A Puff Haiku

Friday, May 28, 2010
Oh Morning!
Peach Puffs in my Lexus
Only you Nicopotamus.

Daily Cuteness - Brandy Boy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Miss Belkis sent me this picture of Brandon aka Brandy Boy at school!
(adorable outfit courtesy of Auntie Amy Ferris)

18,000 Pictures

You'd think with 18,000 pictures snapped in 2 years I'd have a house like my mother's; pictures on every crevice, any visible wall space, and stacks of albums to explore. She has more pictures of my wedding and my boys than I do! I always have grand plans to create this awesome collection of unique frames for a big wall display down my staircase. It would be legendary! But, something comes up, I never seem to have 2 minutes to myself let alone a full day, I work full time, the weekends are filled with parties and outings, so I never find the time to dedicate myself to this project...blah blah blah. Excuses!

Last night Dan said. "You take so many pictures, why don't we have any in the house?!!"  (except our entry way). That's it. It was time to fix that...So I sat down and began to work. After a couple hours and $400 dollars later, I created 8 canvas collages to hang in the upstairs play room and down the staircase. So there.

 {working on a wedding, engagement, honeymoon, doggies, and the cake pictures of Brandon next}

The Hungry Catepillar

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a treat!

Monday, May 24, 2010
Tara from Life is Sweet put together a post on her blog about yesterday's activities and I am excited to share all the pictures!!

What a treat!

Austin Family photographer, cake smash, 1st birthday boy
Wowza, baby B sure liked the yummy cake his mommy bought! I must say though, the cake wasn’t the real treat in these pictures….he is! I’ve never met such a sweet, smiley, happy little guy! He made my job SO easy with tons of smiles, eye contact and the true test of a successful cake smash photo shoot would of course be the cake smashing….and boy did he ever enjoy it! Thanks for letting me document this time for your family.
first birthday childrens portraits, kids portraits, austin photographer
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Before you were born, I loved you

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Dearest Nicholas & Brandon,

I came across this quote on a frame and thought of you...

I remember the day you were born and my heart melted when I saw you for the first time and I realized just how much I loved you and I worried that I could never possibly love more than I do now.

And even when you become a big boys I will always remember your baby fingers, your pudgy toes, your contagious smile, your button nose, your bald head, your big eyes, your long eyelashes, your chubby little legs, your pot belly, your dimpled bum cheeks and your infectious laugh--I remember and cherish all of these tiny details and precious moments, each and every day. 

And I can tell you that there is no one in the world I would rather be than your Mommy.

Countdown to ONE!

Its hard to believe in a little over a month Brandon will be ONE. To prepare for his birthday I went down to the lake, with a cake and my girlfriend photographer. I brought Brandon along.
Yum Cake.
More to come later! xo

Happy 2nd Birthday Kylee Jo!

Friday, May 21, 2010
A little over 2 years ago, while pregnant with Nicky, my mom was visiting and I began my campaign to get her to move to Austin. We were living in our old house on Golden Gate. Right across the street was a new development, Longhorn Canyon or something. My mom and I walked in and met the realtor, Tom Wilson. If anyone knows Tom, you know that it is impossible to NOT be friends with him. We all hit it off instantly. To make things even more crazy, his best friend/roommate from college (Go Ducks!) is the son of one of my mom's best friends from high school. You Follow? Riiiiight...and to get even nuttier, Tom's wife Stacie, was also pregnant due just a week after me.

After a couple attempts to get together, we lost touch. Fast forward last July 09. I walk into school one day and bump into Tom, Stacie, and Kylee Jo. It Turns out Kylee Jo was starting school in Nicky's class. They are 4 days apart!
The Wilsons have also become our BFFS. And they introduced us to the Pottichens. And we haven't looked back...
Last week Kylee Jo also celebrated her 2nd birthday and we were there to celebrate. 

Science 101

Around 7 pm the other night, I came downstairs after I put Brandon down. I grabbed my latest InStyle mag and curled up on the love seat on the patio. Dan and Nicky were in the front yard. This is what I heard:

Dan: Nicky, what color are the ants that bite?
Nicky: The bad ones, Daddy.
{I grabbed my camera and tried to capture the "Science 101" class in action}
{Fire Ants, begone!}

Welcome Scarlett Ollenburger!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
I am so thrilled to welcome baby girl Scarlett Elizabeth to the world! Sarah and Loren had her yesterday, on May 18th, and I am so excited to FINALLY buy someone a baby kimono!

 We can't wait to meet you in June, Scarlett!

2 Year Wellness Check - Nicholas Abeling

Yesterday Nicholas had his 2 year check up and during the check up, we heard things like "persistent", "strong",  "demanding", and "gifted". We know most of this, but it was nice to get reassurance from the pediatrician and to realize we are not crazy, terrible parents, out of our minds, etc. We were also told to HOLD OFF the toddler bed due to his unpredictable sleeping habits*. 

(*meaning, he won't go to sleep without screaming bloody murder,  unless we lay on the floor until he falls asleep. Last night I actually climbed in his crib and sang the "B" song and the new "Chuga Chuga Choo" song. Once he is alseep, he sleeps. Phew.)

Here are his current stats:
  • 31 pounds! (OH MY *big* boy!) - 85th percentile
  • 36 inches tall (although I think she measured wrong, so I will recheck this, and confirm) - 60th percentile
  • Body Mass Index  (whaaaat?) - 85th percentile
They don't measure the head anymore, but he still has a tinier head than Brandon. Or Brandon has a big head.
He got one vaccine, which resulted in a low grade fever today and him being sent home. (Thank you to our wonderful babysitter Lori, who picked him up from school today while we are at work! xo)

Our Dr. defined gifted as being able to use 3-4 word sentences, understand context and respond, articulate clear words, say his ABC's, count to 20, identify colors, say Buon Giorno (jk, i added that), use the potty  and TELL us that he has to go. He made up his first story yesterday (more on that later), and his imagination has kicked in. He is a comedian. He learns and says new words every day. He is pretty athletic and his calfs are developing into true Abeling/Fleming calves. He can catch a ball *sometimes* and has a pretty good arm. He loves to run and kick a soccer ball and is still obsessed with anything with Wheels

He really is pretty smart, I'm not kidding. I don't know what this means yet - we will be talking to the Pediatrician about what to do in the future to help challenge our little man retain and grow his knowledge as he gets closer to school age.

Until then, Nicholas, Mommy and Daddy are SO sososososososo proud of you, no matter what you do - GOOD or BAD. You (and Brandon) are the reason I became a Mommy.

{Enjoy 24 months of Nicholas...}

About that helmet...

Remember that helmet Brandon has been wearing since Feb? The one that corrects his flat spot. That we paid $3800 for? That one.

Yeah, well he stopped wearing it after our last check up because we liked the results we saw, and he was sick with Hand, Foot and Mouth...then I went out of town, Dan left it off...and lots of other excuses...

Yesterday in the mail I got a compliance letter from DocBand, stating that we were out of procedural compliance and since his helmet has not been adjusted since April 19th, he needs to stop wearing it immediately.  WORST mom in the universe. 

However, since he hadn't been wearing it for a month, we have not done any damage, but we do have to go for 1 more check up so he can "graduate". Yay!  Our EXIT interview/appointmnet is next week. I am excited to show you before and after pictures, so stay tuned! 
{nothing to do with this post, I just like the picture below}


Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Aside from the one time I made dresses out of my old socks for my Barbie, I haven't picked up a thread and needle since. After discovering Google Reader (and Etsy.com) I have been introduced (somewhat secretly) to thousands of new and interesting people via blogs. And hundreds of these moms sew. And they SEW CLOTHES for their kids. And I've never wanted to learn to sew as badly as I do now. 

My current infatuation and inspiration is the 90 minute shirt by Dana over at MADE. I *ALMOST* want to go out and buy a sewing machine today. almost. Or I will just have someone on Etsy make me one
Or my Auntie Donna, but I haven't asked her yet. ;)
{and how fricking ADORABLE is her SON?? LOVE}

Image c. MADE at dana-made-it.com

Check back in a couple weeks for my own 90 minute shirt with my models, Nicky and Brandon!

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Monday, May 17, 2010
Pacifier, Binky, Ohfa (me), Fafa (Val), or Nini...whatever you call it, breaking up with nini is hard to do. My mom swore I would be married with mine. I reluctantly gave mine to Santa on Chrsitmas Eve when I was 2? or 3?  Apparently that didn't last very long, because I've heard stories about how I snuck back downstairs that night and "stole" it back. Take that Santa!

Later, I think my mom accidentally lost my Ohfa. Or gave it to the garbage. Or set it on fire. WhatEVER, I just knew I would NEVER do anything like that to my kids. HA!

Look, how things come full circle...

Now that Nicholas is 2, I am dreading the day the Nini Fairy comes. To make matters worse, we have to deal with Brandon and his new obsession with HIS nini. For 10 months he denied it and now they are inseparable.  unfortunately for Brandon, he may have to give his up when the Nini Fairy comes. I started searching the internet for some of the best ways to "lose the nini" since Santa is still months away. The list is below. Wish us luck!

 From LilSugar...There are infinite ways to quit the pacifier, and everybody has an opinion. While some doctors urge parents to get rid of the suckers by a certain age for dental and language reasons, others are more lenient. Regardless of how you decide to wean your tot from the paci, there will be good days and bad. Here are some techniques mamas have used.
  • A visit from the pacifier fairy. Have the pacifier fairy visit your home to collect the suckers for lil boys and girls who need them. Like the tooth fairy, this one leaves a gift as a thank you.
  • Make it unusable. Cut the silicone nipple vertically in half. Your tot's tongue won't like the feeling as much as the original.
  • Give it to the baby animals. At Stockholm's Skansen Zoo, wee ones donate their old pacifiers to the new baby animals and the binkies are hung from trees in the children's zoo. {HOW adorable is THAT!! I wonder if Austin does something like that}
  • Change the rules. Start curtailing the places the pacifier can be used until it becomes inconvenient for your lil one to use it.
  • Trade up. Offer for your child to trade in his paci for a coveted new toy or video.
  • Go cold turkey. Simply take away the pacifier one night and toss it.
  • Lose it. Next time you are searching frantically for the pacifier, simply give up and say that it is lost and can't be replaced.

The Monsters are Coming, Mommy

Friday, May 14, 2010
It's storming in Austin today. It's dark and dreary and rainy. During breakfast we sat outside and watched the rain fall and the lightening flash. Nicky snuggled close as the thunder clapped and said:
"the Monsters are coming, Mommy."
{Nicky, I would never let anything hurt you or your borther!}

My Boys, Side By Side

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Side by Side. A new Abeling boy tradition? Here they are at 2 months, 3 months5 months6 months, 7 months, 8 months, and now 10 months. I love these side by sides, trying to figure out if they look similar, different, and especially WHO they look like. I love their smiles. I love the great eyebrows. The *almost* dimples. The big eyes.
That they are mine.

{See the bruise on Brandon's forehead? Second bruise in 2 weeks in the same exact spot. This time, he fell at school. Poor baby}

It All Begins with Once Upon a Time...

While looking for art work and decorations for Nicholas and Brandon's playroom, I came across this enchanting etsy site called Trafalgar's Square featured on Birthday Girl's blogsite. 

I went crazy for her original artwork and silently prayed for a movie or book to be written using these characters immediatley.I must own some today.

Just as quick, I instantly imagined having more babies (a girl, please) and decorating her nursery based on the delightful drawings. Now we have to convince Kit that a story begins with Once Upon a Time...

The Circus Came to Town for Nicky's 2nd Birthday!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
It's been 2 days since the Circus left. Nicky is now TWO and no longer a baby. (I haven't stopped crying.) I have tissue pom poms all over my house and toy construction trucks everywhere. (thanks friends!) The "roller coaster" from Auntie Val is still in the front yard and Nicky is still on a sugar high. I can't thank everyone enough for coming to celebrate with Nicky. Until next year!!
{PS my good friend Tara from Life is Sweet Photo Boutique took some fabulous pictures at his party that I will share once she finished editing. In the meantime see all my pictures here.}

New Pictures for April and May

I truly have over 18,000 pictures now, and I'm not joking. It has been since Easter that I uploaded and organized pictures so I stayed up late and put them into sets and collections.

    Facebook Fanpage!

    Monday, May 10, 2010
    Because why not?

    Happy 10 Months Brandon!

    Happy 10 Month Birthday, my beautiful Brandon! 2 more months and you will be ONE and I am just not READY for it. I can barely keep from blubbering when I think about Nicky turning 2. You are growing up way too fast and I need to hold on to babiness for as long as I can. There is no wellness check for 10 months, but I don't need a dr. to tell me that you are perfect. You continue to blossom and change before our eyes. You prefer blondes, you chew-up all your food before you spit every bit out. You love to laugh and giggle. You love to stick your tongue out and blow bubbles. You still adore your brother and he is more tolerable of you. We retired your helmet and we love your new round and not flat head. :) Today, on your 10th month birthday, you took 2 steps all on your own. - we are so proud of you. xO

    {P.S. No pressure...but look what your brother was doing at 10 months...}


    Birthday's come but once a year
    so I send this message clear
    Happy Birthday to you dear
    Happy Birthday till next year.

    Happy 2nd Birthday to my wonderful son Nicholas Alexander Abeling
    {more about his CIRCUS birthday party after I finish editing the pictures!}

    Mother's Day 2010 Brunch

    Mother's Day 2010, originally uploaded by victoriaabeling.
    The Abeling family at Mother's Day brunch at the Four Seasons in Austin

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Sunday, May 9, 2010
    Today was always a special day to remember my Mom and let her know how appreciated and loved she is, but it is also the day I come to treasure for being a mom, myself. To all the Mommies out there, have a wonderful and special day, filled with LOVE and happiness. Treasure these moments and enjoy being a mom.

    Papa Vic and Grandma Ellen come to visit

    I am a little behind in my blogging!

    Last week Papa Vic and Grandma Ellen stayed with us for a week. It'd had been well over a year since their last visit to Austin and we were excited to have the visitors. While they were here, Dad and Ellen when to visit her cousin and Sister in Nacogdotches, TX. They also hit up the Alamo and the State Capital. We spent the week catching up, enjoying the warm weather, and discussing politics. Brandon also met his first "infatuation" up at the Steiner Steakhouse. It was a terrific visit and we were sad they left. Here are some pictures from their visit.


    Tuesday, May 4, 2010
    For those of you *lucky* enough to be in the car with Nicky, you probably will never look at a tractor in the same way again. Just like you probably can not get him chanting
    "Tractor, More Tractors, Tractor, See Tractors, Blue Tractor, OH! Tractor!, Lawn Mower, See Orange Tractor, Mommyyyyyyyyyyy Tractooooooooooorrrrrrrrrr" out of your head. And you may just start pointing them out when you drive too. You Can't help yourself.

    So do I perpetuate the obsession with a Kettler CAT Kid tractor for his 2nd birthday....?(Thanks Amy!)

    Primrose May Family of the Month!

    We were honored to be picked as the Primrose Family of the Month at Nicky and Brandon's School. They featured us in their newsletter and on the peanut Bulletin board at school.

    Here is what we had to say:

    The Abeling's moved from California to Steiner Ranch when Victoria's job transferred her to Austin over 3 years ago.  Victoria is a Sr. Manager at VMware, a virtualization software company and Dan is a Sr. Surgical Sales Rep at Covidien. They have 2 son's Nicholas (2) and Brandon (10 months) that attend Primrose. Nicky is in the Toddler class with Miss Noemi and Miss Crystal, where he enjoys playing with trucks, dancing and coloring, reading books about Thomas the Train, Tractors, Dinosaurs, and playing with his friends, especially Kylee Jo Wilson. Brandon is in the nursery with Miss Belkis and Miss Krystal, learning how to sign language, clap, and take his first steps. Brandon keeps busy with his girlfriends Emery, Presley, Allison and his best buddy Maddie. Both boys are thriving and doing especially well socializing with friends and exploring the world. On the weekends, we take the boys for walks with our 2 Boston terriers, Roxy and Zeus and enjoy playing in the front yard with the neighbors. Nicky is learning how to ride his tricycle, count to 20, say his ABC's, while we try to keep everything out of Brandon's mouth. We are so lucky and happy to have the boys in Primrose. We made some great friends, enjoy watching the boys blossom and become little men! We look forward to many more years learning and making even more memories!

    Roxy Roo getting ready for the Circus


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