2 Year Wellness Check - Nicholas Abeling

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Yesterday Nicholas had his 2 year check up and during the check up, we heard things like "persistent", "strong",  "demanding", and "gifted". We know most of this, but it was nice to get reassurance from the pediatrician and to realize we are not crazy, terrible parents, out of our minds, etc. We were also told to HOLD OFF the toddler bed due to his unpredictable sleeping habits*. 

(*meaning, he won't go to sleep without screaming bloody murder,  unless we lay on the floor until he falls asleep. Last night I actually climbed in his crib and sang the "B" song and the new "Chuga Chuga Choo" song. Once he is alseep, he sleeps. Phew.)

Here are his current stats:
  • 31 pounds! (OH MY *big* boy!) - 85th percentile
  • 36 inches tall (although I think she measured wrong, so I will recheck this, and confirm) - 60th percentile
  • Body Mass Index  (whaaaat?) - 85th percentile
They don't measure the head anymore, but he still has a tinier head than Brandon. Or Brandon has a big head.
He got one vaccine, which resulted in a low grade fever today and him being sent home. (Thank you to our wonderful babysitter Lori, who picked him up from school today while we are at work! xo)

Our Dr. defined gifted as being able to use 3-4 word sentences, understand context and respond, articulate clear words, say his ABC's, count to 20, identify colors, say Buon Giorno (jk, i added that), use the potty  and TELL us that he has to go. He made up his first story yesterday (more on that later), and his imagination has kicked in. He is a comedian. He learns and says new words every day. He is pretty athletic and his calfs are developing into true Abeling/Fleming calves. He can catch a ball *sometimes* and has a pretty good arm. He loves to run and kick a soccer ball and is still obsessed with anything with Wheels

He really is pretty smart, I'm not kidding. I don't know what this means yet - we will be talking to the Pediatrician about what to do in the future to help challenge our little man retain and grow his knowledge as he gets closer to school age.

Until then, Nicholas, Mommy and Daddy are SO sososososososo proud of you, no matter what you do - GOOD or BAD. You (and Brandon) are the reason I became a Mommy.

{Enjoy 24 months of Nicholas...}


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