Dinos vs. Superheros

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Every morning our bathtub gets taken over by boys, plastic toys, and water is everywhere. Epic battles ensue - typically monster trucks, ponies, power rangers, and dinosaurs. This morning, it's Dinosaurs vs. Superheros. I think the Dinos got this.

That FACE!

Be still my heart.

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Mini Val

Baby Finely looks like Valerie circa 1977. Except with my hair. And my fashion sense.

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{Instagram Cuteness} feet

Brandon took this picture of his feet and added his own filter. Nice work, little man!

Inside The head of Master Nicholas

Saturday, February 9, 2013
Scene: playing in the front room. Brandon screaming about a stupid transformer. {who made these ridiculous toys!!}

Brandon: MOMMY, Fix it!
mommy: I'm putting you in your room, if you don't stop yelling
Brandon: {more screaming and yelling}
Nicky: Brandon, you know, crying only hurts yourself.

Thanks Nick - my first Drama Queen.

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3rd break in 8 Months

This time a broken nose. poor Nickle Pickle.

Nicky was riding his 4 wheeler and "towing" a plastic basketball set behind it with a bungee cord. It snapped and hit him smack in the nose. We are lucky it wasn't his eye. And no more bungee cords!

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Daddy, the Barber

While Luke was home with double Pink Eye, Dan gave him a haircut. Here is the Before and After. Not bad, Daddy! Luke has uncle Franks widows peak and Daddy's tail.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013
I'm slacking. So much has happened in the last 2 months, I will be so mad if I don't stay on track. I need to "close" out 2012 and start 2013. I'll write more tomorrow. Love you blog. Until the next Adventure!

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