A Boys House

Thursday, July 14, 2011
I live in a boys house
Our couch is a fort. Or a trampoline.
Or a Trampoline fort.

The men of motorcross watch TV with us at night. 
I just end up sitting on them.

 We have a Hot Wheels race car track on our wall. 
As a "toy decoration."
Dan & the boys thinks it's cool. 
Of course they do. 
I do not.

Nicky has found a new use for NERF Darts: an accoutrement for our couch. 
The neon orange and green go nicely with my design palatte.
HGTV please help.

 Dinosaurs rule the earth again. 
Or at least our porch, patio, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

 The couch is a canvas for our furute Monet
 My bathtubs has  become the home for lost misfit toys.  
We hang out
with a bottle of wine. 

So much for watching The Bachelorette or So You Thing You Can Dance
 I've already poked my eyes out watching Caillou


Surviving Suburbia said...

poor couch! I can't wait to buy a new house because my couches will be long gone! they are so gross!

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