Amazon Mom

Monday, April 30, 2012
Have you signed up for Amazon Mom?
I did.
I get 15% off Diapers and Wipes.
That's better than
Then I get another 15% off (total 30%) off diapers if I also do Subscribe and Save too.
better than anything out there
and since I pay $79.00 a year for Amazon Prime, I get free 2 day shipping
and no sales tax
that's like another 8% discount
But then they went and changed the MOM discount to 20%
I could still live with that
Then this happened:

Amazon agrees to collect sales tax in Texas starting in July


that's a disgrace
But still a good discount
 The point of all of this is that while I am silently stewing and placing my next diaper order on Amazon, I had an even bigger revelation.
I only have O N E in diapers!
Luke is already a size 5. ridiculous chubby chubster.
and then I stopped to think...when did this happen?
so I have to document this.
Sure, Brandon has his poop issue and wants to only poop on the floor or in a diaper so we choose diaper. DUH.
but other than that -
I have 2 babies Diaper free!!
Yay me
Yay Brandon and Nicky

Wildflowers in Abelingland

Saturday, April 28, 2012
3 years, I wrote about one of the craziest Texas tradition here and since then I have whole-heartedly embraced it. It started first with my sweet precious, beloved and missed Roxy Roo and continues each year. I am one of the crazy nuts that stops traffic to take pictures of my new puppy Fancy in a patch of bluebonnets on 620, and make my wonderful and amazingly talented friend Tara {Life is Sweet Photo Boutique} take pictures of the boys each year  - bluebonnets or not. How tired she must be of these faces! How happy I am that I do this.

{tonight were doing Luke's cake smash. the no more pics for a while! even mommies can get tired of this...}

The wildflowers in Abelingland

These boys are so much fun!  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them 3 years in a row.  It is neat to see how much they change every year and it is also interesting to see my photographic style/skill change over those 3 years! You can absolutely see the friendship and love these little boys have for each other.  It is so sweet and what an adventure for my amazing friend Victoria to have 3 BOYS 3 and under!  If you want to read about her adventures, check out here blog here!

2011: (The drought made blue bonnets this year not possible….we found these sweet little yellow flowers, but even they look a bit dry!!)



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