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Friday, July 30, 2010

Adventures in Pictures

A little over a month ago, we took our annual family pictures 
I had put T H I S together for inspiration
We met up with the fabulous Michele at PinkleToes
We got dressed up
drove to a cute little man made lake
and this is what we did...

Thick as Thieves

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Hi everyone. Meet Devan.
Brandon and Devan are best friends.
At school they follow each other around, chase the girls, and play with trucks.
The teachers tell us they are inseparable. 
Thick as thieves
Here they are at Devan's 1st Birthday last week.
Good times!

Barn Owl Primitives & Little Miss Momma

I just ordered a fabulous sign from Barn Owl Primitives and I had to share this exciting giveaway for all of you. I can't wait to share my sign in a couple weeks so be sure to check back and see what I did. See below for a chance to win your own sign. Plus be a friend to Ashley at Little Miss Momma. She is super duper cute and her little boy W is just like my Nicky and B. except there is only ONE of him. ha. xo Vicci
check out her post here:

Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?!Because today I am super excited to announce our latest GIVEAWAY from Barn Owl Primitives!

And y'all remember how much I LOVE my very own BOP sign

Well, this week you have a chance to WIN a piece of the Barn Owl Primitive awesomeness for yourself.

One lucky WINNER will get this insanely cute
'Keep Calm and Carry On' sign:

I'll give you a quick moment to wipe off the drool.

Read all the details {dimensions, history, etc} about this crazy awesome sign by clicking here.

I promise you will LOVE your sign so so much, that you will feel overwhelmed to do this:

{And we won't judge you if you decide to kiss your new beloved sign--because we totally get it!}

Now here's the exciting TWIST...

If more than 75 people enter this giveaway BOP will generously give away ANOTHER sign! 

So tweet, facebook, blog, text, email--whatev! Do what you gotta do to spread the word and increase your chances of winning!

Because how can you pass up this:

and this:

and this:

{Think family motto's, inside jokes, favorite places, etc}

So here's a big smoochy thank you to Barn Owl Primitives for sharing your talent and sponsoring this fab giveaway! 

Ready to WIN
You can enter up to 9 times for this giveaway:

1. MANDATORY! Head over to the Barn Owl Primitives shop and let me know which items are your favorite! Be sure to list the name of the item so I know you stopped by their shop.
Sample comment: My favorite is the Family Rules sign
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Don't forget to leave your email so I can contact you!!

Good Luck!

Contest will end Wednesday August 4th at 11:59 pm (MST)
Winner will be announced Thursday August 5th, 2010

Spring Picture

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
I forgot to order these pictures when Nicky and B took their class pictures back in April. 
So I am posting for posterity.

Could it be?

Could Nicky be *almost* potty trained?? 
It's been 4 days wearing his BIG BOY PANTS (not pull ups)
at school ....
 and NO accidents all day long!!

Adventures of Nicky and Kylee Jo

Nicky: "Kylee Jo, I need some more sunscreen"
Kylee Jo: "Your floaties are so big"
Nicky: "Make sure its all rubbed in. I't's hot today"
Kylee Jo: "You're so strong. Have a fishy cracker"


Monday, July 26, 2010
Once the babies start school, there is no shortage of art work. If you are like me, you have every single piece of construction paper covered in paint, glitter, sequins, crayons, and chalk, saved in a box, overflowing in a drawer, on top of you bills on your desk, and in the side door pockets in your car.

Every once in a while, a piece comes home worth 
And you wonder how to display their creativeness 
without cluttering up your already cluttered (in my case) house? 
So you don't have to, I put together a bunch of ways to master your little one's masterpeices.

 One of my personal favorites...
a collage from SimplyCreate 

 Be creative, like Jen
and D I Y
with Ikea Ribba frames.
 Also from IKEA
this is another really cool way to D I S P L A Y
your kids artwork!
Or pick a favorite and
turn it into a R U G
Or go to a professional
and have them capture a years worth of memories 
into a M A S T E R P I E C E

Daily Cuteness: Nicholas

Over the weekend Nicky rocked his new swim shorts, euro style.


Thursday, July 22, 2010
Adventures in Abelingland is getting a facelift
My boys are ONE and TWO now, so it was time to update my banner picture
I hate to retire the current picture because it captures our family as we were back then
Check out my new look below!

Hard Day at Work

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday House!

Saturday, July 17, 2010
One year ago, with a 1 a week old, a 14 month, 2 doggies and a cat in town..and we moved.
We packed up the house on Golden Gate and took a trip down the street.
Happy Birthday House!
We love you.

My Big Brother

Friday, July 16, 2010
I look into your face big brother,
I wonder what we’ll do,
When I am big enough to stand,
And one day play with you.
I look into your face big brother,
and give a great big smile,
I love it when you spend time with me
And play with me awhile.
I look into your face big brother,
I’m watching all you do ,
I cannot wait until I grow up
And be a big kid just like you.

B and N, N and B

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
One of my favorite things to do is to compare the boys at different ages. I've posted pictures at almost every milestone, even dressing them in the matching outfits or recreating some of my favorite pictures.

Yesterday I posted a picture of both of them at a Y E A R old.

They are so different: Nicky had a tan, inherited my nice Italian skin, Brandon has Dan's light Russian skin. Nicky has a round face, B an oval one; different eye color, hair color, personalities,vocabulary, behavior, maturity level, weights, heights, and shoes sizes.....and on and on.

So today's comparison is from when they were teeny tiny inside me!

These are 2 of the MOST important pictures I ever saw. 

And if you know me, no 2 pictures have made me CRY more. And if you know me, how like their M O T H E R are they in these shots! (hahah)

Never have I wanted and LOVED having two boys than I have today.

....and now you are One

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
 Dearest Brandon,

It's probably not fair that I write you a letter on your birthday, and you have to share this with Nicky.  I sat down and contemplated how fast this year has gone. A year ago, you arrived tiny and small, and squishy. You stole my heart immediatley. I wasn't able to hold Nicky until hours after I delivered him...with you, I saw your precious face within seconds. You looked nothing like Nicky, and somehow I wasn't prepared for that. Speaking of Nicky, your brother did not know what to make of you. He screamed pretty loudly the first time he saw you in my arms. Right away you had so many nick names, Banjo (the one I dreamt before you were born) Brando, BB, Baby B, and soon Brandy Boy.

You have proven to be easier than your brother, and even now, you are so happy. You always have the biggest smile. Most people say that you are such an easy baby, so smiley, so infectious. Little do they know that you have developed quite the temper, but we are lucky that you haven't started actual temper tantrums as early as Nicky did.

You are very vocal now, and have conquered Ma, Da, Hi, Yeah, Uh-oh, and mayyybe we got a Bye. I think I heard Apple too. You use all these sounds interchangeably and now that you are in the Young Toddlers class at school, I wonder how quickly your vocabulary will blossom. You started walking right at 11 months, and you won't let anyone stop you. And you are so quick toddling around like a drunk sailor! You love the stairs and are a climber. You want to be as high and as tall as you can. You are also so agile, and have great balance and coordination. You are very good at stacking and putting things into their holes/spots. Your attention span seems to be lengthier than Nicky's was - IS -  even to this day.

You have 12 teeth, and teething has been miserable for you, as bad as it was for Nicky. Your hair is a couple shades lighter, and as you fall to sleep, you lightly tug on your hair. This must comfort you - kind of like when Nicky takes the tags on his bays and puts them in his ear as he falls asleep. I love to watch you sleep. You have not become attached to any toys, blankets, or bays like Nicky, but you do love your nini.

Your eyes are a curious grey/blue/grey - and the shape is definately mine. In fact you are pretty much my spittin' image.  Actually there are 2 camps that think you and Nicky look like me, or that you and Nicky look like Dan. It's just so strange to me that you guys look NOTHING alike, but at times so similar. Your features are so different, so special, so beautiful, so Dan and Me.

At your 1 year wellness check you got the 45th percentile trifecta - weight, height, and head circumference. You clocked in at 23 pounds, 29.5 inches and your head is perfectly right below average - and thanks to your helmet, just P E R F E C T.

To compare, at 1 year Nicky was 25 pounds - 80th percentile, 30 inches - 75th percentile, and his head was in the 40th percentile.

As I have said before watching you grow up has become one of my greatest pleasures. You and your brother bring me so much joy that its obvious why I am here. For You. For Nicky. Forever.

 Below is the update I sent out right before Nicky's 1st Birthday.

Nicholas had a good weekend, 2 more weeks and he is 1 years old! I can't believe it. 4 more teeth are coming in - 2 top molars and 2 bottom molars for a total of 12 teeth and lots of long and miserable screaming fits. Honestly, no one tells you about the teething. Its just terrible and he doesn't handle pain very well - just like his mommy. Nicholas has also become prone to some tantrums recently. My favorite is when he throws his hands up and falls flat on the grown and lays there crying. I have to try not to laugh, its so cute. We went Strawberry picking this weekend at a farm about an hour away and he enjoyed the berries and mud. Nicholas met a horse for the first time and i can't wait until he is old enough for some lessons. Yesterday during our walk, we stopped and watched a flag football game with all these little boys. He was fascinated and I am pretty sure we may have a little Tom Brady in the making! (I'm hoping for early retirement :) ) Nicky now says momma, dadda, "gat" for cat "goud" for dog, and duck. I think we've heard nanna for banana and ne ne for something else, not sure yet.  Today was the second day in a row that he did not cry when I dropped him off at school and that made ME happy!

Our Pet, Kylee Jo

Every afternoon, we have a little visitor
This visitor likes to sunbathe on our patio furniture
Nicky named him "Kylee Jo"

Brandon's Party

Monday, July 12, 2010
My little loverboy turned O N E on July 10th
We traveled back to California to see our friends and family for a Party
Brandon put on his "1" shirt
He made some stink faces
and the party animal fell asleep for a bit
I consulted with my best friend E T S Y
and came up with the theme
 We waited for Panera
they never came and the table sat empty
but there were plenty of drinks
the Mimosas went first

Brandon sat patiently
my inspiration stayed put
Nicky was so proud to help Brandon blow out his candle

After cake and cupcakes
cookies, jelly beans, and M&M's
{sorry Mama's for the sugar high before Naptime...}
we tried to coordinate a picture of  all the babies
In attendance were 18 little ones under 6
From oldest to youngest 
Paloma, Jackson, Kyle, Luke and Avery F
Parker, Matteo, Darren, Nicholas, Avery H, and Finn
Caitlin, Brandon, Evan, Ryan, twins Cassidy and Brayden
and Scout - 10 day's old

Thank You to everyone who came and made B's birthday so special.

Nicky sings Happy Birthday to Brandon

Another exclusive video from Abelingland
Nicky sings Happy Birthday to Brandon
and to the cake
and to Brandon's cake
and then to Torino, our family Fox Terrier

Daddy: Favorite Parent of the Moment

When I found out I was pregnant with a boy(s), everyone told me to be happy. 
"Boys love their mommies!"
In what household does that happen?!
Not in mine
D a d d y is #1
I'm waiting patiently for the tide to change...
Until then, no matter who is # 1
I will always be there

The Day I met You

Saturday, July 10, 2010
July 10, 2009, the Day I met you... 
I will never forget
I will love you forever
I love you to the moon and back
{videos below}

Brandon's Birth from Michele Anderson on Vimeo.

Happy First Birthday, Brandon!

Today, my little baby is One.

Like Mommy, Like Son

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
My boys must get their penchant for "nakedness" from me
and drama
and attention


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