It’s a Big World, baby, and you’re little for a little while ….

Monday, March 29, 2010
Like most parents, Dan and I have specific lullaby's we sing to our boys. Some of Nicky's favorite's are: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby, Catch a Falling Star and Somewhere Out There from American Tail.
Dan even makes some up. And right now, every night we have to sing the "B" song. It's another Dan Song. Basically it goes, "buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz buzz, bbbuuuuuzzzz" and then we tickle him.You should try it. Hours of fun.

But, the most special and meaningful is That Little Boy of Mine. My Grandpa Mario sang that to Val and I when we were little... Nothing made us feel so loved and special. I hope one day, Nicholas and Brandon come to treasure this song as much as I do. I hope they pass it on to their families and make special memories with their kids. More on this later, because it deserves its own post (as soon as my mom sends me pictures. ahem. mom!)

I am always looking for a new melody to sing and I came across this website, Jitterbug: Music for Kids when I was reading a blog, Kids Stuff World. One of the albums featured was by artists Renee & Jeremy. They have a song that is so beautifully sung and animated, I can't wait to play it for the boys. I am learning it already.

It’s a Big World, baby, and you’re little for a little while ….

Little for a Little While


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