2 Year Wellness Check - Brandon

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Dear Brandon,

They said you are so beautiful. {"They" are your Dr's during your 2 year wellness check.} ...and you are.
You have these lush dark eyelashes that contrast against your light blonde hair and make your green grey eyes pop. Even I am jealous of those lashes.

You have these silliest mannerisms that make people smile when you are around: silly head bobs, energetic skipping, how you mimic everything Nicky says or does,  your fearlessness and your newly adopted French accent!

In the last 2-3 months, your vocabulary has become limitless. You can say or repeat anything now. You can put about 4 words in a sentence, and are so proud of yourself. It's still sometimes hard to understand what you say, but we've learned to pick up your words. Your favorite thing right now is chocolate milk. But you pronounce it "milky shock o lat". You love to say "I found it", "I did it" . and "No NO Mommy!"

You can count to 12, but we haven't heard you say the ABCs yet. You know some colors, and you know all your animals. You love airplanes, dump trucks, firetrucks, and bunny hops. You LOVE your new kitchen and love to make us tea.

I am sad to see you lose your babiness and morph into a toddler. You are getting taller! Thinning out! You have a long neck and muscles! My baby is growing up!

I recently saw a quote, it said " The tiniest thing I ever put my life into."

That is You.
And Nicky.
And now Luke.

And I mean it. Never forget how special you are. Never forget how much you mean to us. You really are what we put our whole life into, no matter how big

Banjo, Mommy and Daddy are SO sososososososo proud of you, no matter what you do - GOOD or BAD. You, Nicky, and Luke are the reason I became a Mommy.

{Enjoy 24 months of Brandon...}

Here are your 2 year stats:

  • 29 pounds - 70th percentile
  • 35 inches tall (although I think she measured wrong (again)) - 75th percentile (how can he be shorter than Nicky, but in a higher percentile? weird.)
  • Body Mass Index  - 60th percentile
These were Nicky's 2 year stats:

  • 31 pounds! (OH MY *big* boy!) - 85th percentile
  • 36 inches tall (although I think she measured wrong, so I will recheck this, and confirm) - 60th percentile
  • Body Mass Index  (whaaaat?) - 85th percentile


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