Sunday, March 17, 2013
I found the boys sitting like this this morning. My heart melted.

The last couple of week has been a big change for Luke - he's talking more, saying well over 30 words now, even if its not that clear. He knows everything we are talking about and knows exactly what he wants. I also think that helps Nick relate with Luke more. They are playing together, chasing each other, sharing toys, snacks, and drinks. Nick looks out for him and takes him for rides on the 4wheeler. He holds his hand and kisses him constantly. I love watching them get closer and closer...

Last night Nicky ask me if he could read Luke a book before bed. So sweet. He walked Luke up to bed and they say on his chair ready for story time.

Luke's favorite book right now is Pajama Time. Nicky ended up reading 3 books to him. The three year gap between them doesn't seem so vast now that Luke is communicating. I enjoy watching this knowing how special their relationship will be as they get older.
Biggest and Littlest.

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