A New Venture

Thursday, December 5, 2013
everyone is under NDA for reading this
"Honey, one day I am going to have my own business." 
over the last 12 years there have been many ideas...
and I've had to make a decision to throw it all in and support one of my baby's crazy ideas....
Usually it went something like 
Book Visors?
{still laughing at the prototype}
{but practical}
Mini Dolphins?
YES! but how?
{who wouldn't want a pack of mini dolphins in their fish tank??}
then it got interesting...
Dan has worked for a top surgical device company for 8 years
He has spent many days on his feet 
watching surgeries
Usually thinking he could do them better
and he had an idea
One that would solve a very unique problem
and make us a lot of money 
{we hope}
So back in Jan, he took some A LOT of money
Started getting up at 4:00 am
...every morning...
He made some drawings, put the idea to paper
Contracted with a designer and a developer
I did a lot of reading
and approving
and questioning
But in 6 months


Bariapps was born!
A smartphone app for Bariatrics

Dan started pitching it to local hospitals and clinics
They wanted it!
and would pay for it
I made him a cake and we celebrated his first customer
We downloaded it on iTunes
and its now on my phone.
We are so proud of you Dan!

So we  he put a plan together and a strategy to launch this at Obesity Week
The largest convention for Bariatric and Medical Weight-loss professionals and Drs in the world
 He started preparing for a week in Atlanta {just last month in November}
He built a booth
He booked our tickets
He picked up another 5-6 customers
We were ready to go
With one last hurdle
his Job.
So we made the leap and 
 On Nov 1st, Dan quit his 8 year career with his company 
 He never looked back.

We left the kids with my mom and Tiffy
and flew to Atlanta to launch BARIAPPS

I was impressed!

He had the "IDEA" of the conference
he was the upstart
people were jealous
Dan by far had the best booth of the vendors...
He was also the best looking guy there
because, you know...that matters ;)
Within hours we had people lined up
A famous clinic had just hosted a meeting with Bariatric coordinators and mentioned how their app
gets the 33% more leads
They all want an app!
We gave demos, we talked
2 of us was not enough
Dan ran into some Dr's that would have never spoken to him when he was with his other company
They wanted one
Watching Dan shine in his element was overwhelming and I was filled with pride
{and great for the marriage *hint*}

 I was the "cheap" booth babe
I learned more about bariatric surgery than I ever cared to
I ate a lot of protein bars
they were in a booth right next to us

We left with hundreds of leads
A possible new partnership
Lots of new feature ideas
And even better....
3 signed up on the spot
Now we are working to manage the level of new customers and interest
It's amazing to see something Dan created contribute to the family
and possibly take over BOTH our income.
So wish us luck in our new venture!


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