Packages on their way!

Saturday, June 25, 2011
On May 4th, we ordered a 400 lb water slide and jumpy house. For the Birthday party I canceled. Because this never arrived on time. Oh and I was having a baby 2 days later. And I was fat. So basically, I haven't re-scheduled because this ginormous monster still hasn't arrived.  And I'm still fat. Yesterday we got an email - It's FINALLY being shipped. I guess that means I better schedule that joint birthday now...

And for the last year I have been meaning to order the boys a play kitchen. Brandon LOVES them. But every year, hundreds of presents roll in for Birthdays and Holidays and well, one more from us would not be missed. And as each special days gets closer, we keep going back to the Red Retro Kitchen from KidKraft. It's been in my Amazon cart for over a year, but I never order it. Not sure why....

Today, as I checked my hundreds of sample sale emails, I was jumping over the moon to see a BABY BLUE Retro kitchen from KidKraft on Zulily. {personally my favorite place for kids, along with HauteLook}

And now, this pretty piece is on it's way for a July 10th Birthday present for my little 2 year old to be. Yay for Zulily!! Exactly what I {and the boys} were waiting for. Have fun putting it together Dad of the year!

Three Cheers for Dan!

Friday, June 24, 2011
This post is dedicated to the man who defines what an Abelingland father is
To Dan...
The best Dad to three little boys
One who wrestles, teaches, challenges, shares, laughs, and inspires...
Nicky, Brandon, and Luke adore you
We love you!
Enjoy your Shake Weight! Haha
{thanks, Grandma Booba!}

Adventures in Annual Family Pictures

Most of you know that every year I take family pictures with the incredibly talented, artistic, and special Michele from Pinkle Toes Photography. This year I was lucky enough to have 2 sessions because Luke was invited to be a newborn model at one her summer workshop sessions.

The first session. Michele came to our house and we took our annual family shots and Luke's newborn pictures with Dan and the boys. The boys were so cooperative and even wore the outfits I  picked out for them. My mom and I spent hours going to every store at the mall until we finally got lucky at Nordstroms. I now notice that I seem to stick with shades of reds and blues. I wasn't planning that; I really tried to stay away from last year's look and feel.

The top black and white picture of the boys is one of my favorites. I love the personality captured and the look on Brandon's face. Nicky looks so peaceful and Luke is a snug as a bug.

It's probably impossible to get a perfect family shot with three boys now, but we will continue to try each year. The shot below makes my heart swell. I have all my men with me and I am full. Life is complete.

4 days later I drove to the Pinkle Toes Studio in Manor for one of the workshops she hosts for Photographers all over the country. It was so neat to be apart of this work and cool to see Luke become an inspiration for everyone. Luke was perfect for the whole session {and the drive home} and I even had my "someday" moment.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be sending out Luke's Birth Announcement and making my yearly update to my blog. I can't wait to share with everyone. Once I have all the pictures I will post them to flickr.

Luke: onsie
Mommy: Coral shirt (similar)

Hello Dreams!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

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Gun Show

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
It's never to early for a wife beater!
{Luke, 4 weeks, June 2011}

Twins - 3 years apart

People always ask me who my kids look like (a combo of Me and Dan - haha) and why Brandon and Nicky look nothing alike. That I can't tell you, but I can tell you that 4 weeks ago the little boy that came out reminded me so much of Nicky - the hair, the mannerisms, the expressions, the baby sounds, and well after 4 weeks, it's apparent to me that they could be twins! Right down to the button nose and balding hairline. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Ladies Man

1 Month Old

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's 10:15 pm and you are sleeping next to me, making cute baby sounds and I'm listening to waves on three different sound machines. 

I am so tired but I have to wish you a 
Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Tomorrow I will post some 1 month comparison pictures, add some facts and milestones, and next month I will have those cute belly month stickers...but for now, Happy 4 weeks to my new and last baby boy Luke. 

Speaking of Poop

Speaking of poop and potty training, I thought I would share two of the boys favorite books about, well POOP.
It has to be a boy thing...

Anyways, if it helps you potty train, all the better!

The first is Disnosaur vs. The Potty.
It's a simple, colorful book about a Dinosaur who won't go to the potty.
There are lots of sound effects and the boys love when we "Roar" like the Dinosaur.

The second book is called Where's the Poop? - which we read over and over.
The boys raise the flaps to find the poop!
They LOVE it.
This book helps build confidence and shows that all creatures have to poop.
Some even poop orange.
Nicky thinks the penguin poop is the funniest.

Potty Training Fail

By two years old, Nicholas was potty trained and in pull ups. I was pleased and liked to take credit. Easy as Pie. However, I'll admit, I did not put too much leg work into it and I have a secret. I have to personally thank Nicky's teachers at Primrose, Miss Crystal and Miss Noemi. They did all the heavy lifting. In fact, by the time he moved up to the Toddler Class (2 years) he was in big boy underpants. THANK YOU, ladies.

Then they changed the policy at Primrose, and the Early Toddler class stopped the potty training introduction before 2. Now that Brandon is out of school, I dread tackling the potty myself. Especially when I go back to work.  And at this point, Brandon could care less. In fact, this {see below} is about how close we get to the potty! I have a feeling I have a long summer ahead of me!

{caution! please view at your own risk} 

It can be done!

Friday, June 17, 2011
It can be done!
It's not fun...
It hurts my back
It's an all out 3-way-baby-boy-war waiting to happen
But it was cheaper to buy 3 new car seats than a new car  (just yet)
Three across in a Lexus RX 350!
{Lease expires in December. I want a Lexus GX. Dan wants a used minivan. Let's see who wins.}

Baby Spock

All of my babies my be superheros or demi-gods with their supernatural hemoglobin...
but just one might be 
{only one pointed spock ear included with this delivery}

Driving Mr Brandon

My Brandon is 2 going on 16. And right now, he is obsessed with my car...or what he calls "Home". Last week he climbed inside and put my keys in the engine and was all proud of himself, scared me half to death, and made Nicky jealous.

He is really methodical and smart. He pays a lot more attention to the little details than Nicky ever did. It's really neat to see them develop into unique and different little men. Nicky - so serious, sensitive, happy, and academic smart. Brandon - so agile, adoring, sneaky, tactical and street smart.

Inside the Mind of Master Nicholas

Scene: Mommy and Nicky playing out front
Mommy: Nicky, stop hitting the plants with your sword
Nicky: but why
Mommy: because you will hurt them
Nicky: but they cant talk, Mommy

Scene: Daddy sitting on the couch on Sunday morning
Nicky: Daddy, what are you doing?
Daddy: I'm working
Nicky: Can we do some exercises please? Put one leg up and you bend over like this

Scene: Snack time - after 2 bowls of dry cereal
Nicky: {coming out of my bedroom} Look Mom, its all gone!
Mommy: {pause} Hmm, what did you do?
{walking into our bedroom, Nicky running after me - cereal all over the floor}
Nicky: Moooom, No! Just don't see it.  I'll clean it up. I was sharing with Zeus

I Spy...

...Luke on Freckleface Photography's blog all that way in Canada, eh! 
Carol was one of the "students" at Michele's Pinkletoes 4 Photographers workshops and she captured some behind the scenes pictures of Luke. 
I can't wait to share the REAL pictures and finally choose a picture for the birth announcements!

Dear Pool

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
HURRY UP! Thank you.

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Searching for Bluebonnets continued

Saturday, June 11, 2011
Back in April, I shared a picture of a special moment Tara captured when I wasn't looking. 
Here are two more pictures from the evening we spent searching for bluebonnets
Nicky and Brandon, April 2011

The Lucky Baby Model

Friday, June 10, 2011
Thursday Luke was lucky to be a baby model for one of Pinkle Toe's summer Photography workshops
I was honored to share him with Michele and her "students" for just a little while
He worked the room like a champ, professional as always...
hardly broke a sweat
But I think he did break some hearts...
he has already stolen mine
Here are a couple behind the scenes pictures she posted on her blog titled 

Luke is two weeks old!

{actually Luke is three weeks now, but I forgot to post this last week.}

Luke had his two week wellness check at the pediatricians and they did their second set of measurements. At this appointment he grew in all categories: height, weight, and head circumference.

He is now 21 inches and is in the 60th percentile. His weight shot up to 8lbs and 15 oz and he is in the 50th percentile. His head grew the most and went from 25th percentile to 50th percentile in just 2 weeks! He must have his mommy's brain :)

I will have to go back and check Nicky and Brandon's 2 week results and post a comparison.

At this check up they also do the newborn screen. This is also the same appointment where we found out that both Nicky and Brandon have extra unidentified hemoglobin (more on that later) and we wonder if Luke will have the same. Other than that, my baby is healthy and happy, and sweet as can be! At two weeks he's eating and pooping, and sleeping...doing all that he is supposed to be.

and we couldnt be happier!

Countdown to TWO, Brandon!

Dear Banjo,

Today, June 10th is your 23rd month birthday...which means in 1 month you will be TWO. It's hard to believe that you are not two yet. I keep thinking its not really possible to have a newborn and an almost two year old. But then I think back and when you were a newborn, and realize Nicky was only 14 months and littler than you are now. You have become such a smart and sassy little man, and while I reflect back on where time has gone, I want to share with you, how much I love the way you do the things you do... you skip around the house with pure innocent joy you say "no, no, no, mommy" when I ask you to so something in the cutest voice i've ever heard you call Grandma Booba "Beeba" you love to push your tea cart and your pink vaccum you "dance" in circles and shake your bootie to the music you hate commercials and ask me to fast forward your pucker your lips like a fishy for a kiss you say truck "fruck" every color is Yellow you love your daddy more than anything...
...but you may love Nicky more.
...that you have to go to bed with your blankey, milky, and about 18 nini's (still going strong)
...and how good you still are at bedtime
...when you throw a tantrum and fall dramatically to the floor
...when I give you a treat, you always have to have "two" much you love lollipops or "pops" your blond hair falls and gently curls around your ears you can finally put 3 words together
...your energy and your fearlessness, but how you scream for Mommy when you see a bug (just like Nicky does) you copy everything your older brother does
...and how you adore him with every fiber in your body
...and how amazed you are with Luke and kiss him constantly you stand over the potty like your brother does, but haven't quite mastered it yet
...I love how when you talk, you sound like you have a french accent...
...or that you are speaking French
...when you solemnly nod your head yes or say YAH to whatever we ask you to do
...I love when you crawl into my lap and put your arms around me
...and I love when you are YOU

 Brandon 23 months, Luke 3 weeks, Nicky 3 yrs old. June 2011

Army Mens

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
On Easter Sunday, Nicholas opened his plastic eggs to find a surprise!
Plastic Army Men...with guns
He squealed in delight.
Now sitting next to the massive piles of Monster Trucks, latex gloves, and hot wheels are thousands of tiny soldier men, armed and ready to "shoot you, mommy". He couldn't be happier.
Tonight, Abelingland is under siege


Monday, June 6, 2011
Dan didn't actually have surgery...he has new product at work and a new dr wanted to use it so he had to go to to case. And we had to rearrange the session...not to worry. :)

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The Impossible

This was the session that almost wasnt.
A last minute surgery for Dan got in the way of our scheduled session...
I had to cancel in the eleventh hour
But M made things happen, I am grateful -
even if it seemed impossible: an afternoon session with 3 babies under 3....
But the stars aligned, and my boys could not have been more perfect 
So, like she said "Today, we did the impossible"
Here is a sneak peak of our annual family photos straight from Pinkle Toe's Facebook page

Life is Sweeter

Thursday, June 2, 2011
Dear Tara,

Thank you for being such a special friend. I can't find the words to give you justice, so I will let your work do the talking. Thank you my dear dear friend for capturing a truly special day for me. Life is sweeter with Luke. And my life is truly sweeter with you in it. I love you.

View the magical pictures and the emotional sideshow on Tara's Life is Sweet blog.


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