Finally, Good Bye 2012

Sunday, March 10, 2013
2012, was my 3rd full year of blogging and the least amount of posts. I was having writers block - I couldn't figure out another way to tell them how much I LOVE THEM, or how IMPORTANT they are, and I was a little bored. I was having a really hard time recovering from the loss of Roxy. I really tried to work on my happiness, finding balance at work and home. I'd have bouts of dedication; but I felt weeks drag on and on with nothing to say. I started a new job at the end of October, and that also ended any free hours I had to work on my blog, and it threaten my commitment to Abelingland.

As the days passed, I realized I was so far behind, that it would take writ. I'm on a work trip in Reston, alone, and committed to catching up the rest of 2012 (basically posting from Sept - December) making sure I can finally publish my 2012 book and start 2013.  There is a lot to say and a lot to catch up on. If you love me you will continue reading this...if not, read anyways. :)

In order to catch up quickly, I'll comment on the pictures. (Picnik going under pisses me off by the way - i almost want to blame them for my lack of creativity, collages, and frequent posts) another reason - may of these pictures have been posted to Instagram  and Facebook already.

so here goes...

We have started going to brunch at the Iron Cactus on Sundays when family is in town or to get together with other friends. Its free for kids under 5 and they have waffles with chocolate chips and the boys are immediately happy. They play outside on the grassy area and the adults can talk. its win-win. Here they are in early October, posing for me for a quick picture.

I love this picture, because it shows Luke's Independence. he is always been quick to walk and to climb, faster than any of the boys. This is him at 16 months. He is so tall already. Looking outside at the boys playing and wishing he could be just like his big brothers.

This is Brandon's first dentist appointment and Nicky's second. Brandon has a HUGE cavity. I love these pics because they are soo funny. I love the glasses. They were only good because they were getting a big toy after the check up.

Brandon was happier than Nick - however he had a cavity. They didn't know if he would have to have a root canal or just a filling. either at this moment he was enjoying the sunglasses and getting pampered.

one day we could not find Luke, and he was hiding in the cabinet with the paper towels. he loves to clean - all my boys love to clean. he is so happy. the happiest baby of all the abeling boys.

I bought some rings. I don't like them as much as I thought. But they are special.
I love you Nicky, Brandon, Luke, and Finley.

Nicky is learning to write his name. He is getting so good at writing "N". I am so so so proud of this little man. He amazes me every day.

Some afternoons I do what I can to entertain them when Dan isn't around. This is an "art" afternoon, Usually topless and having to do with scissors. The dogs diligently hang out, waiting to play with the boys

Draco + Finely = TRUE LOVE
(4 months old)

I have a picture of all my boys pushing something. To me, this means they will be Olympic Athletes in bobsled...or they just like to push things.

I am on my flight to Barcelona for the VMware's VMworld. I love those Biscoffs Biscuits. Nothing better than a coach flight for 11 hours, however I had some wine and melatonin. I woke up ready for a great week with my girlfriends Michelle and Laurie.

Before everyone arrived, I had time to walk around the city. I loved the play on words, but I was without money or credit cards. I had to pee so bad, someone nice man gave me 2 pounds to use the potty.

My first meal in Barcelona. I love calamari.

My view from my room. this large leaf like cut out was made into the concrete wall. It was such a cool place and the city is gorgeous. I love Spain! I love Barcelona!

It quickly became one of our rituals, bit by the time Luke could identify a "fly" we became the "Fly Hunters". Every night right after dinner, Luke and I would go on a hunt and find the flies. Luke would find them, i would kill them,and he would throw them away. We made a great team. I am glad he continued to hunt while I was away in Spain. I love Luke. (Luke was 17 months)

how awesome is this picture? Finely in a little onsie that looks like she is wearing a silver medal. I love it. I love her. I love my sister and shauna and everything that makes them so awesome.

Me, Michelle, and Laurie.
My Program Peeps.
In Barcelona.

My feet in the Mediterranean
oct 2012

I got home and met this little guy.
I love animals, big and small
except scorpions, spiders, and crickets.
Ii have always loved rodents, snakes, small animals, large animals
i should have been eaten a long time ago.

Luke's first haircut. 
17 months.
Both Nicky and Brandon got their first haircut around the same time too.

He was so good.

Brandon got a little buzz cut and a faux hawk.
this was after 18 lollipops.
Brandon has a sweet tooth like me

Getting prepared for our Holiday/Yearly pictures with Tara at Life is Sweet. (Love you)

as soon as we got to Revival, Brandon jumped stomach first on a swing, fell backwards, sat up , and the swing came back and hit him in the forehead. He also wouldn't wear anything I picked out for him, and had to wear this mustache shirt.

This picture is out of order, but one morning, Nicky said he had to go to the bathroom and he was gone for quite a while. I walked over to the bathroom and asked him what he was doing. He said, mommy, I made the bed. I love him. 4 1/2.

This is what I wake up to every morning. I love you Rango.
1 1/2 years old.
 {Zara for iPhone!}

Getting ready for Halloween. They wanted to be flying skeletons.

Here are some sneak peaks from Taras photo shoot. I was so confident that I would not get a picture that I liked. But Luke looks like a model, Nicky looks kinds gay (no offense - he HAD to wear that scarf and pleather blue jacket) and Dan was OVER it.

Tara is amazing thats all I have to say.

who doesnt love Candy corn - and then to make it even more amazing
Chocolate Candy Corn??????

Finley's first time in a bumbo! Love her. Love her chubby thighs. You are not a Fleming unless you have big legs. xoxox

In October, Dan took Nicky to see his Cousin, Baby Jack and his UncleF and Auntie Amy in the OC. Nicky spent the week at the beach, at Lego Land, and hanging out with his cousin. I love these pictures. I love how happy he looks with Daddy. I miss CA.

Meanwhile, at home, Luke ran around naked ....

Val sent me pictures of Finely getting bigger.
here she is in the boys PJs.

I met my boss at this event. It was destiny.
I know have the job of my dreams

Nicky took a ton of pictures of himself on my camera.
He is 4 1/2.

Luke's hair is so blonde. he is getting so big. he is seriously so good. so amazing.

we went to a concert at my boss' house. it was a good time. GLuv. Great music.

Val thinks Finely looks like me - maybe the pout or being bald, but I don't think so.

I took the boys to see Frankenweenie at the movies. They loved it. I cried. There was also a car show at the galleria. We were also showing off out SF pride. Go Giants!

Brandon is really the cutest. I love him.
3 1/2

(i cant believe Im only at October - omg, been blogging for an hour.)
Ok, so here are all the matching costumes laid out. I got matching outfits for Dan and I too.

In less than 5 hourse, their pumpkin was full.

How cute is Tara's husband?? really now. and a Giants fan too ;)

Best costumes we saw all night.

Dividing up all the candy
I love my little sweet tooth babies
I think Nicky is negotiating with Brandon
aka - taking all the good stuff

Dan found this Go Bug on craigslist and takes the boys for a ride on saturday mornings with Rango

7 little bunnies were born in our front yard. I saved them
saving them, i mean by picking them up holding them all.
i want lots of little bunnies

Finely looks so pretty all dressed up n Pink and a little one eyed monster

Around Halloween, we have our lights put up.
I love the red and green lights!

On November 10, 2012, It marked the 1 year anniversary that I lost Roxy.
It was a long year and still hard for me to get over
I love you Roxy. I miss you. I will find you one day.

These 2 bring me joy. I am so glad to have fancy and Rango in our life.

One of our annual Austin traditions is to go to the Junior League Christmas Affair with my mom and great friend Tricia. This is a great afternoon of shopping and girl time. Also the one day I can spend as much as a I want, even when Dan says No.

At 17 months Luke really likes my make up. If he finds lipgloss laying around he will fight me for it. Sometimes I let him win. BUt im not sure if he wins or the lipgloss does in this picture/ 

At 4 and a half, Nicky has a lot of fascinations  For the last year Dinosaurs have consumed him. Recently he started looking at planets, the Human body and snakes. He loves those reticulating pythons.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I was sitting at my desk, bummed because Valerie and Shauna would not be coming for the holiday and I hadn't seen Finely since August. So while I was feeling sorry for myself, I looked up and saw a baby "dangling" from outside my window. I thought to myself "that looks like Finely" then I realized it WAS Finley and I started screaming and crying! They surprised me. This was 5 minutes later in my office. I was so happy.

The boys knew Val, Shauna  and Finley were coming. This is them outside waiting for the girls. 
Looking Oh So Cool in oversized sunglasses Tiff bought them from Target.
And anytime I can capture a moment when Nicky and Brandon are hugging or kissing I do
I love these boys.
and I cant wait for them to realize how awesome it will be for them to be so close in age and to have a fan no matter what you do.

While we waited for Val and Shauna to come, I laid out all the presents I'd bought Finely the last 4 months. 
blankets, tuts, shoes, bows, dresses, headbands, soccer shirt from Barcelona.
(by the way Val  - did she every wear it?)

Thanksgiving prep.
making my famous maple thyme turkey
fresh cranberry sauce

Turkey went in at 10:33 am

The cousins all hanging out

Tricia spent Thanksgiving with us!

dinner laid out, just waiting for the "presentation of the turkey"!

My dinner
I (mom) always makes ham too

The whole family on Thanksgiving
Nicky is 4 and a half, Brandon 3 and a half, and Luke 18 months

Auntie Val and her special boys.

Auntie Tricia and Lukey

Tara and I waited in line for Target to open. 
my first Black Friday on Thursday!
Target does it well.
While you are waiting you get "tickets" for any big sale items
some stuff already sold out before you even got inside.

The next day baby Finely had a photoshoot!
she is beautiful.
I love her

I had to get a new pic of Brandon because our pictures from Revival didn't turn out the best - and he had a huge bump in the middle of his head
this *might* be the most precious picture of Brandon EVER

Then we had another photoshoot
with Santa
Finely was supposed to join us, but she came down with a fever and was really sick.
Poor Fin
Here is 2012 version.
here is 2011

The next day we left to go cut down our Christmas tree at Elgin.
Last year the Abelings and the Turkovich's created a new Texas Christmas Tradition - chopping down a Christmas tree. My mom swore she would move back to California if she didn't have a pine tree. So we had to find one before she spent Papa Bob's retirement to ship one in from Oregon. 
We took a tractor - which the boys loved - out to the middle of the tree forest and looked for our perfect trees. Mom took forever to find the perfect one, but when she did it was a beauty! Actually she stole ours so we had to find another one.The boys loved to run around the trees and Nick had to saw one himself. Brandon loved all the tractors and the swings and thought the place was magical. Nicky and Daddy picked ours, - a 6 footer - and I hate it. I prefer the fuller Douglas fir. {I know Mom, I am NOT your daughter}

My favorite part was on the drive down my mom brought Luke and I "snacks"
she knows me so well

Our tree is up (i HATE IT)
Nicky wanted to get "trimmed" too.

We Miss the Wilsons!
They sent us a pic of the family from Thanksgiving.
We will see them this summer

Auntie Shauna sent me a pic of Finelys visit to Santa. She looks fabulous!

Complete random side thought - while I was interviewing for my job, my boss had a picture of him going down the bobsled with Shauna! such a small world.

Nicky has a new little girlfriend - Audrey.
which is funny because Audrey's parents have rented out our house and she has been living in Nickys old room for the last 2 years!
now they are in class together at SITH
This party is significant because it was the first party where I took all three boys by myself
about halfway through last year Dan made a bold statement
he is DONE with birthdays
so its me and the boys on the birthday circuit.

Happy FIRST Birthday Fancy Girl!!! We love you.
December 9th, 2012

Luke is so brave. he is already riding on bikes, scooters. He is in beastmode!

Luke also has a little girlfriend next door - Caitlin.
They love each other - however it does look like C is making the first move here

I love getting pictures of Finely! She is the most perfect and the most precious!!
Finn 5 Months

 I have a team in Restin now, and I was able to see a girlfriend that I met on my honeymoon in Tahiti over 8 years ago!
I love that we are still friends and stay in touch
between us we have 6 boys!!!

Niki, Bryant, and Me
Reston, Dec 2012

we got some of the pictures back from Tara
they are awesome
I love how natural and representative of my boys and Finely this picture is.
plus Grandma Booba did well with the matching sweaters!

How amazing is Finley??

Brandon has a sweet tooth like me. As a result he had to have a root canal and a gold crown at age 3. In my defense and Brandons, we both have very weak enamel. but its very important they brush their teeth. Brandon did not do well the first time we tried to work on his tooth. The medication made him loopy and sick and the threw up all over the dentist. Then we had to put him completely under. That was not fun - its never fun to see them go limp and asleep like that. but this time it went well and he woke up with what he called a "tingly chin" and he never wants another gold tooth. I tried to get a picture but its hard to see.

My favorite time of the year is the VMware christmas party. 
Its on of our "nights" out where we get a room at the Driskill and stay out over night
(Thanks you Booba and Papa Bob for ALWAYs watching the boys for us)

and for the last 2 years our good friends Mark and Sarah "crash" our xmas party!
Good times

Finelys first snowangle!
6 months
Park City Utah

My Birthday! 36. Bah.
i love pink peonies - and i love getting them in December!

We had a warm streak the last week of the year - it reached 75!

I turned around on my way to work, and captured this picture of the boys and Tiffy.
they were all naked as usual, and I was very happy to capture this moment in time.
I don't know what I would do without her
she is unquestionably there for me every day
I love her.

I caught Nicky "working" just like Dad
he loves his Dad
looks up to him, worships him
what a great role model for the Boys
My husband is diligent, strong, smart, responsible and loving
we are all so lucky.

Sometimes I watch him and wonder what he is thinking.
Brandon is my special one.
I protect him
i worry about him
I want to save him
but he doesnt need saving
he is so strong and so thoughtful
and has such a quiet confidence that I admire
I love my boys and I love Brandon
watching him grow everyday is one of the best things to get to do each day.

And then this guy
I just love him
my little shadow
my best friend
the first of my boys who i KNEW
"loved their mommies"
Lukey is my pal, my buddy, my little man growing up way too fast
{19 months}

At night, when it is finally peaceful i love to look at my family  
  I know they are worth it
I wonder if Rango knows how lucky he is.
we love him so much

I was going to get my nails done and Nicky wanted to come with me.
he played on his iPad the whole time, but I secretly loved how he wanted just to "be" with me

I thought it was fun to include a picture of all the uniforms laid out in the laundry room
Luke starts in Jan and I am all ready for three boys at the school.

Nicky changing Luke's diaper.

Christmas presents start arriving....

Nicky and Brandon got to see Auntie Linnea and Uncle Kyle again...they drove up from Houston and Kyle brought out his hat for the boys. They loved pretending their were police officers and wanted to know stories about their Papa Vic.

Looking for their Star Wars PJs.
we are searching for episodes 4-6 to show the boys. we cant wait to share it with them.

They boys got a ton of presents of course, but my favorite was a signed USA bobsled helmet by Auntie Val and Auntie Shauna. Ive said this before, but I cant wait for the moment when they realize how amazing those two girls are. What a treasure!

Finns First Xmas and horsey from Grandma Booba

my wine hoster and the "kids" table" - Aaron, Tara, Haylee, Ty, and Tara's Mom Ellen came to send Christmas with us. It was a great evening and lots of fun.

 I found these remaining pictures on Tiffs Instagram and I stole them. I cant believe all the pics she has. Ill have to post a separate entry to cover it! its amazing. Have I mentioned how much I love her??

Fancy (1) and Zeus (3) - December 212

Our very own Power Rangers

So with that - my longest post EVER - good bye 2012
Its March 2013 right now.Let's do this 2013!!
good bye.


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