Favorite Time of Month!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Its everyone's favorite time of month. Noooo, not that the Texas Redbuds are blooming, or its almost time for green beer, or even March Madness - ITS new Pictures and Videos from Abelingland!

I've posted more pictures (340) than you can possibly view and 12, yes TWELVE new videos. Most of these are from February, but I have been delayed due to travel. The exciting new announcement is that Brandon is crawling, standing, trying to walk, and 2 new teeth sprouted! More to come tomorrow during his 8 month birthday post tomorrow. In Nicky news, he is now counting to 15, responding to questions with answers, and is still the most challenging, screaming, adorable, handful monkey. More to come on that front tomorrow as well. Enjoy!
And *EXACTLY* a year ago today I took these 2 pictures of Nicholas. He was 10 months old! (a week later, he would start walking. I don't even want to THINK about his second birthday in 2 months....)


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