Inside the Mind of Master Nicholas...and Brandon too!

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Scene: Mommy exasperated with Nick
Mommy: Nicholas, OH MY LORD!
Nicky: I'm not lord, I'm Nicky.

Scene: Nicky running around with no pants on
Mommy: Nicky, put some clothes on, you're naked.
Nicky: I'm not naked. (pauses and takes shirt off) Now I'm REALLY naked!

Scene: Daddy changing Brandon

Daddy: Nicky, will you bring me the Desitin
Nicky: Can I put some on my finger and put it on Brandon's butt?

Scene: Getting ready for the pool
Mommy: Where are their bathing suits?
Daddy: I don't know
Nicky: Moooom, I don't wear bathing suits. Those are for girls. I wear swim trunks

Some one liners....
Nicky: When bad guys come, we can turn them into robots and shoot them. {eating dinner}
Nicky: {chewing gum} Smell my air {blows his breath on me}

Nicky: When your tongue hits it, its so sooooooo good. {eating a lollipop}

and Brandon is finally on the board!
Scene: Grandma Booba comes over

Brandon: {yells} Beba's Home! Beba's Home!


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