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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
When I think of soccer, I think of AYSO, orange slices,  Michael Owen. (If you have no CLUE who I am talking about, shame on you, and now go google him.) and Adidas. I remember my mom cutting up orange slices every Saturday and me getting kicked in the shin a lot. At least I curled my hair, so I looked cute.

I can't wait to be a Soccer Mom - I already have the boys, OJ, and Gatorade. I have Austin's version of the soccer mom minivan - the Lexus RX 350,  now all I need is Michael, er, um I mean some Adidas.

Recently I discovered the ultimate soccer shoe for my little Michael or David Beckham (you pick). Two of Nicky's friends, Ryder and Hudson, wear Adidas Sambas. And its the most adorable thing. Now Nicky has a pair so he too, can look cute and kick people in the shins (kidding!), without me curling his hair.


Anonymous said...

His adidas have poop on them. And I don't know who this Michael guy is but I don't like him and I'm not googling him!

Dan Abeling

Anonymous said...

I thought being soccer parent would be fun until my guy decided he wants nothing to do with soccer. I can't even bribe him to play. Honestly, not even a trip to ToysRUs can do it. I think maybe swimming or golf. Hahaha

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