Saturday, December 14, 2013
Me + You. Xoxo

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A Caped Crusader!

Friday, December 13, 2013
Brandon spent the night at Papa and Grandma Booba's last night
we couldn't tell Luke
He would have been jealous.
Brandon had a great time
and here he is
our Caper Crusader ready for school today!

5 Year Old Problems

Nicky has a lot of girlfriends
it can be hard for a 5 year old
Facebook is making my life easy
it just posted a section called
Year in REVIEW
this was one of my top 20 moments
I love it.

Dear Abelingland

Dear Abelingland,

Back in May I lost some of my spirit and needed to focus on  my family, work, and priorities. I put my blog last. But coming up on year end I realized that I will never forgive myself if I stop documenting the boys ADVENTURES and continue to make those blog books like I promised. I may not be able to keep it up forever and once they get to high school, I am sure there isn't a lot they will let me write about. But for now, while they are little, I will continue.

I've made some progress, but I've completely missed, May - November. I have a lot to catch up on.
I have to get through the boys birthday, their joint mass party....

I have to get through Mother's Day and  Finley's visit

Nicky's first LOST tooth and then his second one...

My trip to Arkansas and my first attempt at Paint Ball....can you see me in all that camo?

Luke growing up so fast, turning 2 and climbing out of the crib...

and Father's Day...

and this is just June! I have to document birthdays and babies, and trips, and family time. I'll get there. And some will be redundant for those that follow me on Facebook and Instagram. But I have a book to make!

So much more to go before we ring in 2014.

Secrets of Abelingland - MY WORLD

Usually when people find out I have three boys they say 2 things

1. I don't know how you do it
2. followed by - Ages and Boys or Girls?

When I tell them that I have three boys ages 5, 4, and 2and a half, they look at me and say 2 things

1. I don't know how you do it
2. Did you try for a girl?

Those of you who know me, you know how badly I wanted a girl. And if you didn't know that. I DID. Badly.

I respond saying, I tried every time. I probably cried at every ultrasound too. I just really really REALLY really wanted a girl. I joke that Dan can't make girls. I think it is true. I think it is pay back...or maybe God knows what he is doing...because I have three B O Y S....and I wouldn't trade them for the world.


My kids never had any interest in their thumbs
they preferred their "bays"
their ninis
their blankets
that was OK with us
however, breaking up with NINI was impossible
with a lot of angst, blood, sweat, and tears.
but we made it past the pacifier stage when Luke was 9 months old
and then...
a year later...
after Brandon's 4th birthday, the unexpected happened!
He came home one day and told us a little boy at nap time sucks his thumb
and he showed us
- see mom, like this!-
at first we didn't know it was going to be a "thing"
it just happened
and at 4?
we let it go for a while
constantly telling him to take his thumb out
At first I was a little embarrassed "I have a thumb sucker"
But not really sure why
lots of kids did
and for Brandon, who has a history of needing things to comfort him
it wasn't THAT unusual I guess
we were successful over the summer, about 2 months after it started
we got that nail bit STOP and put it on his nails
it was horrible, even I tried it.
it worked -  for about a month
and then it happened again!
and it hasn't left
right now we have an agreement
only suck your thumb at naptime and bedtime
sometimes listens
sometimes we find him alone sucking his thumb
he finds comfort, it self soothes, he needs it right now
we've asked his therapist and the Dr's if we should be worried
about his teeth, his speech, etc.
they both say to let him grow out of it and it will get better
for now, the war wages on.
Daddy and I are planning and plotting
until next time thumb!

Tangled Up

Thursday, December 12, 2013
I'm helping!

A Promise Kept

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
They kept their P R O M I S E
3 little Rattles
in a baggie
came last week
and all was right in Abelingland
for now.

Papa Vic & Grandma Ellen in Austin

In November, Grandpa Vic and Grandma Ellen came to visit
the boys had not seen them in years
and didn't come with me when I went to visit them earlier in the year
My Dad had back surgery he is up and walking
good as new!
better than ever!
Nicky was so excited a real life Marine was coming to visit.
He couldn't wait to talk guns.
he couldnt wait to talk rattle snakes.
It was a lovley visit
Lots of football, wine, and chaos.
I think Ellen can personally confirm now why I drink
Unfortunately, the weather turned cold and an artic freeze hit and we had to cut the trip short
before they left we had a great lunch at the County Line to celebrate and couldn't pass us feeding the turtles
and enjoying the company
Before they left they promised to send Nicky 
the rattles of of some dead rattlesnakes they had killed over the summer.
Nicky was beside himself with joy and excitement.
what could be better.

we miss them already and we love you!!
we hope you are enjoyign the OBAMA toilet paper. 
{thanks Grandma Booba}

Inside the Head of Master Nicholas: {A Shower For Mom}

Scene: Sunday morning at 8:32 am
Nicky: Mom, come with me
Mommy: Ok, Nick
*I follow Nicky into my bathroom*
Nicky: Mom, please take a shower
Mommy: uh.....why?
Nicky: You will look better after you shower

{He has a point, lol! so here is a pic of Nick "before he showers" :)}

{Insta.gram} Cuteness - future Olympian

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Her mommies were silver medalists in the 2006 Winter Olympics. It's in her blood. It's in our spirit. This winter, while all eyes are on Sochi, I'm placing my bets on summer 2028; a future gymnast in the making.

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One of my favorite things

I have a little secret. When I'm in the bath, I'll turn on the kids monitor and listen to Dan play with the boys upstairs. They truly have so much fun making up games, playing karate, being secret ninja forces, cooking, and playing hide and seek. The laughter is infectious. It might possibly be one of the most satisfying sounds. The boys have no idea how lucky they are. I'm pretty lucky too.
{daddy and lukey last night}

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A New Venture

Thursday, December 5, 2013
everyone is under NDA for reading this
"Honey, one day I am going to have my own business." 
over the last 12 years there have been many ideas...
and I've had to make a decision to throw it all in and support one of my baby's crazy ideas....
Usually it went something like 
Book Visors?
{still laughing at the prototype}
{but practical}
Mini Dolphins?
YES! but how?
{who wouldn't want a pack of mini dolphins in their fish tank??}
then it got interesting...
Dan has worked for a top surgical device company for 8 years
He has spent many days on his feet 
watching surgeries
Usually thinking he could do them better
and he had an idea
One that would solve a very unique problem
and make us a lot of money 
{we hope}
So back in Jan, he took some A LOT of money
Started getting up at 4:00 am
...every morning...
He made some drawings, put the idea to paper
Contracted with a designer and a developer
I did a lot of reading
and approving
and questioning
But in 6 months


Bariapps was born!
A smartphone app for Bariatrics

Dan started pitching it to local hospitals and clinics
They wanted it!
and would pay for it
I made him a cake and we celebrated his first customer
We downloaded it on iTunes
and its now on my phone.
We are so proud of you Dan!

So we  he put a plan together and a strategy to launch this at Obesity Week
The largest convention for Bariatric and Medical Weight-loss professionals and Drs in the world
 He started preparing for a week in Atlanta {just last month in November}
He built a booth
He booked our tickets
He picked up another 5-6 customers
We were ready to go
With one last hurdle
his Job.
So we made the leap and 
 On Nov 1st, Dan quit his 8 year career with his company 
 He never looked back.

We left the kids with my mom and Tiffy
and flew to Atlanta to launch BARIAPPS

I was impressed!

He had the "IDEA" of the conference
he was the upstart
people were jealous
Dan by far had the best booth of the vendors...
He was also the best looking guy there
because, you know...that matters ;)
Within hours we had people lined up
A famous clinic had just hosted a meeting with Bariatric coordinators and mentioned how their app
gets the 33% more leads
They all want an app!
We gave demos, we talked
2 of us was not enough
Dan ran into some Dr's that would have never spoken to him when he was with his other company
They wanted one
Watching Dan shine in his element was overwhelming and I was filled with pride
{and great for the marriage *hint*}

 I was the "cheap" booth babe
I learned more about bariatric surgery than I ever cared to
I ate a lot of protein bars
they were in a booth right next to us

We left with hundreds of leads
A possible new partnership
Lots of new feature ideas
And even better....
3 signed up on the spot
Now we are working to manage the level of new customers and interest
It's amazing to see something Dan created contribute to the family
and possibly take over BOTH our income.
So wish us luck in our new venture!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013
This might be the BEST.APP.EVER
Ms. Tiffy is the best
she takes the sweetest pictures of my boys
they look like
and pretty damn cute
{Luke's is my favorite}
App is called 

Look Mommy, I drew a Brachiosaurus

Nicky has become quite the artist
he drew me a dinosaur
in fact it was a Brachiosaurus
eating leaves from a tree
except not really...

Lukey Goes To School

Luke loves school
he loves his teachers 
he has a best friend
who looks so much like him
they could be twins

every month the lead teacher sends pictures of the kids playing at a school and working hard
I got these today
the J O Y on his face is preiceless
knowing how happy he is, makes leaving him so much easier
we love SITH.
I love you Lukey.

Annnnd....its Christmas Card time!

It's that time of the year!
If you know me AT ALL
{which isn't hard - I am an open book}
I LOVE Christmas Cards!!
I love RECEIVING them just as much as sending them
I spend hours picking out a perfect card, with perfect pictures 
{as perfect as can be with 3 little boys}
Here is one of my favorite pictures from our annual pictures with Tara
More to come next week

and here is a sneak peak from our 2013 Christmas Card!
they should be sent out this week and I cant wait for you all to get them
Happy Holiday Season!!

And here are my cards from the last 5 years! 
Oh how the kids {and family} have changed!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our 2012 Christmas Card {book}


Sunday, December 25, 2011
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We hope 2012 is better than ever
We love and miss you Roxy and Eleanor and will never forget you
To our Friends and Family, may you have the most wonderful time of the year,

and from the last 3 years......


Saturday, December 25, 2010

From our house to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!
the Abeling Family
Dan, Victoria, Nicky and Brandon
Roxy, Zeus, and Eleanor, too!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Our Christmas card for 2009.
Happy Holidays ~ with love ~ the Abelings: Dan, Victoria, Nicky, and Brandon


Wednesday, November 24, 2010
It's no secret that I adore Christmas. One of my guilty pleasures in life is taking pictures and creating the perfect Christmas card.  This year we made a last minute decision and took some recent pictures of the boys for our card. I will post 2010 card closer to Christmas, after I send them out. Here is a look back at 2 years of Christmas cards....

It's 82 in December {again!}

82 in December is becoming a trend
and someone made a funny about the weather

It's been over 80 degrees all week
and then a cold front comes in and drops to 40 on Friday
but its not that out of the ordinary! 
last year we were swimming same time last year!
tonight we put up or decorations and maybe hop in moms pool!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

And we are swimming! Well the boys are. In the jacuzzi, but still. The whole family, including the doggies came over to grandma and grandpa's today. 

Christmas music, decorations, and swimming! 

Santa Babies 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013
Its a good time as any to start posting again. Most of 2012 will be lacking, but I am going to make a great effort to catch up before end of year. So bear with me
Its tradition the weekend after Thanksgiving to go see Santa.

2013 might be the best picture since Nicky's first visit back in 2008 and then all three of them in 2011... 
(see below)
There were no tears, there was matching outfits, and 2.5 smiles.
it was a gorgeous day, a great looking Santa and thanks to 
Millie & Mox
we didnt even have to leave Steiner Ranch!
I love the Holidays and all the festivities that come with it!!



Tuesday, December 20, 2011
For the last 3 years I have documented our annual visit with Santa. Each year seems to represent my (or Dans) enthusiasm (or lack of) for the event. 2008 was our first experience and I don't think we could ever replicate how adorable Nicky would looked, his perfect reaction, and how charming the picture turned out. 2009 and 2010 were um ....considerably LESS festive. No matching outfits, no professional pictures. Although they never cried, they didn't really compare too 2008. However, my boys are always adorable.

Well, now I have three babies, and this year I was determined to get a good picture. If not, at least they would look cute. (even that is debatable according to Dan and Shauna)

I dressed them in matching Harajuku Mini plaid pants and Luke in the cutest bow-tie tuxedo pantsuit.  - And to be clear, I had to bride Nicky with three lollipops, a new army truck, and 5 presents to get him to put the pants on. I actually sat on him and pulled his feet through. Followed by a chase and lots of laughs, they were finally dressed.

We went to Lakeline Mall and brought Grandma Booba along. We waited in line for an hour. The had a great time racing across the mall, making some new friends. To pass the time, we went to a balloon twister, and both boys asked for orange guns (of course they did. they by in front of us asked for a monkey on a tree.) She couldn't make a gun (engage Meltdown Mode 3 - 2- 1-....) BUT she made them swords! (Meltdown avoided!) They were happy little campers....until Brandon popped Nicky's. (repeat Meltdown)

When it was finally our turn, I prayed, held my breath, hoped for some smiles, and handed them over to Santa; the santa with the cowboy boots and the largest hands in history of all Santas. really, take a look.
And what do you know....they smiled! all three of them. PHEW. Here is their 2011 Christmas with Santa Picture.

I thought this was cute too - We captured Luke in the same shot as Nicky from back in 2008.

 and here are the past 3 years


Tuesday, December 7, 2010
When Nicky was 7 months old, we got him all dressed up in his Christmas best, went over to Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo and waiting in line for 2 HOURS to see Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.  I think Dan was scarred for life. But it was worth it just to see the pictures. This was when he loved the word Poo Poo. So that smile was all of us shouting "Say Poo Poo"
The next year, we avoided the malls like the plague, but managed to sneak in a shot of the boys with Santa at the always fabulous (ghetto) Steiner Ranch Christmas Bazaar. Steiner, pulled out all the stops and made it really fun and festive. I kid. And as you can see, I made a real big attempt to get them in some Christmas outfits this year....at least they were matching Pluto T-shirts

Fast forward to last Sunday at the famous Oasis overlooking Lake Travis in Austin..One of the best Santas I'd ever seen, was taking complimentary pictures if you brought your camera. We again failed miserably at dressing the boys in anything that resembled matching, Christmas outfits, or non scruffy clothes. We defined this outing a success, because while we may not have gotten many smiles, we didn't get tears. And we did get some mysterious sign language from Nicholas.

Merry Christmas!

It's been a while

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Hi Abelingland,
It's been a while and tomorrow marks my 4 year anniversary since I started writing and documenting my families journey in this blog.
I missed all of May, June, July, and most of August. It will be impossible to catch up but I need to get at it again ;)

So for now here are the boys at 5,4,2. More to come!

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