A Rare Moment

Saturday, March 31, 2012
I turned around and saw this and it took my breath away.
Daddy and B

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012
We don't judge this either...

Hello, Whatever

Hello Monday {March 19} Wednesday {March 28}

I am off by a couple weeks and missed last Monday's post
What year is it? 2012?
What HOTEL in a pretty high tech city like Park City, doesn't have WIFI, or even ancient dial up?
No bother, i'm just 11 days late on my Monday roundup.
this is a long one...


Hello Airplanes
I took the boys to Park City to visit Auntie Val and Auntie Shauna
They love airplanes
I love iPads
 Hello Drama
Nicky hit his head on the railing at the airport
he screams like I do
he also picked up one of my personality traits
Hello Backpacks
Hello so much cuteness
Hello they can carry their own toys
Hello Auntie Val
I LOVE how much they love Auntie Val
I love how much she loves them
this is when I get angry we don't live in the same city

Hello Superhero
 Brandon tired on Val's helmet
he thought he was "super fast"
I think he is super perfect
 Hello Orientation
This is my signing my life away before the Bobseld ride
Orientation was the following
"Oh yeah, scrunch your shoulders and don't hit the driver"
 Hello last picture with my boys if something happens
they were actually really excited
 Hello bobsled outfit:
skinny cords, tory buch, and jcrew.
you can be stylish at 85 mph
  Hello Shamrocks.
Hello Hams.

 Hello um.
can a 3 yr old try be sexy?
Hello Snow in Park City

Hello Draco
You are cute.
 Hello Dinosaurs.
Yes, I see you followed us to Park City

Hello Snowball Fight
Hello good times
Hello frostbite because mom did not bring any gloves

Hello Snowman
...with no face
  Hello Cats
It was raining "cats" in Austin
It's true.
It was on Instagram
 Hello Dishwasher
He loves to wash dishes
 Hello Katniss
I'm wearing my "girl on fire" dress on my way to
the Hunger Games show
 Hello Bobby Bones
Austin's Morning DJ
I listen to you every morning
I look ridiculous and fat
Hello Fancy pants
Yes, you are precious
and cute
and wonderful
and I love you
Hello Boston Love
Hello "awww"

Hello Luke
Hello 8 teeth!
even if you cant see them...
Hello Naked  Boy
so standard really
this time in the drive thru pharmacy line at Walgreens
 Hello Laundry
Nicely folded
I keep Eco Clean in business
Hello Brothers
This has been a long time coming
this is what three boys is going to be a blast


For the rest of Luke's life, people will say in their best Darth Vader voice: 
"Luke, I am your Father"
Poor Luke!
A pop culture curse to live with forever
Despite this, I hope Dan does this one day...
I wish I thought of it

We Make Do

Sunday, March 25, 2012
We make do without a pool.
Don't judge.

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Brandon Says...

Now that Brandon is talking more, I started a new post.
its called  
Brandon Says...

Scene: Daddy & Brandon reading a book.
Daddy: Brandon,  what is this?
Brandon Says...: A Grassribbit

Roseola Visit

1st sick visit in 10 months.
1st sick visit for ANY of the boys in almost a year.
Yes - Y E A R.
Nothing, nada, zip.
Until now.
A nasty virus.
A high fever.
No sleeping.
Lots of crying.
Lots of pouting.
Really contagious.
Them comes the Roseola
A rosey rashy rash all over
sometimes called 6th Disease.
And random.

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Scratch the Shift...

....nevermind. They are back.

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3 boys. 10 months. All different

I love these side by sides, trying to figure out if they look similar, different, and especially WHO they look like. I love their smiles. I love the great eyebrows. The *almost* dimples. The big eyes. They all have no hair.
I love that these three boys are mine.

10 months!

Saturday, March 24, 2012
My sweet boy -  Happy 10 months birthday. I am NOT thinking about the next 2 months. I will not think about it at all. I refuse. I am imagining you this way forever. I never want you to grow up, so I am officially freezing time right now.
I'm also done with month belly stickers. bah!


here we go...

At 10 months you are starting to babble all the time - you've said Bye Bye, Mama, and Balloon. I think you said Bubble Guppies too. Today we heard Papa.  You can say two, but i don't think you know you are saying two.

Speaking of Bubble Guppies - you LOVE it!! you dance and point and bop whenever it comes on. It's quite entertaining watching you watch it. You speak to them just like you know what they are saying.

So my ridiculously early walker  - you hardly crawl now. You can pick yourself up with out support and walk all over the place. walk everywhere. we have to watch you.
Life just got harder x100.

We've moved you from the infant car seat and you are chilling in a new seat staring at your brothers on the car rides.

You have really stopped drinking from the bottle, maybe only 3 bottles a day now, but we continue to give it to you so you can get the healthy vitamins and nutrients you need. BUT YOU LOVE FOOD. You grunt and groan and reach and yell to have whatever is on everyone plate. You happily feed yourself just about anything we put in front of you these days. You also have started drinking water with meals and throughout the day. You LOVE milk and will steal it from Brandon when he is not looking.

You watch those 2 boys like they are your superstars. You adore them and they bring joy to you everyday. Watching Nicky play peek-a-boo with you is something that tops my list as my favorite things of all time.

As for your stats - you are a big boy - 25 lbs, size 18 - 24 months - those things are something else and your belly takes after moms. nice and chubby. You have 8 teeth! my goodness.
Your feet are big -  size 4 or 4.5 shoe and cute as could be. and you know what they say about big feet? or is it hands. well regardless - your eyes are incredible and your lashes are so long. Just like your brothers.
I love you and adore you and think the world of you. I will never get tired of being your proud mommy. xoxox

Here are the other 2 at 10 months....

Happy 10 Months Brandon!

Monday, May 10, 2010
Happy 10 Month Birthday, my beautiful Brandon! 2 more months and you will be ONE and I am just not READY for it. I can barely keep from blubbering when I think about Nicky turning 2. You are growing up way too fast and I need to hold on to babiness for as long as I can. There is no wellness check for 10 months, but I don't need a dr. to tell me that you are perfect. You continue to blossom and change before our eyes. You prefer blondes, you chew-up all your food before you spit every bit out. You love to laugh and giggle. You love to stick your tongue out and blow bubbles. You still adore your brother and he is more tolerable of you. We retired your helmet and we love your new round and not flat head. :) Today, on your 10th month birthday, you took 2 steps all on your own. - we are so proud of you. xO

{P.S. No pressure...but look what your brother was doing at 10 months...}


A shift

There has been a shift over here in Abelingland
The mighty lizards have stomped and crunched the monster trucks and motorcycles
We have water tables and sand pits
stickers, movies, and encyclopedias
all about Dinosaurs
Dino Dan is back on top
the Dinosaurs rule the Earth Abelingland...for now.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

Yo HO, Yo HO, a Pirates Life for me... I grew up on the Pirates of the Caribbean, who didn't?  I'd sing along on the ride, scream at the pirate attacks, and then make sure I had a Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou. I liked to play Pirates with Val. I saw the movie when it came out, I LOVE Johnny Depp, and Mark and Sarah know all about Pirate...Rum. It's a drink. And Yummy.

Two weeks ago, our friends Mark and Sarah invited us to go sailing out on the Lake Travis and take this kids on a treasure hunt. They brought their seaworthy kids Anna and Eric aka. "Euwis and E". We took the boys with us and spent the late afternoon sailing along, having a good time, drinking on the lake, and then looking for treasure.

Brandon did great - he put on his life jacket and walked around the boat like a big boy. Nicky, decided he didn't need one, so he was confined to the "cockpit". He didn't seem to care and had a great time anyways. I even drew out the treasure map for the kids and they found a pile of candy after the hunt. It was a successful trip and the boys had a great time. Nicky thinks the world of Eric, and Anna tried soo hard to get Brandon to dance with her, but he is still shy around the ladies.

We stayed out pretty late and after dinner, the boys were passed out on the boat. We can't wait to go on another adventure!


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