The rest of January in Pictures

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
January 2013 was a mild winter in Austin - we only had a couple days below 40 this year. NO frost or Ice
 and it passed by quickly. 
We even saw some temps around 75 in Jan. 
In the beginning of Jan, Finely came to visit me

How cute are these girls?? I adore them

I tired to work out with them. I gave up.

WE went to brunch at Iron cactus and Finely was in the cutest outfit ever.
I love her

I love spending time with my sister. I miss her so much. We always have so much fun together. no one knows her like she knows me and I love having my baby sister with me to hang out.

Later in the month I had to make a quick trip to California
I spent time with Jess.
I love you.





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