Hello Monday {March 12, 2012}

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Hello Rose Lovers
 - oops, wrong audience - 
Its Monday Again!
 and I am back with my recap of the week
through pictures
Hello Spoon
I am learning how to use you like a big boy!
so far, I am just plain messy

Hello Roses...
from the most thoughtful boy on the planet
He always makes sure to pick me out flowers on our trip to the supermarket
He knows he will get a toy
Pretty brilliant already for a 3 yr old
The ladies will love him
actually they already do!
  Hello Shauna!
I randomly saw you on Instagram
some guy posted a pic of you two after he went down the bobsled in park City
How crazy cool is that??
and you look especially cute in this pic!

 Hello Shark Tank
Hello Butterfly Tank
Hello Imagination
 Hello 3D glasses
You look really cool paired 
with my son and some dinosaurs!
 Hello Walker
You are so fast now
like a blur running buy
you just need a cape
 my super hero

 Hello Rodeo
Hello deep fried twinkies!
You are one of the reasons I love Texas!

 Hello Roadtrip!
Actually, we were just dropping Rango and Zeus off at Dogtopia for daycare
but aren't they so cute!
LOVE my minivan
 Hello Nini!
I haven't seen you in a while
Fancy dug you out from under the bed
and you looked so adorable



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