Finleys Faces

Sunday, July 29, 2012

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First Face!

A milestone for 4
A face with features
...and orange hair
...and a little heart nose!
Yay Nicky!

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Little Miss Finley Reese

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
...and she is perfect.
A true gift.
My adventures with this one are about to start!

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Waiting :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
At the hospital. Just playing the waiting game. ;)

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And it begins!

Countdown to Finley!
We are in the cab heading up the mountain to the hospital!!
Mom and I made it in time. Hope she comes soon!

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And then the drama starts

He uses space very well. After this he stood up, dropped his hands, hung his head, open his mouth on a silent scream, ran to the wall, banged his head against it in outrage. I am so terrible.

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Before the Tantrum

Looks so innocent...before the storm.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012
I posted this on Facebook, but I need it to live forever in my blog book. 38 weeks and Finley's mom is still

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Nicky: how old are you?
Daddy: 33
Nicky: how old is mommy
Daddy: 35
Nicky: that's OLD! She's like Shamu. HUGE. I'm a shark and I will eat her.

Thanks Nick. Insanity better work.

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Inside Master Nicholas Head

Sometimes I can't believe he is just four.

Scene: in the car
Nicky: Why didn't the people die when the dinosaurs died?
Mommy: there where no people
Nicky: but why?
Mommy: we did not evolve yet
Nicky: what is evolve?
Mommy: it happens over millions of years...we used to be
{yes I actually said that}
Nicky: Monkeys? No, mommy {he is so smart} but who built the houses? Dinosaurs can't build houses!
Mommy: there were no houses
Nicky: I think the dinosaurs died because they were angry they didn't have houses.

....and there you go!
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Shark Week

11 yrs ago I invited a boy over to watch Shark Week
It must have worked
We got married 4 yrs later
And have 3 of our own sharks
My sister in law sent me this pillow!
So fantastic!
Thank you Amy!!

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Picture & Note from School!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hi Just wanted to send this picture out of Nicholas during his work time. He is working on tweezing stones from one bowl to another. This will help with his fine motors. Nicholas is a very sweet boy and I am very excited to get to know him this year. Hope you enjoy the picture. Have a great day.
Miss Dennise

Morning Play by Play

8:20 am
Me: Let's get dressed!
Nicky: I have decided I do not want to go to school
Me: Nicky, you will love it. You had so much fun yesterday.
Nicky: No, Its not fun. I want to stay with you.
Me: Brandon, put your shoes on
Brandon: No, I want to stay with you
Me: Boys, lets put our shoes on
Nicky. No
Brandon: NO
Dogs: bark bark, running around house with muddy paw prints
{Brandon dumps out the box of toys }
Tiffany: Ok boys, listen to your mom, and lets get shoes on
{reluctantly, shoes go on}
Luke: Screaming
Nicky: Actually, I am not going
Brandon: I am not going to school. I love you. I love my house
{Take shoes off}
Nicky:  How about you drop Brandon off, and I want to stay with you and go to Target
Me: Boys, everyone goes to school. You have 18 years of school. Get used to it
Nicky: Well I have 18 years that I dont want to
Brandon: I don't want to for 18 years
{holding boys down, shoes go back on}
Me: Brandon: you cant bring that to school
Brandon: Why?
Me: You can not bring a knife to school. Take it out of your pocket.
Luke: Screams louder
Me: Don't you want Tiffany to see your classroom?
{shoes are off again}

Nicky: Ok, you can come see my classroom, but then we can go.
Brandon: Let's go.
Dogs: Chew up roll of paper towels
{shoes are on again}
Me: We're going to school.
Nicky: I said I dont wan't to go and if I say NO, I dont have to.
Brandon: I said I don't won't to go and if I say NO, I don't have to
{shoes are off again}

{deep breath, be strong mom}
Me: said you have to go, and if I say YES, you have to. End of story

Three dogs run outside, Rango is off to find Scout, his girlfriend. Zeus and Fancy chase bunnies. Ruby, 4 yr old neighbor across the street is outside, she is terrified of Rango. She starts screaming. I chase them. Luke runs outside naked, Tiffany following with a diaper he just ripped off, covered head to toe in a rash. Boys still refuse to get in car, their socks get wet from the storm last night. They take their socks off. No shoes, no socks, three dogs outside, Luke is naked, and no one is in the car.

In the end I am not sure I really won...

BTW - Both boys cried at drop off.
Time for a Drink, right??

My Three OTHER Babies

Monday, July 9, 2012
These guys are just as needy
and important
and loveable
and give me lots of love all day long

Independance Day 2012

Three years ago I met a wonderful family, one that would become one of my closests friends here in Austin. Someone so special that we celebrate out anniversary on the 4th! Tara, I love you! Anyways, we started off the 4th we some pre-fireworks the night before, followed by a parade and water slide, and ended the evening with friends and explosions! A new "bro-mance" started with Nicky and Nico, and Luke played with his first sparkler. Nicky also proclaimed; "This is the BEST Holiday EVER!"

Happy 4th Everyone!!

A New School

A Year after we pulled the boys out of Primrose
we started them back at a new school -
The  Montessori in Steiner Ranch
It was another hard decision and one that we debated for a while
Tiffy will stay with Luke until he can start.
In the end we decided for
Three reasons
1. Nicky will be in kindergarten next year and needs this year to get used to going back to school again and give him some confidence and help with his shyness. Plus he is learning faster than we can teach and he needs to be in a challenging environment
he will be a LONGHORN
2. Brandon needs to be independent and make some new friends. He still has some trouble with his pronunciation and I think constant training and focus will help. He also needs to be with friends his age and blossom with his own freedom and imagination. Brandon will be an ARMADILLO
3. The uniforms. LOVE. Popped collar a must

They started today.
Drop off was Ok
Nicky was good and brave and trying not to cry
Brandon was hysterical. They had to peel him off of me
At Lunch time, the progress report was positive
all boys were warming up, and ate their lunch

Sneaky Luke {Texts from Tiff}

 my favorite texts
She is so funny and good 
at capturing these simple moments
for me to remember 
when I am not with my boys

F is For Finley

It was a perfect weekend in Park City to host
Finely Reese's Baby Shower
My mom is very sick, so she could not fly to Park City with us.
I took Brandon with me instead
Nicky was such a big boy about it. He said,
"I'll stay here with Daddy and Luke. Ok?
Just bring me a big present."
Boy does he learn early. 
anyways we flew out to Park City and Brandon was an angel
He was so good on the plane and loved to see all the clouds and little silver cars

We hosted the party at the Utah Olympic Park
And what an amazing location
It was incredible space with panoramic views and  wall to floor windows
Valerie and Shauna are opposed to anything pink and girly
so I gave them a very pink and girly baby shower
perfect right?
It turned out to be such a lovely party, they have so many wonderful friends
and a wonderful support group
Thank you to Grandma Booba and Auntie JoAnne for their help with the shower
Thank you to Shauna's sister for the set up and supply gathering
To Shannon for the wonderful bunt cakes
and to Katie for the Sangria!
It was a great afternoon cel;celebrating two future mommies and
an future Gold Medalist baby :)

Getting ready for Park City - being silly
 At the airport - B can hardly wait
 Champion Flier = Mommy Kindle action
 Checking out Finley's new digs
 Taking Draco for a walk
 Brandon, Draco, and the Aunties

Sweet Baby Finley banner
 Welcome Sign!

 Mason Jars + Fancy Straws + Baby Finely Flags = adorbs
 The Mommies to be!

Brandon has everthing he needs for the party...

Holy SHIT, look at that Belly :)


 Fancy "F" and some poufy pom poms!
Yougurt Bar & Mimosa Bar 
Pretty cookies and a bunt cake and flag banner
 This little lady I "rented" from Osh Kosh B'gosh
Favors for the guests

 Tiny cupcakes: Strawberry Shortcake, Pink Lemondae, & Cherry Cheescake

and the centerprices were hydrangeas 
baby books, and tiny pink pacifiers

Brandon LOVES Auntie Shauna

And...the guests of honor
Oh, you want to eat a cup full of Sprinkles. Ok.

 More Friends!!
 They refused to open gifts, but the pressure got to them!

Party Over, Tara takes the little nugget back to the store for me


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