Countdown to TWO, Brandon!

Friday, June 10, 2011
Dear Banjo,

Today, June 10th is your 23rd month birthday...which means in 1 month you will be TWO. It's hard to believe that you are not two yet. I keep thinking its not really possible to have a newborn and an almost two year old. But then I think back and when you were a newborn, and realize Nicky was only 14 months and littler than you are now. You have become such a smart and sassy little man, and while I reflect back on where time has gone, I want to share with you, how much I love the way you do the things you do... you skip around the house with pure innocent joy you say "no, no, no, mommy" when I ask you to so something in the cutest voice i've ever heard you call Grandma Booba "Beeba" you love to push your tea cart and your pink vaccum you "dance" in circles and shake your bootie to the music you hate commercials and ask me to fast forward your pucker your lips like a fishy for a kiss you say truck "fruck" every color is Yellow you love your daddy more than anything...
...but you may love Nicky more.
...that you have to go to bed with your blankey, milky, and about 18 nini's (still going strong)
...and how good you still are at bedtime
...when you throw a tantrum and fall dramatically to the floor
...when I give you a treat, you always have to have "two" much you love lollipops or "pops" your blond hair falls and gently curls around your ears you can finally put 3 words together
...your energy and your fearlessness, but how you scream for Mommy when you see a bug (just like Nicky does) you copy everything your older brother does
...and how you adore him with every fiber in your body
...and how amazed you are with Luke and kiss him constantly you stand over the potty like your brother does, but haven't quite mastered it yet
...I love how when you talk, you sound like you have a french accent...
...or that you are speaking French
...when you solemnly nod your head yes or say YAH to whatever we ask you to do
...I love when you crawl into my lap and put your arms around me
...and I love when you are YOU

 Brandon 23 months, Luke 3 weeks, Nicky 3 yrs old. June 2011


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