2013 - let's do this!

Sunday, March 17, 2013
So I'm behind and many of these posts will be out of order. So lets quickly recap....

Nick is 4 and a half, attending School in the hills Montessori, loves snakes and planets. Loves power rangers, Ninjago, his scooter, swords, and gum. Nicky also has amazing Dance moves and loves his teacher Miss Kelly at school. He is bright, smart, learning to read and do math. He is getting ready to start Kindergarten in the fall. Nicky is in a 5t and a size 13/1 shoe. He is so tall and mature! He amazes us daily.

Brandon is 3 and a half also attending SITH with his brothers. He loves rescue bots, ninjas, swords, spaceships, his scooter, and candy. He attends speech therapy an occupational therapy 2 times a week and calls it "puppy school". There are 5 King Charles cavalier puppies there, hence the nickname. His teacher is Miss Donna and Tiffy drives him for me on the days he attends class. He is making new friends and we love watching him grow. Brandon is in a 2t-3t and size 11 shoe. Watching him blossom this year has been incredible.

Luke is 18 months (in Jan) saying about 20 words and will be starting SITH this month. I can't believe i will have 3 boys in Daycare. Miss Tiffy is going to come and help me in the morning and spend 3 hours a day to help me get boys to school and dressed on time. Luke will be in the monkey classroom and his Teacher will also be Miss Tiffany. We have been trying to get Luke to say tiff for months now. Hopefully soon. Luke is wearing a 2t and size 8-8.5 shoe. This kid doesn't stop eating and is blowing past his brothers in comparison! I love him.

I'm loving my new job and Dan is exploring ways to make "passive" income. Here is to an awesome 2013!


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