Nicky's Naptime

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Nicky doesn't like to nap. We have given up putting him down for nap on the weekends. But now that he is home during the day, its been a challenge for our Nanny to get him to sleep. He has STALLING down to a science.

More milk, I have to pee, I have to poop, read me a story, lets crash things, what's outside, I think I heard some thunder, is that a spider...I could go on.

Latley, she has been letting him have "quiet time" in his room rather than nap. That basically means we hold our breath to see what he does. Surprisingly -  he plays in his room! he reads! he uses his imagination! We're successful! Yay!

AND after about 20 minutes he usually falls asleep! {and relax}

I went upstairs the other day to wake him up after he slept {for 3 hours!} and this is what I found.
Some bedtime nap buddies: a Hot Wheels race car track, a handful of Moto action figures, the bikes, and some monster trucks.
So happy.
So alseep.
So boy.
with a pink blanket.


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