School's out forEVER...

Thursday, July 7, 2011
{...well at least until they turn 5, but still...}
In June we pulled the boys out of Primrose for the summer  - This was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make, but tuition for 3 boys was pretty steep, so we started to look for some other options, including an Au Pair and our old nanny Desiy. We had time, since I was on maternity leave and my mom is here to help out, but we got lucky and found someone through a friend who also was looking for a new job. It worked out and we now have a full time nanny working with the boys. The boys LOVE her and right now I get to hang out with all the boys.

We really miss Primrose and all their friends. Nicky especially misses Kylee Jo, Ella, Mariana, Jackson, Kylie, Bennett, and Ethan. Brandon misses his teachers Tess and Crystal, Olivia, and Maddie.

I miss the school setting structure, socialization, and someplace to keep them other than home. But I wont miss driving them to school and back when I work from home, fighting with them to put on their clothes and shoes. I will miss the organized holiday parties, the morning chit chat and running into the other mothers. I miss the feeling like I am doing something good for my kids.

But we got lucky. I know our new nanny is wonderful., she is patient and kind. she truly loves them, and listening to them play together makes me happy. I think Nicky has been the happiest he has been in a long time. Mornings are nice and quiet and fun. No screaming and fighting and tantrums. 

For now this is the plan. We will miss Primrose and will always have great memories.


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