Goodbye 2011!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011
Good bye 2011!!! Wishing everyone a wonderful 2012.

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emails not working

So my emails have not been working for the last 2 weeks. this is a test

Did I already post this?

Friday, December 30, 2011
Luke is standing, cruising, climbing up stairs, and trying to walk already!

{and he looks like a penguin}

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An All Star Daddy

Dear my three little minions....
Do you know you have a SUPER STAR Daddy?
I know you won’t turn out exactly like your Dad
And I wouldn’t want you to
You will have your own qualities that make you great.
But when you become a Dad, I hope you remember
that it’s the little things that matter most
Being an all star Daddy means…
letting you jump on the couch every night
putting you in the most mismatched  creative clothes ever
making sure you are never without socks
....and buying the most "super fast" tennis shoes
It's setting up monster trucks and slot car races
sitting outside while you play with the neighborhood kids
getting up with you in the middle of the night and singing you silly songs to sleep
sneaking kisses while you lay fast asleep.
changing poopy diapers without complaining, ever.
filling his iPad up with YOUR favorite apps.
making you eat your breakfast every morning
hugging you when you fall down, kissing your booboos and holding you hard during a thunderstorm
Aside from the fact that he made my knees wobble whenever our eyes met,
I married your Dad because I knew he would love you more than life itself.
I knew he would not only show up, he would be truly present at every milestone of your life.
I knew that he would make you feel loved, and he would never be afraid to say those three magic words:
I love you.
I knew he would be the kind of Dad that every kid deserves.
And I hope you always know how lucky you are to have him.
You very own ALL Star Daddy!
{I was inspired by Little Miss Momma}

A Bad Burn

Nicky somehow rested his right hand against the fireplace
After 2 hours of screaming this is what we discovered when he finally calmed down
The first night after he passed out
We were able to cover the wound, but since then he hasnt let us touch his hand
But he had his MOnster Truck tatoo and his motorcycle shirt on
so all was good
But he is going to have a pretty bad scar...
Poor little baby

and then I got all crazy with my edits
look even yuckier

Mystery on 360

I thought I would include a post about one of the craziest Austin traditions, one we have yet to partake in. maybe next year....

This started as one of those Austin mysteries. Every year along a freeway in Austin, the trees along the side get decorated like Christmas trees. It is quite a sight to see!  But where do the decorations on the 360 cedar trees come from?
Legend has it that it began over ten years ago with just one Christmas tree, decorated under the cover of night by a local family, and each year since more and more are decorated from mid-November through Christmas.
The decorations have just as much variety and spark as the city’s residents. Currently there are than 100 trees decorated with everything from traditional ornaments, candy canes and garland to funky trees sporting flamingos, rainbows, Barbie’s and more.
It really livens up the drive on 360 and helps bring out your holiday spirit. I love how we manage to keep “Keep Austin Weird,” one day at a time.

Flowers for Mommy

Miss Tiffany helped the boys write out their Christmas list. Nicky is so Thoughtful. I love him

Christmas in Abelingland

Christmas in Austin this year
We had a houseful - 
Grandma Booba, Papa Bob, Papa Ray, Grandma Larissa, Lee, Auntie Alex, Auntie A and Uncle F and Baby J were all out here to visit.
The weather was great and we spent a lot of time on walks, and playing outside
We had great food and lots of wine
Lots of fun playing games, playing with the new slot car track, and having a white elephant party
The boys met their cousin Baby J for the first time
and it was the most wondeful time of the year!

Secrets of Abelingland - Light

Dear Boys - Do you know how much Mommy and Daddy love you? There are so many ways to tell you, and this is just one way. These words inspire me. My world would not have "light" without you.

1 week till Christmas!

Well its almost 1 week past Christmas now, and I was hoping to post all the decorations in the house. But its better late than never

{Insta.gram} Cuteness - Muahhh

Kisses to you too, my little Lucky

A Culinary Pinterest Christmas!

About 6 months ago i joined Pinterest
and my life changed forever
Instantly I was a better wife, better cook, better designer, and really good at wasting time
I found hundreds of things I HAD to have, including new sewing projects (i don't sew) and thousands of ideas to redecorate my home, art projects for the boys, and endless ideas on how to braid my hair.

This Christmas we hosted Dan's family, and I was determined to make some new recipes

On Christmas morning I made this.
one word:
my new go to breakfast dish
Just need whip cream next time
.and then I made some new Christmas cookies
only I substiututed cherries for cranberries
one word
and then for dinner I wanted to make something new
Typically we have crab or lobster
but I wanted to go meat
So i found this recipe on Pinterest
I substituted Tyme for rosemary and bought 8 lbs of
very nice Beef tenderloin
One word
we also had white truffled portabllo mushrooms
and arugula pecorino asparagus
It was an incredible {did I mention that?} meal
one that we will put in the books and become my new Christmas meal
Merry Pinterest Everyone!
And Pinny New Year!
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Vroom Part 2

On November 12th, I took this picture of Baby Luke - already on the move. So far he is the fastest to crawl around 6 months.  Nicky was about 7 months, and Brandon was almost 8 months. Luke must be in a hurry to catch up with his big brothers! When Brandon was starting to crawl, we were thinking we were done with babies {see below} - obviously, that was not the case, but this time we really are done. And instead of putting away 3-6 months, with Luke I am putting away his 6-12 months and pulling out all the 12-18 months. He is such a big healthy boy! It's been such a joy to have him these last 7 months. We really are Lucky. Vroom. Vroom.


Thursday, February 11, 2010
My baby is growing up. B started movin and shakin this past week.
I know I should be happy, but as I pack away his 3-6 month outfits and put out the 6-12months, I can't help but feel sad that I won't be doing all the infant things again. 
Each milestone is another reminder that its the last. 
And I can't stop it, so I have to embrace it. 
I love you to the moon, B, and so proud of your accomplishments!
Vroom. Vroom.


Sunday, December 25, 2011
I sneak into you room and watch you sleep.
I love you, Brandon

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Merry Christmas from Abelingland

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We hope 2012 is better than ever
We love and miss you Roxy and Eleanor and will never forget you
To our Friends and Family, may you have the most wonderful time of the year,

and from the last 3 years......

Merry Christmas from the Abeling Family

Saturday, December 25, 2010

From our house to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!
the Abeling Family
Dan, Victoria, Nicky and Brandon
Roxy, Zeus, and Eleanor, too!!

Merry Christmas from the Abeling's

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Our Christmas card for 2009.
Happy Holidays ~ with love ~ the Abelings: Dan, Victoria, Nicky, and Brandon

Christmas Cards

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
It's no secret that I adore Christmas. One of my guilty pleasures in life is taking pictures and creating the perfect Christmas card.  This year we made a last minute decision and took some recent pictures of the boys for our card. I will post 2010 card closer to Christmas, after I send them out. Here is a look back at 2 years of Christmas cards....

Merry Mustache to you!

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Two Kissing Abelings!

One day this will never happen

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Pretty Sparkly Shoes

Thursday, December 22, 2011
ME: Nicky DO NOT hot Rango on the head. That is not nice. If you hit the dog on the head one more time I will send you to your room
Nicky: He's mean
ME: Nicky, see those Christmas presents in the garage, I will send them back
Nicky: Thats not nice mommy. You want me to send your shoes back? I will give your pretty sparkly shoes to another mom.

{Insta.gram} Cuteness - Baby Christmas Tree

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Oh Christmas Tree

And *Poof* I'm 35!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
 I am 35
I am not sad or think I am OLD
I just remember thinking when I was 20, that 35 was OLD
and now, just like that, I am 35
Here was my Birthday Cake
(not really but how funny!! Love it  - maybe for 40)
and because I like this picture I am posting it. Here I am a couple days before my 35

A Proud Moment

There are a lot of proud moments when you have a baby
first smile
first sit up
first crawl, walk, run...
for the rest of their lives there will be a lot of proud moments
first day of kindergarten, graduation, weddings, and grandchildren
All of these milestones are important and make having kids so special
I got a text the other day from the mother of Nicky's best *boy* friend
a text that highlights how incredibly special Nicky is
how another mother hopes that her son is like mine
and I see what a wonderful man Nicky will become
and that makes me proud.

Lukey is 7 Months!

Another month has gone by
Luke is 7 Months old
and here are seven things Luke is doing this month

1. turns his head when you say his name (LUUUUUKe, I am your Father, works too)
2. Pulls himself up (EVERYWHERE!)
3. started cruising around and crawls on the stairs (Uh-OH!)
4. sleeps through the night (yay, finally!)
5. had his first bite of chicken (stinky poo poop)
6. has his own sippy cup! (loves water!)
7.still adores his MOMMY! (*swoon*)

and as always, pictures of the other 2 when they were 7 months
Brandon 7 months
 Nicky 7 months


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