Papa Vic & Grandma Ellen in Austin

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
In November, Grandpa Vic and Grandma Ellen came to visit
the boys had not seen them in years
and didn't come with me when I went to visit them earlier in the year
My Dad had back surgery he is up and walking
good as new!
better than ever!
Nicky was so excited a real life Marine was coming to visit.
He couldn't wait to talk guns.
he couldnt wait to talk rattle snakes.
It was a lovley visit
Lots of football, wine, and chaos.
I think Ellen can personally confirm now why I drink
Unfortunately, the weather turned cold and an artic freeze hit and we had to cut the trip short
before they left we had a great lunch at the County Line to celebrate and couldn't pass us feeding the turtles
and enjoying the company
Before they left they promised to send Nicky 
the rattles of of some dead rattlesnakes they had killed over the summer.
Nicky was beside himself with joy and excitement.
what could be better.

we miss them already and we love you!!
we hope you are enjoyign the OBAMA toilet paper. 
{thanks Grandma Booba}


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