Truck Drivers wear Polos

Monday, March 29, 2010
this is the conversation each morning...

Nicky, you can't wear your tractor PJs to school
Yessth, Mommy, YESSTH!
Nicky, Do you want to dress like a truck driver?
(thinking...) YESSSTH!
Well then... Truck Drivers wear Polos. 

NickyI should feel guilty lying about his wardrobe, but I only have a limited amount of time where I get to dress him, and I am not giving up so easily. Plus it works every time.

Val and I joke that its our luck that I got the boys and she will get the girls. What do I  know about dirt, G.I. Joe, and Tractors? What does Val know about braids, My Little Pony, and tu-tus? I curled my hair for every T-ball game. Val wore Spiderman underoos. I rest my case.

Besides, having an Aunt like Val, the other great thing is that there are so many websites out there that make my job so EASY to dress Nicky like a BOY and satisfy this months obsession with anything and everything construction.

This website, Two Blue Cars, has the cutest t-shirts with Back Hoes, and Dump Trucks. Then I found on Polka Dot Patch, more t-shirts with Excavators and Lawn Mowers. Not to mention, the grand-pooba of anything custom. I can create T-shirts to meet every one of Nicky's whims. Truck Driver "Polos" and all.


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