Adventures in Grassvalley

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back in January I decided it was time to go visit my dad. He lives in Grass Valley with my step mom Ellen. They have a ranch with a pond and a cute little house that over looks the valley. I miss the horses and the dogs, and I know they do too. They have been wanting to get a dog for some time and we hoped they would be in North Carolina by now. 
For now, they are staying put, and Luke had never met them, so I decided he is coming with me. 
On a Friday in January I packed him up and headed to the airport. 
Its hard to fly into Sacramento. there are no direct flights from Austin, so we had a layover. And then there is a hour and a half or so car ride to Grass Vallley from Sac.
We had a great start on Friday morning, he was happy and ready to go. Very happy...until the plane took off. Literally for the next 6 hours he did not stop crying - that meant when we landed in Phoenix, took off for Sacramento, got our luggage, picked up our luggage and the hour and a half drive to Grass Valley from Sacramento. My poor Dad ad Ellen. What a first impression Luke. And he is my SWEET baby!!!

 Then he also proceeded to cry from the time we go to their house, through lunch, and finally fell asleep.

Phew, and it was only 3:00 on Friday. 

The next Day we explored the property. LUKE LOVES his bathrobe and wore it all morning. We saw pretty plants with frost. I was trying to be artsy and taking pictures of the dew drops.
Pap Vic and Luke shared some grapes and watched Football.
the niners were headed to the layoffs!

 Luke hung out at the barn. Ellen used to have 2 horses names Zeek and Vicky. I used to ride Zeek when I was little. Ellen taught me how to ride when I was 12 or 13. I had a passion for horses and riding. I rode in college for a while and after I graduated, but was never able to have my own horse. BUT! One day I will have my own horse and teach the boys to ride too. 

The weekend was  sadly short and came to an end quickly. 
I miss hanging out with my Dad and Ellen and seeing them on a regular basis. 
Luke loved Papa Vic and Grandma Ellen and I am glad he spent quality time with them.

Saying Goodbye is never fun. I made them promise to come see us soon because Brandon and Nicky were so sad they could not come too.

 I PRAYED the flight home would be better. It wasn't  It was MISERY. He again screamed for HOURS. I walked him, I bounced him, I fed him, I pinched him, I sang to him, I gave him away. Nothing worked. Finally, FINALLY right as we were landing, he fell asleep in my arms. It was a nice 20 minutes. The man sitting next to me patted my arm and said, "You are a good mom". I didn't feel like it.

It was a great trip, but I was happy to be home. Luke is NEVER traveling least until July.


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