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Sunday, March 24, 2013
Most little kids I know have a dirty blanket training after them
They love the tags, the fleece, the fur..
they sleep with them
take them to school
take them to the mall
and we frantically wash them 
daily and weekly
because are petri dishes of germs and the plague

My boys are no different. 
Each one has had different blanket to sleep with
Nicky started his young life with Angel Dears.
soft cashmere like animal blankets that littered our house
he LOVED them
He called them BAYS.
{see older posts below}

Then one day he found my Brookstone PINK nap blanket I bought in LAX on my Honeymoon
and I never got it back.
Sooooo, my oldest son has a pink blanket that he sleeps with
every night I have to help him find the tag
so he can hold it as he drifts off to sleep
we've had to sew it back on 2 times

Brandon got this little fleece blanket from our friends Shannon and Steve
He's slept with it for almost 4 years now 
its getting ratty and I an not sure what we will do without it.

Luke has 4 blankets he sleeps with - 3 of them are Little Giraffe squares
and then a grey dot blanket from Melissa and Craig.
He has to sleep on top of one of them and then holds the other two squares.
Then I have to place the grey blanket over him at night. 
Hes the only one of my kids that let me "tuck" them in at night.

These are their blankets
These are their comfort when the lights turn off, when the noise machine comes on, as they drift to sleep.
Thank you Blankets.


Thursday, February 11, 2010
...Angel Dear blanket. Nicky started calling them his "bays" a couple months ago. He never leaves home without them. 

Nicky at 30 weeks

The Day Brandon was born
at Brandons Baptism
With Aunt Jennie
With Kylee Joe at Halloween

Hanging out with Dad and the puppies before bed


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Nicky doesn't like to nap. We have given up putting him down for nap on the weekends. But now that he is home during the day, its been a challenge for our Nanny to get him to sleep. He has STALLING down to a science.

More milk, I have to pee, I have to poop, read me a story, lets crash things, what's outside, I think I heard some thunder, is that a spider...I could go on.

Latley, she has been letting him have "quiet time" in his room rather than nap. That basically means we hold our breath to see what he does. Surprisingly -  he plays in his room! he reads! he uses his imagination! We're successful! Yay!

AND after about 20 minutes he usually falls asleep! {and relax}

I went upstairs the other day to wake him up after he slept {for 3 hours!} and this is what I found.
Some bedtime nap buddies: a Hot Wheels race car track, a handful of Moto action figures, the bikes, and some monster trucks.
So happy.
So alseep.
So boy.
with a pink blanket.


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