Brandon's Party

Monday, July 12, 2010
My little loverboy turned O N E on July 10th
We traveled back to California to see our friends and family for a Party
Brandon put on his "1" shirt
He made some stink faces
and the party animal fell asleep for a bit
I consulted with my best friend E T S Y
and came up with the theme
 We waited for Panera
they never came and the table sat empty
but there were plenty of drinks
the Mimosas went first

Brandon sat patiently
my inspiration stayed put
Nicky was so proud to help Brandon blow out his candle

After cake and cupcakes
cookies, jelly beans, and M&M's
{sorry Mama's for the sugar high before Naptime...}
we tried to coordinate a picture of  all the babies
In attendance were 18 little ones under 6
From oldest to youngest 
Paloma, Jackson, Kyle, Luke and Avery F
Parker, Matteo, Darren, Nicholas, Avery H, and Finn
Caitlin, Brandon, Evan, Ryan, twins Cassidy and Brayden
and Scout - 10 day's old

Thank You to everyone who came and made B's birthday so special.


mark lawrence said...

Oh my god! Everything has been so neatly done. The decoration, the food, everything is looking great. I wish even I got to taste everything. The colors look great, it is definitely a good selection of colors. Happy birthday to the little kid. I would love to do all of this for my nephew. He is turning 3 next month and we are celebrating his birthday in one of the venues in Chicago.

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