Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Aside from the one time I made dresses out of my old socks for my Barbie, I haven't picked up a thread and needle since. After discovering Google Reader (and I have been introduced (somewhat secretly) to thousands of new and interesting people via blogs. And hundreds of these moms sew. And they SEW CLOTHES for their kids. And I've never wanted to learn to sew as badly as I do now. 

My current infatuation and inspiration is the 90 minute shirt by Dana over at MADE. I *ALMOST* want to go out and buy a sewing machine today. almost. Or I will just have someone on Etsy make me one
Or my Auntie Donna, but I haven't asked her yet. ;)
{and how fricking ADORABLE is her SON?? LOVE}

Image c. MADE at

Check back in a couple weeks for my own 90 minute shirt with my models, Nicky and Brandon!


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