Men in Uniform

Saturday, March 30, 2013
Part of Brandon's therapy is to have more alone dates without Nicky to help build his confidence and speech. We believe his class mates tend to ignore him because they can't understand and there are 30 other kids in his class to play with. When they come and play with Nicky present, Nick can dominate the situation and the other kids gravitate to him. This is fine in theory, but then Brandon assumes a follower role and let's Nicky run the show. Kinda like Val and I. Haha. Anyways, we've started having 1x1 play dates with kids in his class. This has helped tremendously. He has more confidence and he talks about friends now! He tells stories and interacts better using his imagination and thoughts.
Yesterday was Good Friday and the boys were off. Brandon was invited over to a friends house I play.

Here are the boys patrolling the neighborhood!


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