About that helmet...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Remember that helmet Brandon has been wearing since Feb? The one that corrects his flat spot. That we paid $3800 for? That one.

Yeah, well he stopped wearing it after our last check up because we liked the results we saw, and he was sick with Hand, Foot and Mouth...then I went out of town, Dan left it off...and lots of other excuses...

Yesterday in the mail I got a compliance letter from DocBand, stating that we were out of procedural compliance and since his helmet has not been adjusted since April 19th, he needs to stop wearing it immediately.  WORST mom in the universe. 

However, since he hadn't been wearing it for a month, we have not done any damage, but we do have to go for 1 more check up so he can "graduate". Yay!  Our EXIT interview/appointmnet is next week. I am excited to show you before and after pictures, so stay tuned! 
{nothing to do with this post, I just like the picture below}


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