A New School

Monday, July 9, 2012
A Year after we pulled the boys out of Primrose
we started them back at a new school -
The  Montessori in Steiner Ranch
It was another hard decision and one that we debated for a while
Tiffy will stay with Luke until he can start.
In the end we decided for
Three reasons
1. Nicky will be in kindergarten next year and needs this year to get used to going back to school again and give him some confidence and help with his shyness. Plus he is learning faster than we can teach and he needs to be in a challenging environment
he will be a LONGHORN
2. Brandon needs to be independent and make some new friends. He still has some trouble with his pronunciation and I think constant training and focus will help. He also needs to be with friends his age and blossom with his own freedom and imagination. Brandon will be an ARMADILLO
3. The uniforms. LOVE. Popped collar a must

They started today.
Drop off was Ok
Nicky was good and brave and trying not to cry
Brandon was hysterical. They had to peel him off of me
At Lunch time, the progress report was positive
all boys were warming up, and ate their lunch


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