What Brandon Did First

Friday, March 2, 2012
Lately I have noticed things Brandon has accomplished before Nicky. In some case almost a year in advance. I think its been interesting to show the differences in them and how Nicky has helped influence Brandon's development.Love them both for who they are, how they are so different and how much they love and support each other

Brandon stopped wearing a diaper at night  (yay!) 
But he was almost 6 months after Nicky to be potty trained
Brandon rode a powered vehicle first 
Nicky stayed far far far away from these things and preferred to push his lawn mower
Brandon put his clothes on first 
Nicky still needs us to put his clothes on, although he CAN do it. ;)
Brandon put his shoes on first 
same - Nicky's such a bogger.
Brandon rode a scooter first 
Nicky is so happy riding his Razor scooter he got for Xmas, 
but when he was 2, he wouldn't have even attempted to ride one


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