Christmas Weekend 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010
This was our last Christmas back home in Foster City. We packed the boys up on Thursday morning, sent Zeus and Roxy to doggie daycare, hired someone to feed Eleanor, and flew back home for the last hurrah in California. This was the first Christmas that Nicky understood that someone named "Santa" in a red hat would come and give him presents. All he wanted were binoculars. Brandon was just happy saying "Ho Ho Ho" and opening wrapping paper. He got that. The boys were spoiled, we saw lots of family and friends, and we celebrated our favorite holiday of the season surrounded by love, stress, and the typical chaos that comes with toddlers. 

Some highlights included, my favorite Princess Cake for my birthday, mom's holiday cookies and pumpkin bread, Roundtable Pepperoni pizza, spending Christmas Eve with Grandma Larissa and her annual crab feast, eating our last supper at Pasta Pomodoro, Grandma Booba and Auntie Valerie putting the boys to bed, Auntie Shuana babysitting expertise, Nicky enjoying the Academy of Sciences with Grandma Larissa, Auntie Alex and Lee, Nicky and Brandon's faces on Christmas Morning, a Cutrufelli Christmas Dinner with Mom's pesto and Tri-tip, a holiday playmate with my Bay Area friends and their little kid-lets, watching an actual movie - The Town, and saying good-bye to my bedroom.

You'd think that after taking 20,000 pictures of my kids in less than 3 years. I could actually take a decent picture. I can't; thats why I hire Tara and Michele to capture my special moments. Because both of them where with their families. I had to take the pictures and they are crap. But here are some moments of the special week to share. Not one picture of the whole family. *wah*


Thursday, December 30, 2010
I am so behind...
I have a lot to post before my midnight deadline tomorrow night.
Then 2010 becomes a book!

Sunday Church Crew Christmas Party

The Sunday before Christmas, the Church crew got together and had a little party over at Tara and Aaron's house. We had a pajama party for the kids, and a white elephant exchange for the adults. The best gifts were the a case of beer complete with white trash Christmas lights,  and the Viagra, accompanied with an "outfit". Now we all know how to play with Tom and Stacey. ha. Here are some pics of the whole gang: Tara, Aaron, and Haylee, Melissa, Keith, and Brook, Stacey, Tom, and Kylee Jo, and us. Merry Christmas! xoxox

My Three Amigos, Ole!

Back in September I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. Everyone either said we were nuts or crazy. We are both. But as I mentioned in an earlier post, my Mother will be out here in 7 days and my life will never be the same. Thanks for all the babysitting in advance Grandma and Grandpa!! Ha!

In November, during my 12 week sonogram, I got a 75% chance it was a girl. They *usually* never tell you what they think at 12 weeks, so I should have known better. When Nicky was 12 weeks, they told me there was "nothing down there" and I can tell you A LOT grows between 12 weeks and 20 weeks.

At the 17 week appointment, Dr. Phillips did a quick gender check so we could find out before Christmas. Even 17 weeks it was still a bit early, but he was pretty confident that what we saw between the legs doesn't belong on a girl. So, as I suspected, it looks like we are having 3 boys!

My Three Amigos

On January 12, we go back for the 20 week anatomy sonogram, and a tiny percent of me is hoping the Dr was wrong, and "it" was a swollen girl part, or a cord, or some weird grey matter. If it's not, then I will return all the little girl clothes that I could not help but buy already ;)

 Here is a little bit about my pregnancy this time around {sans any fat stay-puff marshmallow pictures of me}

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of Baby: 6 inches long, the size of a large tomato
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6lbs so far (Nicky I gained ~32, Brandon ~20 I think. I will have to go back and check for sure)
Maternity Clothes: yes since 11 weeks actually! Thank you Kathleen for sending me BACK my clothes. I will send them back to you when you have #2!! ;)

P.S. - Elastic waist bands are AH-Mazing.

Movement: some slight movement, but nothing prominent yet.
Symptoms: dizziness, weakness, headaches. Sciatic pain. Wide hips and my ass is as big as belly. it's pretty awesome sight
What I Miss: beer,sushi, sleeping on my back
Girl or Boy: 99% it's a BOY
Belly button In or Out: almost out, no line yet
Cravings: peaches and canned peaches, red gatorade
Best Moment This Week: knowing that I am almost 20 weeks! and this is the LAST time.

Sold! Good Bye Foster City

When I was 7 years old, I watched in fascination as the house on 248 Thatcher Lane was being built. It was only 3 blocks away from where we were currently living at the time, On sandy Hook Court. Every day during the summer Valerie and I would ride our bikes over and pick up old scraps of wood and try to making working go karts. Nothing moved, despite our efforts. Eventually they were finished (after massive problems and delays and a dead cat in the wall....) and we moved in.And that's were I spent the next 27 years.

4 years ago, I moved to Austin for a job opportunity within VMware and the hardest part was leaving the Bay Area, a place I still consider "home", and it seemed almost impossible to leave my family and friends. My mom never forgave me for leaving HER.

Now, she is facing one of the toughest moments in her life, packing up that house full of 27 years of memories and treasures, leaving behind 63 years of home and security, and moving out here to be with me (and Dan) and her 2 grandsons...with another on the way.Austin, Texas was the last place they had in mind to retire.

But now, they have a new darling house 2 blocks away from me in Steiner Ranch, the house on Thatcher is sold, and it belongs to someone else. And in a week my mom will become a T E X A N! Well I am sure never in her heart, but I have a feeling, she will like it out here.


You're Moving Up! Boys are growing up

Look what we got in the boys cubbies! Best little presents from Primrose!
You Are Moving Up notice!
Next week Brandon move to his new  Toddler's Class
We are so proud of him, but we will miss Ms Tess and Ms Rachel who spoil him to death
Brandon will join Ms Crystal and Ms Meredith
This use to be Nicky's favorite class, so I know he will have a great time
There they will focus on teaching them their letters and numbers and colors. 
He will also be introduced to potty training!
Go Brandon!
Nicky will move to EPS 2 (Early Pre-School) 
I don't even know how to comprehend that in just 6 months, Nicky will be in  P R E S C H O O L!!!!!
{They move them in June, but the school year officially starts in September}
His teachers will be Ms. Christina and Ms. Saira
He will definitely miss Ms Delane and Ms. Tiffany, his "best friends" after Kylee Jo
In EPS2, Nicky will have a pretty tight schedule. They focus on the transition to a Pre Schooler and  the age "of rapid discovery"
{see below}
Congratulations B A N J O and N I C K Y!
And thank you, Primrose for another $15 a month tuition cut too!
I just need another ~$200 reduction to pay for Baby #3

Merry Christmas from the Abeling Family

Saturday, December 25, 2010

From our house to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!
the Abeling Family
Dan, Victoria, Nicky and Brandon
Roxy, Zeus, and Eleanor, too!!

Yummy Cake

Monday, December 20, 2010
Brandon had no problem eating Nicky's portion of my birthday cake they made with Daddy.

Not Pink Eye

So Nicky doesn't have pink eye. He has a terrible ear infection - one that is so infected, it caused his eye to droop with leaking yellowish liquid and his nose started oozing orangish goo. I am so glad I waited a whole week to take him to the Dr! Again, award winning mom of the year. When he didn't eat any of my birthday cake (with frosting!), we knew it was serious. Thankfully he is now on full antibiotics so I hope he feels better for his trip home for Christmas on Thursday. And presents really help when you are feeling sicky.
Ps. PS. you can see his droopy eye in this video

Thirty Four

On Saturday I turned 34. There were no suitable pictures of me to post, so here is the sweetest birthday gift that I could have asked for. I love you, Nicky Poo.

Adventures of Nicky and Kylee Jo: In the Bushes

Things we won't want to hear in 15 years.

Vicci: Where are Nicky and Kylee Jo?
Tom: In the Bushes.

Over the weekend...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Sometime over the weekend, Nicky and Brandon turned another month old on December 10th. Nicky 31, and Brandon 17 months. Since the last monthly update, only slight changes. Both boys continue to grow and develop faster than I can keep up.

Nicky continues to talk and say things that make us laugh. For example, today he went one by one through our family saying, "Mommy is a Stegosaurus, Daddy, is a Stegosaurus, Papa is a Stegosaurus, Booba is a Stegosaurus, Grandpa is a Stegosaurus, Brandon is a Stegosaurus, Shauna is a Stegosaurus, and Valerie is a shark!"

He is random. He is full over curiosity and developing his comedic charm. He likes to talk in funny voices and make faces. He dances in this cute little side to side way of his and swings his arms close by his side. He is silly. He is goofy. He asked me to "feel his leg muscle" last night. He loves to sing songs and knows a handful by heart. He kisses every beauty mark.  He is completely bi-polar too. One minute happy and sweet as can be the next throwing the worlds, largest and loudest tantrums. He has caused us to download thousands of parenting books to manage this nightmare.A huge new change for us is the sleep. While he has reverted to fighting us tooth and nail to get into bed, he sleeps through the night. Its refreshing.

Brandon on the other hand, hit 17months and decided that he doesn't need to sleep through the night. I think its just a phase and we seem to calm him down pretty quick. The big difference is that he is in a crib and if we let him cry he cant get out.... I hope this doesn't last so we can have both boys sleeping soon. I pray its before the new baby comes. I updated a couple weeks ago that Brandon is talking so much more. He is growing verbally and in personality. He had a growth spurt and is getting taller and leaner. He is so much more interested in books and Dan and I try to spend more time alone with Brandon. He seems to thrive on this attention. He also loves to dance and he shakes his little butt to music. In the car he moves and bops every time the music comes on. He is fascinated with dogs right now and yells out "puppy". He happily sits in his wagon when we walk to the mailbox. He is attached to Daddy. He screams "dada" the minute I drive up to the house and hops up and down in his seat until Dan comes out to get him from the car. He eats Gerber yogurt melts like they are baby crack. He is an angel. He is so sweet. He is so different from Nicky. Its amazing they are brothers, so close, but yet so different and far apart.

Time is going by so fast...before I know it, Nicky will be three...we will have a new baby and then Brandon will be two. I'll be documenting all the funny things Brandon says just like Nicky, and Nicky will be learning to write and read, and a newborn in the house to keep me even busier. I am so happy I will have this to look back; to share with all of my babies when they grow up. That makes me happy.  Here are some recent pictures of them from our trip to see Val in Park City

Picture for Santa

I tried to drop Nicky off at school today and they stopped me at the door:

School: Nicky has pink eye
me: Noooo, he doesn't.
(seriously  I'm his mom, I would notice, right)
School: yes he does, his eye is all pink, swollen, and crusty. He's probably contagious and should go home
me: No, he's fiiine
(but now all I see is his swollen red eye)

I proceed to walk him to his classroom. His teachers look at his eye and say "Nicky has pink eye"
Great, can't get anything past school. ;) I guess he's coming with me. Mom of the year over here.

Anyways, Nicky's now at work with me drawing, while I do my expense reports and return calls, emails, and get some work done. He's happily drawing in my cube. He made this picture for Santa.

Brooklyn or Cody

Monday, December 13, 2010
Nicholas is very adamant about the name of the new baby. He tells you in the video below how he feels.

Santa Babies 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
When Nicky was 7 months old, we got him all dressed up in his Christmas best, went over to Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo and waiting in line for 2 HOURS to see Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.  I think Dan was scarred for life. But it was worth it just to see the pictures. This was when he loved the word Poo Poo. So that smile was all of us shouting "Say Poo Poo"
The next year, we avoided the malls like the plauge, but managed to sneak in a shot of the boys with Santa at the always fabulous (ghetto) Steiner Ranch Christmas Bazzar. Steiner, pulled out all the stops and made it really fun and festive. I kid. And as you can see, I made a real big attenpt to get them in some Christmas outfits this least they were matching Pluto T-shirts

Fast forward to last Sunday at the famous Oasis overlooking Lake Travis in Austin..One of the best Santas I'd ever seen, was taking complimentary pictures if you brought your camera. We again failed miserably at dressing the boys in anything that resembled matching, Christmas outfits, or non scruffy clothes. We defined this outting a success, becasuse while we may not have gotten many smiles, we didn't get tears. And we did get some mysterious sign language from Nicholas.

Merry Christmas!

Nicky Speak

At 2 and a half, Nicky has quite the vocabulary, personality, and some one liners that make us laugh. He tends to interchange Why, What, and Where, leaves out participles and verbs...and his pronouns are 1st grade level at best. ;) I thought I would write them all down so we can look back and laugh at our little guy turning into a precocious little man...

That's so silly
Oh Mannnn (typically followed by That's so silly)
I need something
What do you have, Mommy?
What you call this, Mommy?
Where you buy this, Mommy?
What store did you get this Mommy?
What name is it?
You're a cheeseball!
I don't like X...he (she) is mean
I'm a bad boy
Go away, Mommy (this one hurts just a bit)
usually followed by Walk away Mommy.  (again. ouch)
No Nap
Just a two more
He's been saying this one for a while now: No, Thank you. But now he ends it with Brandon. "No Thank You, Brandon" Although he pronounces Brandon "Brannon"

Nicky, you are our little cheeseball and we love you!

VMweb Superstars

Monday, December 6, 2010
Nicky and Brandon graced the front page of our internal website VMweb at work today. Go Boys!


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