Naptime Fun

Saturday, February 19, 2011
If you are not going to're taking a bath with me.
Bath time Fun

The World of Nicholas

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Scene: Getting ready for school in the morning
Mommy: Nicky, Put your (orange) shoes on
Nicky: I need new shoes, Mom
Mommy: You love these shoes
Nicky: Orange is out. Green is in.

Scene: At Boathouse Grill on 620 for dinner
Nicky: I want Lemonade in my Apple Juice
Mommy: Why?
Nicky: This is my favorite
Mommy: You've never had it

Scene: Grandma Booba and Mommy browsing Menswear at Dillards. Nicky in Stroller
Mommy to Grandma: Btw, where did you get Dad's shirt he wore for your birthday? It was so bad
Grandma: We love it. It's from Eddie Bauer
Mommy: Well, I didn't like it.
Nicky: No THANK YOU, Mommy. Be nice to MY Grandma.

Scene: Dan and Nicky eating a late night snack of cereal; Wipeout on TV
Nicky: What are these Daddy?
Dan: Those are nuts, Nicky, eat them
Nicky: Daddy! NUTS are for squirrels!

Scene: Primrose School at pickup
Mommy: Hi Nicky, how was your day?
Nicky: Is the baby still in your belly?

Scene: At home, getting the boys in the Car
Mommy: Look Nicky, your monster trucks are on the roof of the car
Nicky: OH. MY. GOD. Shit.


19 and counting...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Brandon, 19 months ago, you were a tiny little pea in my belly. When you were born, we knew you were special. 19 months later you are still so special to us. We joke that if you were our first born, we'd have 18 kids by now. Not really...but maybe. You continue to be such an easy child and love to be independent.

You love to taunt your brother and purposely take his toys to annoy him. You find this hilarious and nothing stops you, not even a threat of timeout. But you love him so much, watching you copy what he does is really sweet. I love how much you love him.

You are so carefree and loving. You snuggle and say Night Night to light switches. Your favorite word right now is NO and you can say ABC. You are soooo close to saying Nicky - its sounds more like Nik-ni. You got Roxy and Zeusey down. And we know when you want to eat. :o) The amount of words you say increases weekly. You continue to wow us in all the new developments and you are excelling in school.

We still have to watch you because you are a fearless daredevil. You will walk right off the couch and laugh. You love to climb on things and are starting to jump off everything. The problem is you are so accident prone - you bump your head daily. We sometimes wish you still had your helmet. You are so funny and love to smile.You have these cute rows of teeth and you still make your stink face when being silly.

Your blonde hair has sprouted all over your head and this past month you had your first haircut. I don't think you can possibly be any cuter with your chubby belly, grey-blue-green eyes, and your perfect lips. Nothing makes me smile more than watching you grow and develop and become another perfect little man.

I thought I would end with the most recent picture of you and compare it to Nicky at 19 months. My two little angels. I love you to pieces...and to the moon and back. Happy 19 months Brandon!

Valentine's Day 2011

 A couple days late, but wishing everyone LOVE on Valentine's Day.

L is for Luke

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
L is for Luke

DY is for another David Yurman initial pendant!!
I just wish he would make these with Blue (or Pink) stones too.
How fun would that be??
Yay for me!

20 Week Sonogram Comparison

Back in the "January" post, I mention how upset I was with my 20 week sonogram. Here are my previous 2 sonograms of Nicky and Brandon. They are pretty clear and you can tell what you are looking at - and they may have foreshadowed their personalities a bit: Nicky is crazy and upside-down -  Brandon calm and relaxed.
I was hoping to have a 3rd picture to compare side by side, but the quality is poor, and you can't tell what it is! The legs disappear into the abyss or are cut off, however, the boy part (of course) shines in all it's glory! Maybe he will be the most mellow of all my boys!

I just finished week 25 and had a check-up on Monday. Everything looks good, I am feeling great, and January seems like a blur! I haven't had a headache in weeks and the weakness and dizziness I was feeling has gone away. I still get tired easily, and my energy is not as high, but I am feeling good. To date I have gained 14 pounds. At the same week with Brandon I had gained 12, so I am right about the same...which is funny because I feel HUGE. So anyways, right now, everything is looking great. I can't believe I have 3 months to go. At my next appointment I have my glucose test, blood work, and another weigh in - and before I know it, Baby Luke will be here! Anxiously awaiting....

We are so Lucky

After a couple more weeks
of deliberating, fighting, screaming, and cross - examining over 100 names 
while degrading Italians everywhere 
(it's ok I am Italian) 
I had a dream.
It was a similar dream to when I nicknamed Brandon 
I had a dream that my little peanut was called
and that was that.
So it's official Baby Abeling #3 name is
Luke Anthony Abeling
Hello Lucky! We can't wait to meet you.

You Are My Sunshine only Sunshine
You make me Happy 
when skies are Grey
You never know Dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my 
Sunshine away...

It's really does get cold in Austin

Monday, February 7, 2011
This is my 5th winter in Austin
4th time it has snowed.
No snow in 2009 
{that I can remember or find evidence of}
and last week we got the most snowfall yet! 
Almost an inch fell during the night of Feb 3rd
and we woke up, everything was blanketed in snow.
I have more pictures I will post to flickr soon.

Different Dads?

Seriously, I mean that jokingly, but my boys look NOTHING ALIKE. 
It's very apparent in this picture. 
And really, that doesn't even look like Brandon. 
At times they look like both of us and then none of us. 
Or are they each a mix?
And are they actaully playing together in this picture? 
BOTH boys are smiling. 
Noemi had just taken them to play at the park and they each got a push up pop.

When Mommy's away in Vegas...

I was in Vegas last week for VMware's World Wide Kick-Off. It was nice to have some ME time, but getting all the pictures and videos, it was hard not to miss them every second of the day. Here are some pictures of my boys while I was favorite is Brandon's Tupperware hat.


I am sorry blog. I've been neglecting you. I will sum up January as one of the worst months of my 27 months (so far) of pregnancy. I battled terrible cedar fever and allergies, sinus pressure, bloody coughing attacks, and massive migraines. These headaches lasted days at a time, and working was often a challenge and difficult. At times I wanted to drill a hole in my head to relive the tension and pressure. The strongest stuff I could take was Tylenol, but I finally got a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine to take the edge off.

I had back pain, neck pain, sciatic pain, fevers, chills, and numbing cramps in my arms and legs. Every time I got up, sat up, bent over, laid down, I almost blacked out from dizziness. I've started to waddle. The excruciating pain that started half way through January under my sternum has not gone away and I constantly rub the area to relive tension. The Dr. said, this is what happens when your ribs expand to make room for you ever-expanding uterus. Just perfect. I don't remember being this miserable with Nicholas and Brandon.

I haven't picked up my camera in almost 20 days, which is almost unheard of for me. Partly because I don't take very good care of either of my cameras and combined with sticky fingers and curious little boys, they don't fare to well in this household. I also have not felt like taking any pictures in my pre-natal stay puff marshmallow pain depression.

I am now 24 weeks and ready for the last 3 months to fly by. This last tri-mester has already been so much better and my mood has been lifted considerably. I go next Monday for my next check-up and vitals. I still have to post my 20 week sonogram, however I am a bit disappointes in how the picture turned out. You'll see. It will make sense once I post it. Anyways, thats just my little gripe...until next week.


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