
and I love my view...
 Hello Draco The Great
everyone should grow up with a puppy
Draco is Finley's biggest hero already

 Hello Daphne
My husband loves Central Texas Gardner. He loves Daphne. 
She reads the teleprompter with such skill
Watch it. Its riveting. Truly.
Hello Bathtime.
He would bathe in the dog bowls if he could
this is a reoccurring pattern for all my boys
is it a boy thing - or a baby thing?
and the naked thing...that is an Abeling thing
 Hello new obsession
Facebook should catch on

 Hello little cresent moon and  lovely Austin sunrise
Getting up with Brandon at 6 am has its perks

...and there goes the last Nini

Last Tuesday, Dan surprised all of us and snipped the tip off all the Ninis. I went into a hysterics of course because -

would Luke sleep through the night anymore?
would he be sad and missing his little stuffed ninis {he loves his wubanubs!}?
what if he cries all day long and all night long and cant soothe himself?
and selfishly, will I ever sleep again?

and I havent talked about this because I was embarrassed and horrified, but 3 months ago, Brandon started hording nini's again. {a year ago we took Nicky's and Brandon's away}
BUT, rather than take them away the minute we noticed this, we allowed it because it sloved a different problem for us. He started sleeping through the night and stopped asking for milk. So we let it go.

Well, here we are 3 months later, the initial novelty wore off after that first week or so, and Brandon is still getting up 2-3 times a night AND using a pacifier. Worse than when we started.

So Dan took matters into his own hands, and Luke lost out too. {His brothers had theirs until 3 and 2}. Dan found all the nini's and cut off the tip. Poof! Nini Fairy strikes again. {actually the 4th time the nini fairy has come to our house}

And amazingly - not much happened. Brandon cried when he found his broken ninis, but moved on.
Luke fussed a bit, but its as if nothing happened. Ans he is still sleeping all night - hallelujah!

and a week later its as if they were never here. and now they are gone. for good. for ever.

Yay! and btw, its weird to think about all these "last times" now -  my babies are growing up.

Prickly Heat

Last month Luke broke out in a head to toe rash and the Dr's didn't know what it was - well actually anytime my kids have a rash, they say its a virus. {Thanks Doc!}. I personally ruled out Roseola and 5th disease because there was no fever and no obvious signs of discomfort. However, Dan was convinced it was West Nile Virus! {I love him, so funny} If you live in Texas, you may or may not know that Dallas has been spraying for West Nile virus due to an infestation of mosquitoes and we've had 20 confirmed cases here in Austin. While Travis County is not spraying inside the city walls, we have been asked to report infestation problems. Most people would spray on some deet and be done with it. We have mosquito traps, poison pellets to place in any standing water, and geramium-mosquito-replelling plants. We hate mosquitoes as mush as the next guy, and who likes large red bumps and itchy nights. The boys get eaten alive and its no fun for anyone, but im not convinced Luke is a mosquito generating statistic. I think he had a very common heat rash or Prickly Heat. The pictures below are about a week after he broke out and considerably less noticeable. Weird that it lasted over a week, though?

Inside the Head of Master Nicholas - What the??

Scene: Last night at bedtime
Nicky: Mommy, how come babies can't talk?
Mommy: Babies are born that way and they have to learn how to talk, just like you did
Nicky: Luke too?
Mommy: Yes, like Luke. He is still learning - I think he can say Hi
Nicky: No, he can say, What the Shit! and What the Heck!
Mommy: HAHAHA - really Nicky? THATS what Luke says?
Nicky. Yep. cool huh?

Breaking News: Breaking Wrist

Saturday, August 11, 2012
It was bound to happen sooner or later. With three boys this is probably far from the last - a broken wrist - a buckle fracture curtesy of a slip on a soccer ball at school.

We didn't think it was serious and even laughed at his complaining.
Drama for dayzzzzz
Lots of pouts and I'm sick
But then it didn't stop

In the morning Daddy took him to Lakeway Hospital and X-rays were taken.

And sure enough, feeling like Mom of the Year, they confirmed its cracked. Set up with a cast for 2 weeks, Nicky likes his new bionic arm.

And just when we hit a heat wave for the next 2 weeks - no swimming for Nick. Rats.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Princess FINLEY!!!
From William Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream -
 "and though she be but little; She is fierce" 
like her mommies.

Monster Truck Time!!

Last Saturday we took the boys to the Monster Truck Rally
The show was great, loud, and the boys love it
We saw many of their favorite trucks and it was a great afternoon!

.Hello Chubby Bunny.
 Grinder gets ready to trample some cars
 Grave Digger celebrates 30 years and wins the event!

 Mommy and Nicky having fun together

Rough Life

Friday, August 3, 2012
The boys stayed at Grandma's last night
This is what they did this morning
So hard to be a little boy

Dreamy Princess Finn

Finley is already so dreamy
She is incredible - and holding all our hearts hostage.
She is an angel.
I would move heave and earth to keep her all to myself 

Brandon Love Birthday Candles

Mom made a cake
The boys wanted to help blow out the candles
the look on brandon's face is priceless.
Happy Birthday Papa Bob!!

Brandy Boy Is Three!

Last night as I ran up the stairs for the THIRD time to tell Brandon "No more Milk", I realized I did not write about his special day - July 10 - when he turned three. I'm usually so good about this, but its been a hectic last couple of months. I have a new job at work and I'm working no stop. When I do have an hour or so, I hardly have the energy to write about my three favorite people.

But I made a promise to myself and my boys, I'd do this for them  - for us. Because I know I will be so happy one day when I am 70 and be so happy to relive these amazing years.

So back to Brandon. My middle one, My Heart, My Joy  - turned three and I can hardly believe three years has passed since I was his little squished face. You are so handsome, so strong, so funny, so adorable, so silly, so mine.

On the 10th I took you to your wellness check. After being, weighed, measured, and your first blood pressure test, we waited for the Dr. to give us the results and fill us in on how you are doing. You stayed pretty much the same - you are spot on for growth - a little skinnier, but perfect all the same!

Here are your 3 year stats:

  • 31 pounds - 75th percentile
  • 38 inches tall - 75th percentile
  • Body Mass Index  - 55th percentile

(Nickys 3 year stats-  95% for weight (39 lbs) AND height (39 inches). Your BMI is 60% - or just perfect)

You are a skinny little man and are just barely in a 3T and you have big feet like your brother did at 3 and  wear a size 10 shoe. They predict you to be 6'0 based on their little prediction chart, which is great and an inch shorter than Nick. It will be interesting to see what happens and if you have a growth spurt at 4 like Nicky did.

On a developmental side, you are really excelling, especially since you started school. You finally say the ABCs to us, and can count to 15. You are really funny, and look up to your brother. You adore him and want nothing to do with Luke.

Sleep isnt always great - you wake up 2-3 times. Its getting harder and harder for us to get a full nights sleep between you and your brother. But we manage. and secretly I love laying there next to you.

I am also happy to announce that you no longer have a POOP issue! All better. Thank you Grandma Booba. She fixed it for us. 

Brandon there are only so many times that I can tell you that I love you. Or how happy you make me. Or when I look at you I see one of the most amazing little humans ever.

You have to know that we are so so proud of you, so in awe of you, so blessed to have you.

Happy Birthday my little THREE year old!! I love you to the moon and back.

and now a trip down memory lane of pictures...


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