Inside the Mind of Master Nicholas

Friday, June 17, 2011
Scene: Mommy and Nicky playing out front
Mommy: Nicky, stop hitting the plants with your sword
Nicky: but why
Mommy: because you will hurt them
Nicky: but they cant talk, Mommy

Scene: Daddy sitting on the couch on Sunday morning
Nicky: Daddy, what are you doing?
Daddy: I'm working
Nicky: Can we do some exercises please? Put one leg up and you bend over like this

Scene: Snack time - after 2 bowls of dry cereal
Nicky: {coming out of my bedroom} Look Mom, its all gone!
Mommy: {pause} Hmm, what did you do?
{walking into our bedroom, Nicky running after me - cereal all over the floor}
Nicky: Moooom, No! Just don't see it.  I'll clean it up. I was sharing with Zeus


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