The curse of all Lukes

Thursday, July 28, 2011
For the rest of Luke's life, people will say in their best Darth Vader voice: 
"Luke, I am your Father"
Poor Luke!
A pop culture curse to live with forver
Despite this, I hope Dan does this one day...
I wish I thought of it

Secrets of Abelingland

I have a new obsession other than my boys and Instagram:
I'll talk about that later - it deserves it's own post
After browsing that site for hours I kept coming across little sayings and inspirational words that feel relevant, truthful, silly, ridiculous, and in the moment. 
Those, I've decided to call  
"Secrets of Abelingland"
{it's also plagiarism - ha! But who's telling on me?}

I think it will be fun to look back and remember these, laugh, and reminisce.

Today's Secret is:

Daily {Insta.gram} Cuteness

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
"Welcome to the Jungle!"

Daily Cuteness

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Nicky said "Look Mom, Zeus is a pineapple!"

2 month wellness check - Luke

Luke had his 2 month wellness check yesterday and boy do we have a BIG BOY! Luke has already doubled his birth weight and is a whopping 14 lbs 4 oz. He is in the 95th percentile. Luke is my biggest baby yet! and I already feel it. My back, shoulders, and arms, are taking a beating. The Dr. again mentioned that I can stop feeding him when he is fussy and find other ways to soothe him. He just likes to eat!

His height is 23 1/2 inches 60th percentile and head circumference is also in the 60th percentile. To me he looks just perfect. He is starting to talk a lot - making baby coos, and different sounds. He smiles and watches us when he hears our voice. Sleep is going OK. He can sleep for 8 hours and has slept a couple times all night. On a normal night he is up around 2-3 am, and then doesn't get up till 7 or 8 am. That works for me! He is getting more used to his swing, and it can actually keep him quiet now and i can put him down. We still have a fussy time around 7 pm. It can last up to 2 and a half hours before we calm him down.

Luke is almost out of 0-3 mo clothes and I put out his 3-6 for next week. On Friday Nicky's big boy bed comes and Brandon will be moving into Nick's room. That should be interesting. I am now preparing Luke's room for him. Right now he is still in my room. Once he sleeps longer through the night, I will move him upstairs.

Here is a little video of my Lucky. He looks so much like Nicky and Dan to me!
{Video embedding is not working, so here is the link}

Below are Nicky and Brandon's stats from their 2 month check up.

From 2 years a go.."On to Brandon's weekend...on Friday, Brandon had his 2 month check up and his first shots. Its amazing how much they grow in just 8 weeks. Brandon weighed in 12 pounds 15 oz and registered in at the 75th percentile. At the same time, Nicky was 12 pounds, 9 ounces. Brandon is 23 tall (50th) and his head is in the 40th percentile. Nicky was taller at 23 1/4th and his head was practically the same. Brandon got a clean bill of health, but has the same abnormal hemoglobin that Nicky has. I have to follow up with the blood dr, but if its the same as Nicholas, we shouldnt expect any serious problems. I like to think I have 2 super heros. The appointment ended with his vaccines. Its so hard to hold them down and then hear them scream. But I love that as his mommy I can hold him and comfort him and make things all better."

Summertime Fun

Today is the 41th day of 100+ degree weather. 
The record is 69 days in 1925. 2 years ago, the summer of Brandon,  we had 68. 
We never left the house
This is our June and July 2011
Feel for us
Send us water

As you can se, we are on track to break a 85 year old record. 
Fun for us. 
Our 800lb water slide STILL has not arrived.
So what do we do in Austin when it is hot? 
We get naked, get in our ghetto plastic pool and take pictures!

"NO more pictures, Mom!"
"Seriously mom?"

Daily Cuteness

Sunday, July 24, 2011
"Hoot" are you looking at??

Adventures of Nicky and Kylee Jo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Dearest Nicky and Kylee Jo,
This is the first and LAST time you guys will "sleep" together.
Thank you.
Love, your Parents.

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2 months has whizzed by!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
So here is my Lucky peanut at 2 months on July 18th in his 2 month onsie sticker
Next Monday is his wellness check, so I will be back with his stats and his 2 month letter

Here are all the boys at 2 months/8 weeks


Nicky's Naptime

Nicky doesn't like to nap. We have given up putting him down for nap on the weekends. But now that he is home during the day, its been a challenge for our Nanny to get him to sleep. He has STALLING down to a science.

More milk, I have to pee, I have to poop, read me a story, lets crash things, what's outside, I think I heard some thunder, is that a spider...I could go on.

Latley, she has been letting him have "quiet time" in his room rather than nap. That basically means we hold our breath to see what he does. Surprisingly -  he plays in his room! he reads! he uses his imagination! We're successful! Yay!

AND after about 20 minutes he usually falls asleep! {and relax}

I went upstairs the other day to wake him up after he slept {for 3 hours!} and this is what I found.
Some bedtime nap buddies: a Hot Wheels race car track, a handful of Moto action figures, the bikes, and some monster trucks.
So happy.
So alseep.
So boy.
with a pink blanket.

Adventures of Nicky and Kylee Jo

Nicky: Why are you wearing a crown?
Kylee Jo: Because I am a Princess. Do you want a hug?
Nicky: No...but I guess you will always be my Princess*

 *Kylee Jo is moving to San Diego and we are DEVASTATED. We will miss the Wilson's so much. We love you guys.

If your name was Anthony...

Many of you know that Dan and I fought over the name Anthony
We made a deal, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back before Nicky came, that both have to at least LIKE the name or it was off the list
I FIGURED since I wasn't having a girl AND it was a thrid boy, I should get to name my son whatever I please
Dan figured a name like Tony would always remind him of the Sopranos, Jersey, and large gold necklaces
When I found out it was a third boy, I decided that was a stupid rule
However, a man's willpower to name his son is pretty strong and I lost.
and then I had a dream... and Luke it was...and I felt like I won again.

BUT look at this picture. 
Can you feel it?
I may have a Jersey Shore baby afterall. 
My little bruiser
GTL =  The process of staying fresh and mint. Stands for "Gym, tan, laundry." Must be done everyday to achieve maximum potential. Side effects include fist pumping. Coined by the eloquent Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from MTV's ground breaking Jersey Shore
You gotta GTL everyday to make sure you're looking your best bro. If your shirt looks bad it makes the whole product look bad.

A Boys House

Thursday, July 14, 2011
I live in a boys house
Our couch is a fort. Or a trampoline.
Or a Trampoline fort.

The men of motorcross watch TV with us at night. 
I just end up sitting on them.

 We have a Hot Wheels race car track on our wall. 
As a "toy decoration."
Dan & the boys thinks it's cool. 
Of course they do. 
I do not.

Nicky has found a new use for NERF Darts: an accoutrement for our couch. 
The neon orange and green go nicely with my design palatte.
HGTV please help.

 Dinosaurs rule the earth again. 
Or at least our porch, patio, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

 The couch is a canvas for our furute Monet
 My bathtubs has  become the home for lost misfit toys.  
We hang out
with a bottle of wine. 

So much for watching The Bachelorette or So You Thing You Can Dance
 I've already poked my eyes out watching Caillou

Inside the Mind of Master Nicholas...and Brandon too!

Scene: Mommy exasperated with Nick
Mommy: Nicholas, OH MY LORD!
Nicky: I'm not lord, I'm Nicky.

Scene: Nicky running around with no pants on
Mommy: Nicky, put some clothes on, you're naked.
Nicky: I'm not naked. (pauses and takes shirt off) Now I'm REALLY naked!

Scene: Daddy changing Brandon

Daddy: Nicky, will you bring me the Desitin
Nicky: Can I put some on my finger and put it on Brandon's butt?

Scene: Getting ready for the pool
Mommy: Where are their bathing suits?
Daddy: I don't know
Nicky: Moooom, I don't wear bathing suits. Those are for girls. I wear swim trunks

Some one liners....
Nicky: When bad guys come, we can turn them into robots and shoot them. {eating dinner}
Nicky: {chewing gum} Smell my air {blows his breath on me}

Nicky: When your tongue hits it, its so sooooooo good. {eating a lollipop}

and Brandon is finally on the board!
Scene: Grandma Booba comes over

Brandon: {yells} Beba's Home! Beba's Home!

Nicholas Amazes Me

The other day I put Luke in this Tie onsie 

and Nicky looked at it and said: 
"I have a shirt like that. I wore it for class pictures!"
Honestly, how does he remember that from 4 months ago??

2 Year Wellness Check - Brandon

Dear Brandon,

They said you are so beautiful. {"They" are your Dr's during your 2 year wellness check.} ...and you are.
You have these lush dark eyelashes that contrast against your light blonde hair and make your green grey eyes pop. Even I am jealous of those lashes.

You have these silliest mannerisms that make people smile when you are around: silly head bobs, energetic skipping, how you mimic everything Nicky says or does,  your fearlessness and your newly adopted French accent!

In the last 2-3 months, your vocabulary has become limitless. You can say or repeat anything now. You can put about 4 words in a sentence, and are so proud of yourself. It's still sometimes hard to understand what you say, but we've learned to pick up your words. Your favorite thing right now is chocolate milk. But you pronounce it "milky shock o lat". You love to say "I found it", "I did it" . and "No NO Mommy!"

You can count to 12, but we haven't heard you say the ABCs yet. You know some colors, and you know all your animals. You love airplanes, dump trucks, firetrucks, and bunny hops. You LOVE your new kitchen and love to make us tea.

I am sad to see you lose your babiness and morph into a toddler. You are getting taller! Thinning out! You have a long neck and muscles! My baby is growing up!

I recently saw a quote, it said " The tiniest thing I ever put my life into."

That is You.
And Nicky.
And now Luke.

And I mean it. Never forget how special you are. Never forget how much you mean to us. You really are what we put our whole life into, no matter how big

Banjo, Mommy and Daddy are SO sososososososo proud of you, no matter what you do - GOOD or BAD. You, Nicky, and Luke are the reason I became a Mommy.

{Enjoy 24 months of Brandon...}

Here are your 2 year stats:

  • 29 pounds - 70th percentile
  • 35 inches tall (although I think she measured wrong (again)) - 75th percentile (how can he be shorter than Nicky, but in a higher percentile? weird.)
  • Body Mass Index  - 60th percentile
These were Nicky's 2 year stats:

  • 31 pounds! (OH MY *big* boy!) - 85th percentile
  • 36 inches tall (although I think she measured wrong, so I will recheck this, and confirm) - 60th percentile
  • Body Mass Index  (whaaaat?) - 85th percentile

Kitchen Nightmares

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Announcement. Done.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Announcement picked. Done!
Announcement ordered. Done!
Free Adressing services.
Oh Yeah. DONE!
and here is a little sneak peak!
{Full announcement next week after they are mailed}

Kisses to Abelingland!

Kisses for you.
Love Luke

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Roxy gets a little hungry at lunchtime
{I kinda look like an "Anthony from Jersey" in my beater.}

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A month flew buy

Monday, July 11, 2011 I better post this before he's two months! 
I don't know where I saw these first
so many of you have them too
and they are ALL over (just search "monthly onsie stickers") 
I wish I had them for Nick and B
But I have them now
so with out further ado! 
1 Month Old.
I love you my little sugar bear

Number Two Turns TWO!

Sunday, July 10, 2011
Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy BIRTHDAY dear Brandon, 
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Pigs are flying

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nicky just said "Dad, will you take me to bed."

I almost fell over.

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6 Weeks Already!

LUKE woke up...
right around 4 weeks, he made himself known
Just my luck...
Shouldn't the THIRD boy be EASY??
Honestly though, he's really the best baby, hardly cries, or makes any noise...
hates his chair, hates his swing, hates the mat (sorry Auntie Jess)
Well, here he is at 6 weeks, making all kinds of cuteness anyways.
Here was Brandon at 6 weeks too. And Nicky at 6 weeks.
And after watching both boys at 6 weeks, I have no clue who Luke looks like now.

Move Over Sophie!

Who doesn't have a Sophie?
I had to have one
Suri had one
I willed the boys to love it, chew it, want it
they didnt.
In fact, it made a better dog toy
But this time I am determined
and I found a new suspect!
Move Over Sophie
a new teether "hopped" into town.
Meet Sparky.
Or Bunny Hop according to Brandon
my newest (and cuter!) toy obsession
I'm determined not to let it go to the dogs
Hop. Hop.


Nicky has been practicing his alphabet and can spell STOP on a stop sign. I finally got it on camera and had to share!

Coming Soon: Blogfacelit

After three kids I understand the allure of mommy enhancements: Botox,  nips, tucks, sucks, peels, extentions, blow outs...bring it on. 
But considering I need $$$ of work done, I figured a new blog face lift will hold me over. 
Nothing too dramatic. a splash of color, new banner, new features, etc.

.:Coming Soon:.

School's out forEVER...

{...well at least until they turn 5, but still...}
In June we pulled the boys out of Primrose for the summer  - This was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make, but tuition for 3 boys was pretty steep, so we started to look for some other options, including an Au Pair and our old nanny Desiy. We had time, since I was on maternity leave and my mom is here to help out, but we got lucky and found someone through a friend who also was looking for a new job. It worked out and we now have a full time nanny working with the boys. The boys LOVE her and right now I get to hang out with all the boys.

We really miss Primrose and all their friends. Nicky especially misses Kylee Jo, Ella, Mariana, Jackson, Kylie, Bennett, and Ethan. Brandon misses his teachers Tess and Crystal, Olivia, and Maddie.

I miss the school setting structure, socialization, and someplace to keep them other than home. But I wont miss driving them to school and back when I work from home, fighting with them to put on their clothes and shoes. I will miss the organized holiday parties, the morning chit chat and running into the other mothers. I miss the feeling like I am doing something good for my kids.

But we got lucky. I know our new nanny is wonderful., she is patient and kind. she truly loves them, and listening to them play together makes me happy. I think Nicky has been the happiest he has been in a long time. Mornings are nice and quiet and fun. No screaming and fighting and tantrums. 

For now this is the plan. We will miss Primrose and will always have great memories.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Friday, July 1, 2011
Hi blog, sorry I have ignored you lately. I've been busy with three boys and hardly any time to myself. I'm sitting here waiting for Nick to fall asleep (yes STILL have problems with Nick and sleep). He fights it so much. Brandon has been taking cues from Nick and acting up too, but overall he is night and day.

I have been planning to update you on the boys sleep, ECI results for Brandon, primrose and nannies, 6 week update on Luke, announcement samples, new blog template, and more pictures and videos.

I hope later this weekend I can catch up. Miss you all and here is a pic from the pool today.

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