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Saturday, June 25, 2011
On May 4th, we ordered a 400 lb water slide and jumpy house. For the Birthday party I canceled. Because this never arrived on time. Oh and I was having a baby 2 days later. And I was fat. So basically, I haven't re-scheduled because this ginormous monster still hasn't arrived.  And I'm still fat. Yesterday we got an email - It's FINALLY being shipped. I guess that means I better schedule that joint birthday now...

And for the last year I have been meaning to order the boys a play kitchen. Brandon LOVES them. But every year, hundreds of presents roll in for Birthdays and Holidays and well, one more from us would not be missed. And as each special days gets closer, we keep going back to the Red Retro Kitchen from KidKraft. It's been in my Amazon cart for over a year, but I never order it. Not sure why....

Today, as I checked my hundreds of sample sale emails, I was jumping over the moon to see a BABY BLUE Retro kitchen from KidKraft on Zulily. {personally my favorite place for kids, along with HauteLook}

And now, this pretty piece is on it's way for a July 10th Birthday present for my little 2 year old to be. Yay for Zulily!! Exactly what I {and the boys} were waiting for. Have fun putting it together Dad of the year!


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