Welcome Miss Francesca Ruby Abeling

Friday, March 2, 2012
Meet Fancy, our newest addition. After months of debating and searching, I found the this little lady at a breeder in Arkansas. I spent about 2 weeks verifying that she was legitimate, that I wouldn't get scammed, and that the doggie I saw on the advertisement was the same dog I was going to get when she arrived to me. I had no luck finding a puppy with another blue eye, but that's ok. I think the fact that she doesn't look like Roxy Roo will help.

Two weeks earlier, dan's sister Alex happened to find an almost IDENTICAL little brown Boston, she named Louie or Lulu. They could be twins right to the very same spot on their heads.

The breeder had fancy driven out to Texas - these types of dogs don't do well on an airplane. When Fancy arrived, she was about 5.5 pounds and I instantly fell in love. She was born on December 6th and has quite the personality. For about 2 hours her name was Pixie Rubydust per Nicky, however Dan overruled and we named her Fancy. Miss Francesca Ruby Abeling, to be exact.

I am sure there will be more posts about her in the days and years to come. She has made me so very happy and she loves Rango and Zeus. Zeus can not be bothered. here she is! And YES, that means we have three dogs and three kids.


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