10 months!

Saturday, March 24, 2012
My sweet boy -  Happy 10 months birthday. I am NOT thinking about the next 2 months. I will not think about it at all. I refuse. I am imagining you this way forever. I never want you to grow up, so I am officially freezing time right now.
I'm also done with month belly stickers. bah!


here we go...

At 10 months you are starting to babble all the time - you've said Bye Bye, Mama, and Balloon. I think you said Bubble Guppies too. Today we heard Papa.  You can say two, but i don't think you know you are saying two.

Speaking of Bubble Guppies - you LOVE it!! you dance and point and bop whenever it comes on. It's quite entertaining watching you watch it. You speak to them just like you know what they are saying.

So my ridiculously early walker  - you hardly crawl now. You can pick yourself up with out support and walk all over the place. walk everywhere. we have to watch you.
Life just got harder x100.

We've moved you from the infant car seat and you are chilling in a new seat staring at your brothers on the car rides.

You have really stopped drinking from the bottle, maybe only 3 bottles a day now, but we continue to give it to you so you can get the healthy vitamins and nutrients you need. BUT YOU LOVE FOOD. You grunt and groan and reach and yell to have whatever is on everyone plate. You happily feed yourself just about anything we put in front of you these days. You also have started drinking water with meals and throughout the day. You LOVE milk and will steal it from Brandon when he is not looking.

You watch those 2 boys like they are your superstars. You adore them and they bring joy to you everyday. Watching Nicky play peek-a-boo with you is something that tops my list as my favorite things of all time.

As for your stats - you are a big boy - 25 lbs, size 18 - 24 months - those things are something else and your belly takes after moms. nice and chubby. You have 8 teeth! my goodness.
Your feet are big -  size 4 or 4.5 shoe and cute as could be. and you know what they say about big feet? or is it hands. well regardless - your eyes are incredible and your lashes are so long. Just like your brothers.
I love you and adore you and think the world of you. I will never get tired of being your proud mommy. xoxox

Here are the other 2 at 10 months....

Happy 10 Months Brandon!

Monday, May 10, 2010
Happy 10 Month Birthday, my beautiful Brandon! 2 more months and you will be ONE and I am just not READY for it. I can barely keep from blubbering when I think about Nicky turning 2. You are growing up way too fast and I need to hold on to babiness for as long as I can. There is no wellness check for 10 months, but I don't need a dr. to tell me that you are perfect. You continue to blossom and change before our eyes. You prefer blondes, you chew-up all your food before you spit every bit out. You love to laugh and giggle. You love to stick your tongue out and blow bubbles. You still adore your brother and he is more tolerable of you. We retired your helmet and we love your new round and not flat head. :) Today, on your 10th month birthday, you took 2 steps all on your own. - we are so proud of you. xO

{P.S. No pressure...but look what your brother was doing at 10 months...}



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