B and N, N and B

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
One of my favorite things to do is to compare the boys at different ages. I've posted pictures at almost every milestone, even dressing them in the matching outfits or recreating some of my favorite pictures.

Yesterday I posted a picture of both of them at a Y E A R old.

They are so different: Nicky had a tan, inherited my nice Italian skin, Brandon has Dan's light Russian skin. Nicky has a round face, B an oval one; different eye color, hair color, personalities,vocabulary, behavior, maturity level, weights, heights, and shoes sizes.....and on and on.

So today's comparison is from when they were teeny tiny inside me!

These are 2 of the MOST important pictures I ever saw. 

And if you know me, no 2 pictures have made me CRY more. And if you know me, how like their M O T H E R are they in these shots! (hahah)

Never have I wanted and LOVED having two boys than I have today.


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